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Climbing Media Reviewed
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Dosage Vol 3

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Dosage Vol 3  Mins  
Starring Sharma, Beth + Tommy, Klem Loskot, Dave Grahem and others  RRP  
Director Big Up Productions  Reviews
Edition Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

Super Saiyan
6 "Doses" plus extras

Deep Water Soloing in Vietnam (Klem Loskot, Tim Emmet)

Not too bad. Perhaps a little long. Highlights are some crazy dynos (and the ensuing falls) as well as psycho monkeys attacking the climbers! Haha

Bouldering in the Ozarks, Arkansas (Sharma + Crew, FA of Witness The Fitness)

Cool. Sharma is looking stronger than ever (how this is possible i do not know), sporting bear-like dreadies and basically destroying any problem he gets on. Witness the Fitness looks intense as, and King Lion looks nuts (eg reverse Iron cross with no feet on crimps! f*ck that!)

The Optimists - Beth and Tommy in Smith Rock

In depth look at Beth establishing The Optimist 5.14b (like 33??) a rad looking line and the hardest climb ever established by a woman. Tommy also finishes off a project, with some major run outs. Good to see top climbers getting pumped and making funny sounds! lol

Swiss Gneiss- Dave Grahem in Ticino, Switzerland

Fun look at what its like to be living the dream. Surrounded by endless boulders and cliffs and being one of the strongest climbers in the world! Crazy looking project and hardass boulders

Utah Update - James Litz, Ben Moon, Jason Kehl and Tim Kemple..

Not too bad. Ben Moon is swearing as usual, and some knob in a trucker hat solos some crack routes that are really only highball boulders...

Return to Balance- Ron Kauk in Yosemite

If you have weed, light it now. Otherwise this part will put u to sleep, like it did to me! Too much soft music and sunsets for my liking...


Castle Hill Bouldering and Grampians Bouldering

Overall, too short. Would have loved to have seen more of both, but funny.

Highlights - King Lion, Witness the Fitness, monkey attacks
Lowlights - Ron in Yosemite

Hot Tip- Watch the credits footage! Funniest shit i have ever seen! One of the best bits! "Come over here goat! I roped you good!"



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