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Meredith Areas
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Meredith Guide

Below: A map of the area surrounding Meredith. To reach Oxbow Rocks, drive to Meredith, then depart the township at the north end, where you'll find the road to Durdidwarrah hiding just off the Ballan road. Cruise down the Durdidwarrah road for 5 kms or so, until you reach the bridge across the Moorabool River. Park on the opposite side, but return to the Meredith side and hike downstream. 

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Map of Meredith Area
Melway Copyright Melway Publishing 2002. 
Reproduced from Melway Edition 28 with permission.

The following diagram shows how to reach Oxbow and Fly Rocks at the Meredith climbing location. You'll find the bridge about 5kms out of Meredith on the Durdidwarrah road. The walking track does not exist, you'll have to go bush. Note the Oxbow Rocks cliff is not visible until you are standing directly below it. Avoid the nasty scrub near the river by walking downstream of the bridge high up on the river bank for about 15 minutes, until you sight the spine-like ridge leading left. Oxbow Rocks is at it's end.

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