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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Redneck Paradise By Alex Trnovsky  24/02/2017
Redneck Paradise   
Shaun Howie on a new 21 at Redneck Paradise, Grampians.

Looks like another good find, Alex - kieranl

Good to see another good photo uploaded to Chocky. Although I like it, I think it might've been a better photo in vertical format; so as to include the belayer, especially given the subject distance from the photographer, as it would still have included a fair bit of the scenic background. I like the climber action, especially the tenuous feet placements, but feel the action let down some-what by the rope already clipped above, ie it would've been a cracker of a shot if the clipping action was captured in progress rather than immediately afterward. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Alex, Great crag name and a great little find. It certainly climbs well. Good rock & extremely photogenic. Why go anywhere else? - Ball_Bagg

I like it. Color, texture, action... very groovy! - Miguel75

I reckon any climbing photo that makes you think "I want to climb that (or sometimes I wish I could) is a good photo! This also has great colours, contrast, action, but what I love is half the photo is a beautiful, eerie landscape shot that abruptly ends as if torn in half replaced with a beautiful cliff line - and dude hanging by one hand and not much else in the middle. Great position - you woilen't get that in a portrait (M9 wink) - martym

@ "you woilen't get that in a portrait (M9 wink)" Ok, I'll bite, My experience of photography indicates otherwise, so I'm not sure what you mean... & no, I don't have any issues with your point of view, as I regard photography being largely like art, inasmuch as 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'! - IdratherbeclimbingM9

"I think it might've been a better photo in vertical format;" I just reckon you should review the photo in question, not what might have been... he could have had a brighter shirt to stand out more, matched his shoes with the rope, worn a helmet with RED BULL on it, waited until the moon was in the sky in the background and for a kangaroo to hop across the plains. My comment was actually about the way the cliff cuts the photo in half - and that in a vertical photo you would almost certainly have less landscape & mostly cliffline, which wouldn't have had such a dramatic effect. - Martym

Looks like a wild location, Great photo - bagotup

@ "review the photo in question" Fair enough Martym, though I thought I'd done that and offered up some constructive feedback* from perhaps a different perspective. It seems you prefer 'halves' for dramatic effect re photo conjured up feelings, & I prefer 'one third/two thirds' for a different balance - feeling. * I always find photographing a subject with others an enjoyably intriguing thing due to the many different perspectives involved. It's quite remarkable how others can view the same thing and 'capture' completely different elements. PS, I chuckled at the waiting for the roo comment! Cheers. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

*** Lemmington By Steve Toal  17/10/2016
Hamish from Tassie rolling the dice on Lemmington (19), Arapiles.

A generous starting point I feel. 3&1/2 stars. I know, jealousy is a curse. - bagotup

Not bad, although he looks like he's not having to apply himself that fully. Framing is good, could have gone for a larger aperture to reduce the depth if field and make the details on the ground disappear. - Melon2

I don't mind the ground detail, but reckon the photo would be worth another star if rotated 90 degrees to the right... ie vertical format. I like the expression of concentration and captured hand movement in the photo. gfdonc, you've titled the pic "rolling the dice". What's the story behind that(?), as there appears to be a runner not far below his feet (half a krab on far right of frame), so the issues I see are possible rope-drag and possible rope running over edges? ... and if that's the only piece of pro, then another issue would be only having one bit of pro between climber and the deck. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

It's a committing move, hence 'rolling the dice' and hoping that next hold is good. As the viewer can see, it is, but H didn't necessarily know that when he launched. Also he'd only placed a single 3RP since leaving the crack. That's the gear over to the viewer's right. Yep, just one small wire between him and a long fall. - gfdonc

I like it! It makes me excited to climb. - Miguel75

Itz alright but climber needs a tan, or better yet a bright coloured Tshirt to stand out from the rock. Regardin rollin dice; 'e's wearing a helmet, so all iz well. - gnaguts

If you are tired looking at this pic of the day then check these 300m lobs out - Stugang

Lead weight mr squiggle games to lullaby music? How far do you toss your rap ropes out? Oh, yair, original post is a good pic. - White Trash

*** Solo: Manufactured by Schweppes By Marty  18/08/2016
Solo: Manufactured by Schweppes   
Coco (aged 2) roped on "Solo: Manufactured by Schweppes" (4) at Berowra, NSW.

Nice picture. Wish I could climb twice my age. (Or even half of it) - Jamesmc

Coco is cool! - Ithomas

Yeah, but wot's she done on grit? - Superstu

Cute photo, that probably isn't tilted (much?), but the weird angles of rock and trees are playing tricks with my mind. I like the captured hand movement, tentative facial expression, and that the rope isn't under tension! Well done Coco! ... Lookout photographer, as I predict that it won't be long and she will be dragging you up climbs! Heh, heh, heh. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Nice one, and good to see diversification in the Photo Gallery. Go Coco! Any feedback on what Coco thought about climbing that route? - Duang Daunk

Reasonably good pic, but I'm worried the high chocky morals have been compramized by featuring a pic of a sub 16 yr old girl in bondage. - gnaguts

Good shot, she looks like she is having a ball. What harness setup are you using? I'm looking for one for the same age.. G - Johnie2.5

It looks like a petzel kids chest harness. I could be wrong but in any case I got one when my daughter was a similar age to coco and it expands so it still fits her as a tall 10 year old. Was a while ago but think was less than $100. . Pretty sure I got it from Steve rock hardware. He was and continues to be Post edit - oops doesn't look like a petzel without the beer goggles on. However I stand by the recommendation as have been impressed with their size versatility - Stugang

Great, thanks Stugang - Johnie2.5

IT's the Edelrid Fraggle II - which I bought from Aus Climbing Anchors. Rock hardware have the Petzl Simba, which is similar to my older daughter's harness. & We bought the XS Fraggle rather than the XXS - as the measurements are 50-65cm; however it's quite big on her. We figure she'll grow into it - if I had bought this for my older daughter and knew Coco would be using it later; I would definitely go for the XXS - but as she's the youngest, we're happy to wait. The Fraggle is the only kid's full-body harness "designed for kids" - the other brands seem to be standard full-body harnesses shrunk down. You definitely notice the shoulder straps on the Petzl come loose much easier. We also bought 2 Petzl Picchu helmets - they are bigger than my wife's Elios. And to Duang Duank - she loved it and did several laps. She's not very good at going down, I always end up pretty much carrying her. My older daughter loves being lowered. - Martym

Thanks for the tips, will investigate further. G - Johnie2.5

Vote 1 on the Petzl. Easy to use and very adjustable. Rig a rope up in a tree to start and get the kids swinging around in the harness for a bit of confidence building (and teach them that they don't have to hang on to the rope when lowering). - Capt_mulch

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