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Southern Faces
All you need to know about rock climbing in the South Island of NZ. Featuring quality climbing footage, quirky animations, loads of local knowledge and a kick-ass kiwi soundtrack.

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Southern Faces  Mins 90 
Starring Pretty much everyone who climbs in the South Island....  RRP $40.00 AUD 
Director Andre Dahlman, Jonathon Clearwater, Kim Cousins and Lani Evans  Reviews
Edition Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

Loved it! Saw it at the Sydney premiere last night (4 July 2005).
Great scenery, camera angles, animation scenes, climbing camaraderie, characters, and of course the climbing action in a magical part of the world!
I particularly liked the choice of soundtrack music, in that it was really effective in depicting a fast-beating heart full of excitement and adrenalin as the climbing moves were executed - something that every climber would relate to. Perhaps at times the music drowned some of the dialogues and was difficult to hear and understand a few of those interviews, but I guess in the end this is all about less talk and just climb! ;-p

You should be very proud, well done Andre, Jonathon, Kim and Lani - all the best with future projects! 
Guys - I loved it. As Rom noted, great to hear a blistering soundtrack as well, particularly form the Kiwi legends who are Pitch Black.

Coverage was great for a variety of NZ – I particularly liked the Darrens stuff – big, intimidating, cold – and that was just the walk in. Nice personal portraits, interviews and the animation was a nice touch. Only drawback – scene gaps too long. But that’s being a bit picky maybe. Was great to see a mix of routes hard and not-so, and a spread of ages and sexes on the rock and off.

Biggest wrap I can give it – it made me want to go climbing :)

It’s really made me think that I’d love to see a similar Aussie one – done with a love of the areas involved, complete with regional biases and local heroes.

Being a Blueys climber at heart I thought Lani’s short at the start was great, too.
Great film.

Whenever i hear of a film with a ' wide variety of climbing', my mind straight away thinks 'fast forward'. This film however changed my perspective. Every piece of footage is entertaining. There is no stupid basejumping or crudy aid climbing scenes. The basic format of the film is logical and entertaining. Go to an area, interview a character or two, watch some climbing.

As a previous reviewer has stated, this style of film could really be done anywhere in Australia with just as much impact.

Watch it, get pyched.
One of the drawbacks is that some of the routes selected do not show off an area the best - particularly Wanaka. It smacked of we are running out of time here so lets get this done quickly.

Love lani's cartoon animations 

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