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Climbing Media Reviewed
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Big Game
Bouldering NZ

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Big Game  Mins 60 
Starring Sharma, Nate Gold, Boone Speed, Others  RRP  
Director MC Productions  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments
Bouldering. Slopers, limestone, subtle positioning. The Castle Hill section is very much NOT rah, rah American, I dug it. Focus is on an essential experience in climbing, travel. After this, I'm going to Castle Hill. Plenty in the extras and a bonus section on Gunks boulders.

There's a bucketload of really impressive climbers/climberettes in this. Nate Gold repeatedly sends then gets the yips topping out...mental terror we can all relate to, too funny. Sharma sends heaps without as much cheerleader support, much cooler than in Best of the West, I like the way he doesn't grade 'em. One chick who's name escapes me sends a line perfectly that a bunch of the preceding guys slid off on, footwork/flexibility wins. There's some Aussie bloke that you'll all recognise who says something to the camera that only an Aussie could uinderstand. In general, good attitude in this flick. 
Yep, good to see the Hill get some international video recognition. If it were anywhere else in the world, there''d be queues 


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