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(Doco) A bouldering pilgrimage to the sacred village of Hampi, in the south of India

Format DVD Category Non-Fiction
Title Pilgrimage  Mins 85 
Starring Chris Sharma, Katie Brown, Nate Gold  RRP $49.95 AUD 
Director Josh Lowell  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

For those wanting a solid dose of Chris Sharma in action then Pilgrimage will definately give you that.
From a visual perspective this film is shot extremely well with some great usage of stills also.
The setting, Hampi, is a field of dreams for those that love bouldering and obviously now is no secret.
The movie seeks to give bouldering a higher purpose and the dialogue by those participating goes along the lines of being one with the rock. To further signify that bouldering is something of a holy rite of passage the problems are named but no mention of grades at all.
If the dialogue is to be believed then it offers some interesting viewpoints and perspectives. But it is not overbearing to the point where you cringe.
The bouldering itself is extemely impressive, and there is plenty of jaw jopping lines undertaken, many of which are FA.
The film is visually stunning and you will want to place Hampi on your list of destinations.
The soundtrack is really good and has some indian themes as you would expect.
There is not much in the way of special features which was a little disappointing. When considering the location you think there would be a lot more.
An excellent dvd and well worth the money
An absolutely sensational film!

A film that follows three boulderers successes and failures in the boulder filled valley of Hampi in southern India is, in my opinion, perhaps the benchmark of what a bouldering film should be.

The film revolves around only three people, which I liked because it enables an intimacy with the climbers, by the end of this DVD I almost felt like I knew Chris, Kate and Nate. This is achieved through alot of interviews with the climbers that give an insight into who they are as people. Admittadly, after a while (read: watching the DVD on the 63rd time) these interviews become a tad tedious, and I suspect Chris and Nate may have been baked during some of the interviews...

The filming is impeccable. The production captures the perspective of problems and boulders as a whole, including the setting in which they lie, it captures the moves in focus and the individual holds. Aswell as the expressions and emotions of the climbers.

The soundtrack is very well thought out. The music suits the tempo and mood of the climbing and reflects the culture in which the film is set. The quality of the sound on the movie is pretty good too, there is generally no distortion when people scream etc like you find on other films such as Rampage.

Bottom line is that this film is well made, showcases hard and inspiring bouldering in an exotic setting, however, Pilgrimage goes further, it offers an loungeroom experience rather than just a vid of dudes pulling down. 

Sharma & Nate Gold smoke a lot of dope... Then go bouldering. 
Great footage of some rad lines. Me thinks the drugs might have somthing to do with the spiritual aspect of this film... 

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