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Previous Photos Gallery

Every so often Chockstone selects a recent picture taken by our members to be awarded the illustrious distinction of appearing in the "Photo Gallery". All photos are most welcome. Email Chockstone or leave feedback on the forum to send in contributions or to nominate a picture.

**** Banana Blase By Steve Toal  2/6/2018
Banana Blase   
Mandy Williamson on Banana Blase, Mt Buffalo.

Good shot of the best part of the climb. The glasses might be practical, but they are probably masking enhanced expression for us as photo viewers, on part of the leader. Good capture of clipping action. Interesting dents in the helmet too. It's obviously a well loved item that has seen previous adventure. Thanks for submitting the photo gfdonc. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

Haha. Those BD helmets (Vapour?) are so soft you have to be careful not to dent them while un-boxing... Comfy and light though - deadbudgy

Good shot, I like the bored climber in the background waiting for their turn, really captures a side of climbing which is usually glossed over. Minus half a star for placing the cam too shallow at the lip of a thin flake. Minus another star for buying a granite coloured rope. - One Day Hero

Some better clipping action here - gfdonc

Nice images Steve. - MichaelOR

Odius , itz good 2C U bean constructive agen , but U forgot tha followin . . . How many girlz do it take to do a Banana Blase? An whatz wiff the mega tape hand jobs for an eazy lieback short route? I dunno , some peeps just come on an get off on it all ovadressed . . . Hafastar 4 tryin anyway. - gnaguts

gnaguts - I'm not sure why you continually type like a prepubescent teenager, but your dumbarse comments coming from an armchair/keyboard warrior standpoint can have the effect of turning people off of climbing. I understand that you may be pulling the piss, but grow up dude. Yeah she's taped up, who cares? She might be on sighting it and not know if she can jam any of it or not. It's also likely that she's been climbing something else in the area which requires tape. I for one, consider myself to be a crack climber, and never take off my gloves until the end of the day. Yeah the cam is probably too shallow, yeah she could have placed it better or used a different size, but she's out climbing with her buds looking like she's having a good time, which is what it all about. Peace. - bigchris

5 starz 4 a classic calling out responce by bigbro chris defending tha honour of fun an tha femz. I agree 4 tha most part , an here woz i fishing 4 a bite from odius insted. x Oh and if U need tape for Banana , or anything near it , then Ur crack style needz improving. Piece 2 U 2. xx - gnaguts

For the record, I understand Mandy taped up in the valley that morning, not knowing what she was going to climb when they got up the plateau. - gfdonc

**** Touchstone Pictures By Steve Toal  11/21/2017
Touchstone Pictures   
Charlotte Durif (France) sending Touchstone Pictures ***28, Bundaleer.

Fabulous. But what's wrong with that draw? 🤔 - Doug

Didn't see why she didn't clip it, she was already above that point when we arrived. - gfdonc

Maybe stick-clipped the high second draw? - MichaelOR

Maybe she top-roped from the 2nd draw = invalid ascent... it's not exactly a draw you can skip on lead. - Goshen

Stick-clipping is top-toping .. - gfdonc

Corner to the left looks awesome. What is it? - robbio

It's Blimp!! - gfdonc

Nice overall shot and including Blimp adds to the flavour. Looks like a lefty set the draws for a right handed climber on it , because there are others twisting after clipping too? - gnaguts

Oops, I must be overdue for a Grampians visit, I don't even recognise even the most memorable climbs anymore... - robbio

I like the photo because of the sense of scale re climb / climber that it shows. The oxide colour-stain rock feature draws my eyes to the climber and simultaneously it with the grey-black wall beside it, book-end with Blimp corner the action contained within. A natural sort of framing of the subject! The unclipped quickdraw adds interest though not enough for me to offset the lack of belayer within the shot. Thanks for keeping up the ever changing gallery photos with your contributions Steve. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

*** Where's the Gardener By Christian Lavery  10/13/2017
Where's the Gardener   
A drone image of Goshen Watts on Where's the Gardener (18), Simpson's Gap, Alice Springs.

5 starz for fantasmagorical colors, minus 4 starz for it bein hard to spot tha chameleon , err climba , on tha climb. - gnaguts

Amazing photo, great colours, stunning rock features. Minus a star because the climber feels like the least interesting part of the photo :( ... and the belayer looks thoroughly bored. - martym

Nice work Goshen - Mig

They belayer isn't bored. He is recovering from leg injuries, and the walk-up is on rather steep scree. At least he's not on his phone, unlike some belayers... ;-) - Goshen

I find it quite interesting seeing drone pics (still very much a novelty to me) due the angles they can achieve. This one is great inasmuch as both climber and belayer are within the frame. As mentioned above, the scale of the scene and clothing colour makes it hard to see the climber, though the clothing colour of the belayer makes him stand out more, which is good... I don't know if the colours are enhanced by Canon in-camera-software settings or not, but they are certainly vivid to the point of being surreal. As I've kind of set up for discussion on the 'critique' thread (General Discussion topic on Forum), the lack of protection (depending what the first 3 pieces are as placed by climber), between first pro and belayer, is a potential concern for upward loading in the unfortunate event of a climber fall, though this might be trivial (in this instance) depending further feedback on that thread. - IdratherbeclimbingM9

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