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Dosage V

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Dosage V  Mins  
Starring   RRP  
Director   Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments
Dosage V

Overall, the sort of slick production we’ve become accustomed to with some doses for a good psyche up, others that inspire travel but also throw-away’s that involve undoubtedly hard bouldering but are not particularly inspiring to this viewer…I’d rather place a few calls and wander 10 minutes up the road to watch my local legends.

The Valley: really good bouldering section with Tommy Caldwell and Randy Puro, Randy moves so well.

Yangshuo: travel inspiring with Mike Fuselier and others opening up some wicked looking limestone, another place on my list of destinations.

On the fringe, Ozarks: some good bouldering for sure (particularly a line by Jason Kehl and a line by Dave Graham). Ty Landman demonstrates his Malc style power reserves but unfortunately is all too invisible (perhaps a “push the Yanks” media stance); real redneck stuff in here; not a must see.

A Muerte: fantastic section with Andrada, Ojeda, Sharma & Usobiaga in Catalunya. I haven’t watched the other 3 players much in the past but Sharma looks in top form and perhaps a bit lighter than 2 years ago.

Secrets of the East: again some good bouldering but not a must see except that the players are less well known and through their differing styles render it interesting.

Mission Albarracin: been here so it makes more interesting viewing for me, one super good line by Kehl.

Alpine Blocs: Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson on Jade V15; Woods gets the FA, Robinson also does it but its only shown in the Extra’s.

Meltdown: good section with Beth Rodden in Yosemite featuring her recent trad FA that really does look awesome; lead in on various routes including Ron Kaulks Peace in Tuolomne.

Extra’s: contain some of the most interesting bits for me and I’m surprised some of it was cut. Also features the Petzl RocTrip to Kentucky, Mike Fuselier plays the part of Mr Freaking Strong.

Good film, super slick production but there’s just a little something missing, narration perhaps, but it just seems to lack human qualities. First Ascent remains the benchmark.


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