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Eos 2: Dreamtime
(Doco) Bouldering some of the hardest routes in Australia

Format Video  (Australian) Category Non-Fiction
Title Eos 2: Dreamtime  Mins 60 
Starring Fred Niccole, James Scarborough, Sam Edwards, Chris Ellis  RRP $39.95 AUD 
Director Uncarved Block  Reviews
Edition   Ave Rating ***** (4.50 of 5)


User Comments

I absolutly love this video. It showcases some of the hardest bouldering in australia and has a killer soundtrack that keeps you physched through the whole movie. The video features swiss bouldering ledgend Fred Nicole. He is truely an inspiring character. Watching him dispatch numerous V11, 12 and 13 problems with ease is fantastic to watch. In particular his asscent of ammagamma V13 is awesome. I recomend you BUY this movie. Support the uncarved block team because i want to see the eos 3, world bouldering, but it will only happen with peoples support. I promise you wont regret buying this movie. 

any more stars available. even though i dont boulder heaps this video is awesome. its got great views of the hollow mountain cave and sydney bouldering. all hard routes but very very inspiring. its worth buying as they are not making money from it.
if only i could boulder that hard
richie cunningham
i thought this video had some brilliant footage. Loads of quality problems are featured...heaps of different climbers. To me however it felt more like a bunch of climbers repeating stuff they had already done. While its fun to watch strong boulderers effortly float up stuff, it didn't really draw me in. Still a mint bouldering film and definitly worth a watch.. 

Further Reading:
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