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Arapiles - a million mountains
Full colour coffee table book; not a climbing book: itís a book about a great climbing area.

Format Book  (Australian) Category Non-Fiction
Title Arapiles - a million mountains  Pages 176 
Author Keith Lockwood  RRP $49.95 AUD 
Publisher   Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (5.00 of 5)


User Comments

01/11/07 kieranl wrote on General Discussion Forum of this website;
(& copied here for reference, as it meets this need too)...
>Keith Lockwoodís new book ďARAPILES a million mountainsĒ is being launched this weekend as part of the Natimuk Frinj Festival. The launch is at 10:00 am, Saturday 3rd at Centenary Park. Your chance to get a copy signed by the author and at a discount rate of $45.00 (RRP $49.95).

>This is Noddyís 176 page full-colour coffee-table book on Arapiles and itís a beauty. Letís be clear, itís not a climbing book: itís a book about a great climbing area.

>Nod lays on the history: pre-european, sadly brief, European discovery and settlement and then the successes and follies of the succeeding years. Natural history and art get their own chapters and itís finally into the climbing at page ninety.

>The writing is good but itís really about the images and there are some stunning ones. Many of the best or most interesting images are not climbing shots : the old image of the Natimuk Brass Band with the HB lookalike, David Fletcherís double-spread aerial shot displaying the full horror of the telecom tower, like a Saturn V rocket poised for take-off, the disgruntled peregrine chicks.

>I was intending to write a longer, proper review but Iíve been ill this week and havenít the energy. Iíll probably expand on this later on.If you love to climb at Arapiles this book will enhance your understanding of the place. It would make a perfect Christmas present for you from a non-climbing loved one.

>If you canít get to the launch, the web-site is . It should also be found in good bookstores.

>Anti-SPAM disclaimer - The writer of this post derives no financial benefit from production or sale of this book and is posting this as it should be of interest to climbers.



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