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Rock Climbing In Victoria, Australia.
In association with Chockstone Photography

Welcome to Chockstone fellow climbers. Within this site you'll find our on-line guide provides supplemental information about most Victorian climbing destinations including the major areas of Arapiles, the Grampians and Mt Buffalo. The gallery is chock full of images & video from all over the state and our interviews with local climbers has been a welcome addition to the articles section. A few pearls of climbing wisdom can be found in the tech tips, along with detailed photos of useful knots.

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The Shining Path Martin Jackson on pitch 4 of “The Shining Path”, Grey and Green Walls, Mt Stapleton Amphitheatre, Grampians, Vic. Photographer: John Bentley

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Upcoming VCC Events [ More | Subscribe ]
25/06/2016-2:00pmWinter at Bayside Rock Gym!
Location: Bayside Gym, Carrum Downs
Leader: Ollie Sherlock
Details:     The VCC are having an afternoon trip to Bayside RockClimbing Gym in Carrum Downs. Come along and join us climbing on the expansive walls or develop your power with some great bouldering upstairs. The plan is to climb at Bayside Rockfrom 2pm until it closes at 5pm. Contact the Trip Leaders Ollie Sherlock and Ross Timms to register your interest. Climbers who have not been to Bayside Rockyet will need to compete some paperwork (can be downloaded from their website to speed up the process) as well as a belaying instruction/test. If you need to compete the topropebelay test, please arrive at the gym early enough to complete your paperwork and be ready for the belay instruction/test at 1:30pm. Itll even feel like a daytrip if you live in the Northern or Western suburbs! If you havent climbed at this fantastic gym, then now is your chance. Climbing at a new gym can be quite inspiring. If youre a regular at Bayside Rock, come along and meet up with other VCC members. Lead climbing at Bayside Rockrequires a mini-course and test with particular instructors. Lead climbers must use the Eddy belay device. James Kassay has organised for climbers who dont already have a Lead Pass at Bayside Rockto be able to do their course and belay/lead test on the club trip. Members already with a lead pass can of course pump themselves silly immediately on the roof! BYO rope as usual. The cost is $15 for VCC members (and even non-members on this trip). You need to bring your own gear and your VCC Card. Gear can be hired for an extra $12 if needed. This trip is suitable for Beginners. A car-pooling spreadsheet will be used to facilitate travelling to Carrum Downs for those further away. Non-Members must contact Ollie and register for this trip in order to receive the VCC discount entry. Photos: Ollie slacklining at Bayside Rockand Ross walking into the cliff in The Grampians. See you on the walls at Bayside Rock! [ More ]
to 26/06/2016
VCC Self-Rescue Course - 3 spots available
Location: Mt Arapiles
Leader: Michael O'Reilly
Details: There are3 places available on this weekend's course for any VCC members who are interested. Climb long enough and at one point or another getting stuck in a jam high up off the ground is inevitable: stuck ropes, a crucial piece of gear missing in action, wandering off-route into dicey terrain, or an injury that leaves a climber in need of help. This course is designed to help you deal with these types of situations. This is a very intensive hands-on course with a ratio of one instructor per 3 participants.     Prerequisites - all participants must be: VCC members Lead climbers or competent seconds Able to demonstrate competency in tying figure-of-eight bight and bend, water knot, double fisherman's and clove hitch. Checking out the view on a VCC Self Rescue Course.   The course runs over 2 days and the following techniques will be covered (if time allows): Basics Emergency Procedures Rescue Knots such as Munter Hitch, Mule Hitch, Prusik Hitch, Autoblock, Klemheist, Bachmann, Garda and Mariner's Hitches Escaping the (belay) system Belaying off the body and belaying off the anchor Raising the second Simple assisted hoist Descending & ascending (abseiling & prusiking) past knots Raising the injured Second pulley systems Makeshift chest harness Assisted abseil Ascending to a hurt leader (anchoring, prusik, solo, rope solo). Please contact the Trip Organiser, Michael, to register your interest. Places are very limited. [ More ]
