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Climbing Media Reviewed by "IdratherbeclimbingM9"
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Reviews by climbers, for climbers! This resource needs YOUR input. Please take the time to review the climbing books and movies you're familiar with. If the media is not below, just add it.

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Fiction    Push For The Summit

*** BK Australian Blood On The Lotus - Novel about a climber, Tibet, CIA, and a few twists...
** BK Australian Bright Air - Mystery/Thriller
*** VD Cliff Hanger - (Action, R) Sly Stallone and his bolt gun run amuck.
* BK Spurred Ambition - rockclimbing romance (?)
**** VD The Eiger Sanction - (Action, R) Clint Eastwood plays James Bond on the Eiger in the Swiss Alps

Narratives    Push For The Summit

***** BK Camp 4: Recollections Of A Yosemite Rockclimber - Yosemite's Camp 4 in the 1960s, back in the day of Harding, Powell, Robbins, Pratt, Chouinard
**** BK Climb, The: Tragic Ambitions on Everest - 1996 Everest Tragedy
**** BK Climbing Free - My Life in the Vertical World. Lynn Hill Autobiography.
**** BK Close Calls: Climbing Mishaps and near death experiences - Recounts 68 true tales of climbers who let their guard down and lived to tell about it.
**** BK Fragile Edge: A Personal Portrait of Loss on Everest - A deeply personal love story & a penetrating look into the world of professional climbers
**** BK The Second Death of George Mallory - The Enigma and Spirit of Mt Everest
***** BK Vertical World of Yosemite, The - Yosemite climbs described by the climbers who made the first ascents
***** BK Where The Mountain Casts Its Shadow. - The Personal Costs of Climbing. Winner of Mountain Literature Award at 2003 Banff Mountain Book Festival.

Non-Fiction    Push For The Summit

***** BK Australian Alone Across Australia - One mans trek across a continent.
***** BK Australian Arapiles - a million mountains - Full colour coffee table book; not a climbing book: itís a book about a great climbing area.
***** VD Australian Base Climb - (Doco) Two Australians team up to climb and base jump from the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan
**** BK Between a Rock and A Hard Place - A recounting of a harrowing epic and dramatic escape.
***** BK Climbing High - A womans account of surviving the '96 Everest tragedy.
**** DV Everest (IMAX) - (Doco) Follows the IMAX team's ascent of Everest in 96
***** VD Australian Hard Way To The Top, The - (Doco) Mt Buffalo granite aid climbs, Ozymandias and Lord Gum Tree
*** VD Masters of Stone 4 - Pure Force - (Doco) Climbing & BASE jumping in Yosemite, California, Spain, etc.
***** BK Australian Rock Climbing In Australia - Stunning coffee table book of photographs
***** DV Salathe - Blood Sweat And Bagels - (Doco) Free Climbing The Salathe Wall on El Capital, Yosemite.
***** DV Touching the Void - The movie of the popular book by Joe Simpson.
***** DV Vertical Frontier - A history of the Art, Sport, and Philosophy of Rock Climbing in Yosemite.

Instructional    Push For The Summit

**** BK Advanced Rock Climbing - How to Rock Climb Series
**** BK Advanced Rockcraft - Informative book covering 'leading' & 'old fashioned hard aid'
**** BK Basic Rockcraft - Royal Robbins instructional manual
**** BK Big Wall Climbing: Elite Technique. - One of a series of eight Mountaineers Outdoor Expert books
***** BK Big Walls - How to Rock Climb Series
***** BK Climb On - Skills for more efficient climbing - How to rockclimb series.
**** BK Climbing Anchors - How to Rock Climb Series
***** BK Climbing Big Walls - Basic to advanced instruction for climbing Big Walls.
***** BK More Climbing Anchors - How to Rock Climb Series
**** BK Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills - The Bible for climbers and mountaineers
***** BK Self-Rescue - How to Rock Climb Series

Guides (Australian)    Push For The Summit

*** BK Australian Climb Tasmania - Selected Best Climbs - Guidebook
***** BK VCC 2006 Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing Guide - Awesome Granite in an alpine environment!

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