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Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Bundaleer By Karl Bromelow  4/24/2018
Kai Seth Robertson (11 years old), having a ball at Bundaleer. The route is an unrecorded variation linking parts of Frog and Basilisk.

A cheeky if not precocious grin. Good to see the kid out there and wearing a helmet. Wouldíve given another star if on lead , but thatís obviously coming. Wonder what gnaguts would say about the pic , given the previous conversation he had about kids ability? Well done photog leader and kid! Ps Imaguessing he is lighter than leader , so hope he is suitably anchored for upward load belaying. - Jayford4321

Kai loves multi pitch trad adventures and has been climbing all his life. The grin does say it all. Don't worry about the belaying. Though I do let Kai belay me on routes that are well below my limit, when he does he is secure. On this route however I was belayed by another adult not in shot. BTW you are Gnaguts aren't you Jayford? - Karl Bromelow

Climbing with the kids is so much fun. I wish my kids were more excited about it:) And the pic is very cool! - Miguel75

Cheers Miguel. And I hope your kids develop an interest. I get so much joy from sharing all these golden moments with my boy and his Mum. Just got in from another day climbing with him. 3 of the last 4. - Karl Bromelow

*** Typhon By Chris Jillard  4/9/2018
Chris Ferre doing the first ascent of Typhon (25) at Mt Buffalo

Good shot. Do you have any pics from lower down? - widewetandslippery

I do and they all look similar haha :D I'll upload some more when I get home. I've got a few of me on TR when I broke my harness also (i think). I was pretty sketched on lead so Chris (belayer) wasn't concerned with two many photos until I got to the 6 section at the top :D - bigchris

This really does look an awesome line.... - shortman

Amazing natural feature - looks like a great climb. Shame that there's a line of bolts up a crack - is it protectable with bongs and large cams? Also a shame you can't see what the climbers doing... - Martym

Shortman - you should go and throw your carcass at it! Martym - I'm sure you'll find that after you've climbed it, you'll be glad that the bolts are there. The only place you fit a cam in there is a 6 at the top and it's almost tipped out. Unless you've got Valley Giants! :D :D - bigchris

Martym I agree about shameing line of crack bolts. Even if it needed bolting, it looks like one or two too many, specially given out of Africa BA mans precedence setting as per other thread posts on Chocky. Foreshortening or are the bolts getting closer together towards the top where youíre less likely to hit the slab if you fall? If the bolts are legitimately required, then how does that fit with the looks like bold unbolted slab approach? - Jayford4321

You'll have to go and climb it and find out for yourself. Or you can just play keyboard warrior. But hey, who am I to judge what you think? ;) - bigchris

Take out a couple of bolts first , to make it worth my while. - Jayford4321

No worries internet guy or woman! I'll do that just for you. Oh hang I won't :D :D :D And stop half starring handsome Chris's photo. He tried really hard. He's my special friend! - bigchris

**** Ben Lomond By Hamish Kerr  3/2/2018
Ben Lomond   
Oliver Kerr having fun at Ben Lomond, Tasmania.

4 starz for something different , minus 1 for carnt C tha leader. Ay Hamy , U shoulda taken tha pic selfy style! A flying jacket and pantaloonz that would do tha flyin nun proud. Was Olly about 2 base jump 2 escape tha boredom of a leader faffin wiff a camera? - Jayford4321

@ "having fun at Ben Lomond" Type two fun I guess! ;-) I like it because it tells a story that I suspect sums up a lot of peoples experience of Ben Lomond, and evokes similar memories for me of climbs elsewhere. Some of the times I have climbed with mist about have been ethereal experiences, ... really quite magical / breathtaking as it parts to reveal glimpses of the void, and the sun sparkles albeit coldly, on the invigorated lichens on the rock... Is it coincidence that the current Chockstone Photography feature photo is kind of similar in theme? - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Good one bro Ollie. Who or what tax dodge or relationship breakup are you hiding out there from? - Duang Daunk

I like it; misty, ethereal, type 2 fun... reminds me of climbing;) - Miguel75

This picture completely describes what chockstone has become. Still some elements of climbing sometimes, but mostly now just a place for people to hide out and be miserable pretending they still climb more than they actually do. 5 stars. - daave

Ay daave bro, you have that wrong. . . I canít speak for the others, but Iím not miserable. - Duang Daunk

To me that looks a guilty grin...he's hiding something...a dismembered body perhaps? If I were the tassie police I'd be looking up the missing persons list. - stugang

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