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Climb, The: Tragic Ambitions on Everest
1996 Everest Tragedy

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Climb, The: Tragic Ambitions on Everest  Pages 297 
Author Anatoli Boukreev, G. Waston DeWalt  RRP  
Publisher St Martins Mass Market Paper  Reviews
Edition Reprint edition (August 1998)  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments
I found this book very insightful, if not a little dry at times. This book does not have the narrative flair of Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air; however, it is very detailed in its description of events, and Anatoli's distress at the unfolding events lifts off the pages.
I found the addition of the minutes of the Base Camp meeting immediately after the decent highlighted the differences between perceptions when surviving at such high altitudes. A factor that should be considered before apportioning blame as Jon Krakauer freely did throughout Into Thin Air. 
More of a true version of what happened. I have met Krakauer and sever al others, and Boukreev's book tells a truer story with out the media sensationalism. Very accurate. Well written. If you are looking for the best account of what happened in May 1996, this should be your choice. 
As the above reviewer said, a little dry at times, but that is probably due to the translation from Russian. Other than a couple of instances, I found this book and Krakauer's to actually be complimentary. The differences arose in their difference of opinion as to WHY certain things happened. All in all, a good read. 
I think it is very important to read both The Climb and Into Thin Air to get different sides of the catastrophe. A brilliant mountaineer, this book is an excellent read. 

I agree with most of the above reviews, but did not find Krakauer's version of the '96 tragedy on Everest near as enjoyable as this book.
As Vyki's review says;
>Anatoli's distress at the unfolding events lifts off the pages

I must have a penchant for obscure detail as I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Climb', for it gives great depth and insight into the Man as well as his attitudes; this context in regard to his background. G. Weston DeWalt has done us a great favour by accurately researching and allowing Anatoli to present himself in this unbiased fashion.

It is also an eye opener into the frontier world of commercial expeditions at the time.

The Man is a Legend.

Read it! 

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