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A place for Victorian climbers to hang out and chat about climbing. Anyone can register and post messages.

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Icon User Location Joined # Posts Last Posted Last Logon
  lfranklin Victoria, Australia  18-Jan-2009  24 23-Dec-2015   23-Oct-2019 
Sabu Melbourne, Australia  20-Sep-2004  2798 17-Apr-2018   23-Oct-2019 
  davedave   28-Sep-2015  16 22-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Bobic Sydney, Australia  18-May-2010  77 23-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Nick SA Victoria, Australia  7-Nov-2011  10 9-Mar-2018   23-Oct-2019 
  PGS NSW  26-Feb-2010  37 1-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Dr Nick Sydney, Australia  6-Mar-2011  264 2-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
ajfclark Horsham, Victoria  18-Jan-2008  5871 21-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  J..D Victoria, Australia  28-Apr-2014  5 29-Jan-2018   23-Oct-2019 
  Poppy28 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  26-Mar-2015  26 7-Mar-2019   23-Oct-2019 
White trash England B4, but now climbing crags in Aus.  1-Apr-2011  303 23-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
freepete Adelaide, Australia  21-Mar-2010  120 18-Aug-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  hipdos Canberra, Australia  6-May-2005  161 12-Aug-2019   23-Oct-2019 
rodw NSW, Australia  15-Dec-2003  2725 25-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
oweng Hobart    502 30-Jan-2015   23-Oct-2019 
  Dalai Victoria, Australia    4826 25-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
deep Van Winkle Sydney, Australia  13-Dec-2014  15 3-Apr-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  hikingoz Victoria, Australia  26-Jan-2013  27 13-Aug-2018   23-Oct-2019 
  gfdonc Victoria, Australia  22-Oct-2003  3440 23-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
phil_nev Victoria, Australia    1157 4-Mar-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Tastrad Launceston, Tasmania  16-Jul-2007  187 9-Aug-2019   23-Oct-2019 
jkane Victoria, Australia  25-Mar-2006  286 26-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  jacksonclimbs Texas  11-Feb-2017  80 21-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  adrian Victoria, Australia  20-Jun-2003  125 7-Feb-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Bob Saki Victoria, Australia  11-Apr-2005  602 26-Jan-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  kieranl Victoria, Australia    4560 15-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  PeterW Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  22-Nov-2013  89 21-Aug-2019   23-Oct-2019 
Duang Daunk Victoria, Australia  17-Dec-2010  743 23-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  The Rock Robster Arapiles, Victoria, Australia  28-Jul-2017  30 24-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Cam McKenzie Victoria, Australia  17-Jan-2006  274 9-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  egosan Melbourne  16-Apr-2008  1074 7-Apr-2018   23-Oct-2019 
  Glen Victoria, Australia  18-Jun-2003  10 13-Sep-2016   23-Oct-2019 
  Dave_S Victoria, Australia  10-Oct-2012  264 23-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
salty crag Victoria, Australia  21-Aug-2009  356 9-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  armstp Victoria, Australia  28-Dec-2005  75 17-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  BA Victoria, Australia    958 28-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
Crepuscular Victoria, Australia  20-Mar-2011  13 25-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  MichaelOR Victoria, Australia  3-Jul-2004  230 16-Apr-2019   23-Oct-2019 
Miguel75 Victoria, Australia  11-Jul-2009  2934 30-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  daave Wollongong, Australia  11-Sep-2005  353 2-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  Stu~ Sydney, Australia  1-Apr-2014  26 14-Sep-2019   23-Oct-2019 
cruze Christchurch, New Zealand  22-Nov-2004  1461 17-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  andrew_h NSW, Australia  5-Jul-2019  1 5-Jul-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  dave1962 south australia, Australia  12-Sep-2010  43 8-Jun-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  RobertHob Россия  23-Oct-2019  0   23-Oct-2019 
  Chockstone Moderator Victoria, Australia  8-Oct-2007  306 16-Oct-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  kongxh Singapore  13-Oct-2019  0   23-Oct-2019 
  SBW Victoria, Australia  17-Jan-2005  48 9-Jan-2019   23-Oct-2019 
  RonaldL USA  23-Oct-2019  0   23-Oct-2019 

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There are 49 registered members. Of these 6% have never posted, 8% have only posted a few times, leaving 86% who are major posters. 76% are from Australia.

The top users are: Sabu, Dr Nick, ajfclark, White trash, hipdos, rodw, oweng, Dalai, gfdonc, phil_nev, Tastrad, jkane, Bob Saki, kieranl, Duang Daunk, Cam McKenzie, egosan, Dave_S, salty crag, BA, MichaelOR, Miguel75, daave, cruze, Chockstone Moderator

The average user is 44 years old.


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