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First Ascent
The latest and greatest release from Sender Films.

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title First Ascent  Mins 92 
Starring Peter Mortimer  RRP  
Director Peter Mortimer with Nick Rosen  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (5.00 of 5)


User Comments
Sender Films says:

First Ascent, the highly acclaimed new film from Peter Mortimer and Sender Films, is
now for sale on DVD. In his follow up to the award-winning Return2Sender, Mortimer
has created a movie about the legendary routes that have never been climbed – and
the dirt bag heroes that climb them. First Ascent is a global romp with climbing’s
modern-day pioneers, from the sea cliffs in Thailand to the high Himalayas, and from
the scary depths of the Black Canyon to the buildings of Hollywood. Big laughs, huge
falls, hopes, fears and truly radical feats.

FIRST ASCENT DVDs on sale now at
brilliant film, standard setting and super cool to see hard trad on display.

weak points being timmy in LA with the buildering thing (really shit) and the boat thing in thailand (strong in most other films but after the klem and crew stuff in ha long bay who cares what a bunch of glorified teenagers do on a boat in the same vein...cedric lachat shamefully missing a dyno or not :)

highlights a plenty from the tombstone, harvest moon (see separate note), black canyon, didier's greenspit route, a couple of blokes attempting to outfist each other and the evolving story of the cobra crack throughout weaving into the plot the FA efforts by both didier berthod and sonny trotter (who bagged it).

amongst the extra's you'll find matt seagal's beefy effort on the iron monkey and what i found was a great sequence focussed on fred rouhling. this last one was a real revelation for me and its a must see: given the combination of power and fluidity he displays here some very prominently critical pro climbers should be eating shit forever. like manolo, the guy displays class in his climbing far beyond some of the current media and industry pushed hotshots.

some notes:

1. several local lads in this one so i'll caveat there's potentially a swiss bias to my review
2. the harvest moon section in the himilaya's has seen better justice via the Harvest Moon DVD available from directly from denis burdet's site
3. didier: climbing misses you, i hope you have another epiphany that sends you back to us whether or not you continue with the god bothering :) 


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