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Stick It
(Doco) Shows the UK bouldering scene.

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Stick It  Mins 50 
Starring Ben Moon, Jerry Moffat, Malcolm Smith, John Gaskins, Matt Birch, Sean Myles  RRP  
Director Slack Jaw Productions  Reviews
Edition 2001  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

As the cover explains, "Stick It is the definitive look at UK bouldering. Featuring the best of North Wales, Scotland, The Lakes, The Peak, Dartmoor, Northumberland and Yorkshire". The movie flows seamlessly from one location to another in a relaxing style. Superb editing and good tunes back what comes across almost more as art rather than a documentary. It's a bit like visiting a gallery, we glide across the country being shown problems, climbers and locales without being too bogged down in any one spot.

If anything negative could be said, it might be that a certain emotional investment is a tad lacking. That feeling of being pumped up to climb subsequent to watching such a vid I think stems, for me anyway, from seeing success in the face of overwhelming odds and some solid and engaging narration. However that's coming from someone who isn't really big into bouldering, and doesn't have the knowledge to recognise any of the problems or their historical significance. The problem names and grades are shown, and yeah, some of the climbers do fail to get up things, so it's not like a major criticism or anything. A minor point really.

Hightlights for me, were the great music and the intro sections to new areas that created a different mood for each location - very well done I thought. And the weather! Bouldering though the snow... don't know how they summon the motivation. Also loved the countryside, and good camera work on close ups lets us get a feel for the rock.

So all up, very nice and very well edited. Obviously a considerable amount of work went into this professional production. Recommended viewing. 
Slack Jaw know how to put together good video. This video is worth it just to see Ben Moon getting upset at himself :)

Good Bouldering video throughout. 
Great video full of fantastic bouldering in the uk
All the new places with great footage
show wot us brits are made of 
richie cunningham
a ripper of a film. Some really good footage, british humour and real climbers. Feels like your having a personal insight into the scene, not just a tour of the best bouldering by buffed up superheroes. Great stuff !! 

Further Reading:
Slack Jaw - Details from the maker's web site.


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