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VCC 2006 Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing Guide
Awesome Granite in an alpine environment!

Format Book Category Guides (Australian)
Title VCC 2006 Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing Guide  Pages 208 
Author Author: Kevin Lindorff, Designer: Simon Murray  RRP $59.95 AUD 
Publisher The Victorian Climbing Club  Reviews
Edition 2006  Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments
The new Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing guide will soon be avalible widely. (i.e. after Feb 22

It has 46 new photo topos and 112 new routes, 16 pages of high resolution photos from
various high profile photographers.

Many thanks to the Author, Kevin Lindorff and Designer Simon Murray for creating such
a magnificent work of art.

The topos are fantastic, and much of the text has been substancially added to and

There will be some additional information avalible on the Victorian Climbing Club's
website as there have been some new routes and other information since the guide was

If anyone has any further information, new routes or comments that you think should be
out there please contact me!

I hope you all enjoy it!


Josef Goding
Victorian Climbing Club
Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing Project Manager 
It's finally arrived, and it's awesome. It should be in the shops very soon.

Go grab your copy, but don't forget that VCC members can order direct from the club at
the reduced rate of $42.50, not the $59.95 that the RRP is in the shops.

Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the VCC's website for all the updates (there are
quite a few already, and more to come).


Josef Goding 

The new Mt Buffalo Rock Climbing guide is fantastic and worth whatever dollar you end up spending on it.
Get it.
Use it! 

Brings Mt Buffalo into the 21st century... a vast improvement on the old guide. My only criticism is that a couple of the photos are a bit too dark but I understand this was not the case in the proofs received from the printers... Anyway this is a minor issue, get yours today to avoid bashing around for half a day trying to find climbs! 


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