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King Lines
aka The Sharma Show

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title King Lines  Mins  
Starring Chris Sharma  RRP  
Director Big Up Productions/Peter Mortimer  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

In what can only be described as 'a badly named film', the Big Up Productions team have joined forces with award winning director Peter Mortimer (he of Return to Sender fame) and produced this flick - which should by all accounts be called 'The Chris Sharma Show'.

Nevertheless, this is a minor criticism of what generally is a great bit of cutting edge climbing footage - and by cutting edge I mean 'futuristic'. The lines featured may well turn out to be the hardest climbs in the world, and it will be interesting to use this movie as a point of reference some ten years from now, and see how much harder the difficulty level has risen (if any).

The El Pontas deep water solo in Mallorca is advertised as being the main event, and it quite possibly is. However, far better in my opinion is the footage showing his Mount Clark super project (just outside Las Vegas), which when complete will undoubtedly redefine climbings top standard.

As stated, the film does a bit of 'Sharma worshipping', particularly when it focuses on some of his earlier exploits, but if you can manage to sit your way through these the end result is worth it. Also, if you're the type of climber that has problems with dynoes - you might want to watch this! 
I agree totally with Boardlord : this is mis-named, its Chris all the way. Compared to Dave Macleod's E11 Rhapsody, commitment lacked in these climbs but there are some great lines: the DWS of the Arch, 3 Degrees of Separation at Ceuse, the line at Mt Charles following a 3 or 4 year thing here in Europe for 60 and 70 metre sport pitches, some nice bouldering in Bishop and, on the trad front, weíve Moonlight Buttress. Venezuela and Greece were weak points. I found quite a bit of interest relating to other climbers in the additional footage and itís a shame that element wasnít extended throughout.

The DVD appeals to me in its global footprint but it lacks an essential element in the relatively pure focus on Chris. I doubt this one will get as much pre-climb psyche airtime here at home as the Dosage series, E11 and several others but itís probably going to get a run when Iím more chilled out.

Overall, probably a must do statement for Chris, where he's at right now and perhaps good for marketing climbing in the States aka Kelly in surfing and Seth in skiing. For avid climbers its is well worth seeing once or twice but its probably not a must have for the home collection.


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