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Committed 2

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Committed 2  Mins  
Starring Pearson, MacLeod, Whittakers, McClure  RRP  
Director HotAches  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments
A well paced DVD which blends the human element behind climbing into the story in a way that this viewer really appreciates.

The Groove FA, JP has progressed somewhat in all facets of life. The send itself is a display of class, interesting music choice helps to make it.

Dave MacLeod Allrounder segment: A Muerte, bouldering in the Glen, If 6 Was 9 and The Hurting plus plenty of character insight: Dave appears yards stronger than Rhapsody time. Couple this segment with the MacLeods film of Echo Wall and a view of E11 for a resume of outstanding ability. Hes one guy that is nails hard, loves to mix it up in 4 disciplines and clearly is a real thinker...who is very lucky to have Claire. The end of this segment got my pulse going.

The Whittaker Family: youll all remember Dave Jones section from Hard Grit on Braille Trail well young Pete sends 2 others on the same chunk of rock with Grandads Slab and then this direct start to Braille Trail that looks sick! Katy does them proud as well with an E6 near glider finish and a typical E7 grit frightener. Insight from the folks who look less comfy in front of camera than the kids, John Arran gets a run too.

Rhapsody 3: Steve McLure in a display of pure class...would have liked to see the stroy of Sonnies send too.

Walk of Life: JP again on a frightener of a slab, looked like he got nailed by fatigue and mind pump for the fall which is a nice long one, by the sound of the scream he seemed to think there was a high probability that it was all over. Then comes the send, with a finishing rain shower just to keep him honest, the camera mans verbal reaction says a great deal.

You can get this from hotaches direct or dave macleods website, in my experience both give great service.
post edit: walk of life has had its first repeat by dave macleod who indicates it at E9 6c (8a/8a+ french), a radical difference to E12 7a. daves very praising of the route itself and a low tide photo on his website does the wall/line great justice:


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