to 10/07/2016
VCC Crackers 5 - Frog Buttress (Queensland)
Location: Frog Buttress, Mount French
Leader: Hywel Rowlands
Details: This is a 10 day trip toFrog Buttress, the crag boasts the best crackclimbing in Australia, it is simply outstanding and set within a national park. This is the fifth andfinal trip in the VCC Crackers climbing series.Learning to crack climb can open up a whole new world of inspiring climbing linesthat will take you up some of the best rock in the world, Frog Buttress being one such place.Most of the climbs are steep, it is recommended that you are able to climb grade 18 outdoors or greater although you may not necessarily lead at this grade. The trip is in Queensland and there are a few logistical items for each trip participant to consider: Flight to Brisbane - A flight departure around lunchtime Friday from Melbourne to Brisbane will give you time to travel and shop for food beforearriving at Frog Buttressin the evening. Arriving in Brisbane between 4pm and 5pm would be ideal in terms of meeting others and sharing car hire vehicles. Flights are typically $300 to $400. Note that this is a school holiday period and flight prices can be much higher closer to the date, Return flight - The trip intends to return from Brisbane airport on Sunday afternoon on the 10 July, Shared car hire - Participants will need to groupfor car hire purposes. A group of 3-4 people isideal. The drive isless than 2 hours, and Book Camping - You will need to book a camping spot at Frog Buttress - Mount French. [ More ]
to 03/07/2016
Cathedral Ranges Scramble
Location: Cathedral Range State Park
Leader: Mark Sokacic
Details: This two day-walk and scramble up and around The Cathedral Range and The Razorback Ridge is part of the VCC Mountaineering Program - it is a Hiking and Mountain Preparation Trip. Melbourne's best weekend scramble for aspiring mountaineers. Approx 23 km. Depending on the group's experience and comfort levels, well go up the infamous Cave Wells Track, requiring some delicate and exhilarating steep scrambling and teamwork to get past the 100 metre long cave section near the summit of Sugarloaf Peak. Well continue along the Razorback Ridge, scrambling most of the way for the next few hours until we hit the Farmyard Campsite for a well earned rest. Sunday will see us walk and scramble to the Northern end of the range, with some great views of the countryside, as we head back to the cars and a pub meal. [ More ]
04/07/2016-6:00p0:00pm - VCC Social Night with Guest Speaker
Location: Loop Project Space & Bar
Leader: Helen McFadzean
Details: The VCC is proud to present Scott Blackford Scheele, a climber and alpinist who has spent the last nine years traveling the world seeking out rocks, ice, mountains, and adventure. He will take you on a journey with tales of excitement in the New Zealand Southern Alps, the high Nepal Himalaya, and to our own Mt. Buffalo. It hasnt been all summits for Scott, as he has also required himself to be rescued during his last major overseas trip. Despite the fact that a PLB was utilised, it was thanks to the creativity and map reading skills of his climbing partners that ensured his efficient rescue in remote Nepal. Come and join us as Scott takes us through his extraordinary journeys and life experiences, with beautiful photography at Loop Project Space & Bar. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and become inspired and excited for your next outing. Food and drinks start@ 6:00pm. Beers start at $5, Pizzas start at $8. Scott's Presentation starts at 7pm. This event is free of charge and open to VCC members and their family and friends. Nevertheless, we encourage you to make a donation to the Australia-based Asha Foundation: 100% of all donations go to Nepal and the Children of Nepal. [ More ]

Climbing News [ More | Add ]
16/09/2015 LittleHammer - revolutionises Nut Tools.
Chockstone is proud to announce that one of our members, TimP, has revolutionised nut tools with the invention of a spring loaded impact nut tool he has called LittleHammer.

Check it out here: LittleHammer spring loaded impact nut tool.

