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Parois de légende (Légendary cliffs)
International multi-pitch routes

Format Book Category Guides (International)
Title Parois de légende (Légendary cliffs)  Pages 143 
Author Arnaud Petit  RRP $50.00 AUD 
Publisher Glénat  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (3.50 of 5)


User Comments
Parois de légende
Les plus belles escalades autour du monde
Arnaud Petit, Glénat Editors

Legendary cliffs
This most beautiful climbs around the world
Arnaud Petit

I am fortunate enough to afford one or two international climbing trips per year. Of
course, there is plenty to do here in Australia but the lure of distant climbing walls is
always there and I am often dreaming about climbing in some remote places.

During a quick, work-related trip to Europe in early April, I picked up a fabulous
climbing book describing some 45 multi-pitches in various, more or less remote
places throughout the world. The itinerary of Petit reflects the colonial past of France
and lists climbs in Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Madagascar, Canada as well as in the
US, Brazil, Namibia, Jordan and Thailand.

The author, Arnaud Petit, 1996 rock climbing world champion, has written a couple
of books, this one, entitled "Parois de légende" (Legendary cliffs) [1] takes us
throughout the world in search of the perfect multipitch. If some sites covered are
well known -- Krabi, Squamish, Utah -- some amazing and less known area are also
included. The book essentially describes one or two climbs per area accompanied
by gorgeous photos and excellent topos. Petit focusses on long climbs from low to
mid-grades (say 5c to 7a, i.e. 16 to 25).

I pick up Petit''s book mainly because was interested to climb on the Tsaranoro
massif [2] in Madagascar. Petit describes three climbs located on this granite
massif. "Gondwanaland" (700m, 7b+ max, 7a+ compulsory) and "Out of Africa
(500m, 7a max, 6b+ compulsory) as well as an introductory climb "Pectorine"
(250m, 6b max, 6a composory) for those who like a gentle introduction to "Out of
Africa" (me, for example). In terms of grades and hight, "Pectorine" is comparable to
"Hotel California" in the Blueys (300m, 21/22).

Although in French, this guide book can certainly be used by non-French speakers.
After all, the topos are universal and can be complemented by some online googling.
Also, Petit''s book is a pleasure to browse and makes for an excellent coffee table

Cheers, François

[1] Can be purchased online at : simply search for Arnaud Petit.

[2] SImon Carter''s gallery on the Tsaranoro: 
Yawn. Coffee table clutter, I prefer the real guidebooks. 


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