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Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage: The Lonely Challenge
Story of Herman Buhl's training and earlier climbs that lead up to his solo FA of Nanga Parbat

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Nanga Parbat Pilgrimage: The Lonely Challenge  Pages 384 
Author Hermann Buhl  RRP  
Publisher Mountaineers Books  Reviews
Edition (February 1999)  Ave Rating ***** (5.00 of 5)


User Comments
Mad Dog
Absolute classic by one of the few true legends of climbing. The writing itself is mostly in the 3 star range with an occasional gem tossed in. The content is where this book shines and you'd need to know something about the routes under discussion to fully comprehend just how understated Hermann is in his descriptions. Hermann was a man of principle and he adhered to the purest ethical standards, but he didn't preach excessively. Must-have!!! 

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