Stéphane Pe ... [ More ]

New On Chockstone [ More ]
23-May-2006 Jacqui has put together a PDF guide to the new Burnley Wall in Melbourne. This is a free outdoor bouldering wall built by climbers for climbers.
17-Feb-2006 Beechworth Bouldering Guide Paul Martin has contributed a guide to the Beechworth Bouldering Circuit. From a climber’s perspective, the Beechworth area is worth spending some time in as it is blessed with a large number of granite boulders upon which we may ply our trade. The bouldering in this guide covers only a small but popular area which lies within close proximity to the town centre.
15-Feb-2006 Dr Ron Farmer has contributed an article Protecting An Abseil: A Study Of Friction Knots. The aim of this study was to examine the suitability of various knots for protecting an abseil with a self-belay.
08-Dec-2005 At long last the Chockstone T-Shirts are finally happening! Belinda Rees of Makalu Mountain Equipment has kindly taken on the daunting task and financial cost of producing and selling them. Please support her efforts by placing an order via the fax details shown below. If you want to pick up a shirt before Christmas, you'll need to get your order in pronto.
17-Nov-2005 Neil has created a guide to Grahams Creek, Victoria Range, Grampians and well as another to Windjammer Wall, Mt Stapylton, Grampians. Both are also available in PDF.
08-Nov-2005 WIN THIS BOOK! World Climbing by Simon Carter WIN THIS BOOK! To celebrate the launch of Simon Carter's fabulous new photo book - World Climbing, Chockstone is hosting a competition - the prizes being signed copies of the book! Check out this topic on the forum for details on how to win.
04-Aug-2005 Bad Moon Rising Wall, Grampians.Neil has added a guide to a new crag in the Northern Grampians, at Hollow Mountain: Bad Moon Rising Wall. The routes and rock quality resemble Wall Of Fools at Summer Day Valley. The right side is home to several nice sport routes and the left has some of the best easy jug fests in the Grampians.
17-Jul-2005 James has updated the Mt Difficult, Grampians guide as a revised PDF. Also reviewed Slack Jaw DVD's Blood Sweat and Bagels, and Stick It, both of which I really enjoyed.
27-May-2005 Jacqui takes a rest on Invisible Fist (26), Taipan Wall. Added video of Jacqui Middleton leading The Invisible Fist of Professor Hiddich Smiddich (26) at the jewel of the Grampians, Taipan Wall. The scary traverse out right and back left to tag the finish is well above the last bolt. Video shot from two angles, including above and behind via an overhanging abseil.
18-Mar-2005 Neil has updated his Mt Stapylton Campground guide. Grab the PDF for the latest version. Includes 40 climbs within walking distance of the campsite. Areas: Mini Castle Crag, Warden Wall, Sentinel Cave & Wall, The Guardhouse, and Mt Pleasant.
01-Feb-2005 Simon Mentz Interview with Photos By Simon Carter. Completed the Interview with Simon Mentz. Local reader's will probably best know Simon's name as the co-author of those outstanding guide books Arapiles Selected Climbs, and Grampians Selected Climbs. Other's might have come across his name against numerous starred first ascents that are now considered classics in the Grampians, Mt Buffalo and deep in the heart of the Northern Territory. Simon's climbing life has taken him to more distance places like The Nose of El Capitan and the Matterhorn, but his nucleus remains the appealing country life of Natimuk.
25-Jan-2005 Dave Jones Interview with Photos By Simon Carter. Completed the Interview with Dave Jones. The man with a quiet voice and supernatural shoulders has a reputation for bold, run out, trad horror shows, including one such ascent captured on film during the making of the well known climbing movie "Hard Grit". With first ascents that include the hardest route at Mt Arapiles, Punks Addition (32), some scary stuff on Taipan Wall and a wealth of bold FA's and repeats throughout the world, it's a wonder Dave has time to earn a living.
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