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Starred Climbs At Mt Arapiles.
Arapiles Overview

Three Star Climbs
The big "Tick List", showing three star climbs from grade 8 to 26. How far down the list can you go? Yeah right, maybe in my dreams I could climb that hard! Good luck.

Climb Grade Area
Siren 8 Pinnacle Face/Siren Area
Arachnus 9 Watchtower Face/The Watchtower
Agamemnon 10 Atridae/Agamemnon Area
Eskimo Nell 10 Central Gully Right/Dunes Buttress
Syrinx 10 Tiger Wall/Syrinx Area
Blockbuster 11 Bluffs/Bluff Major East Face
Bard 12 Bard Buttress
Muldoon 13 Atridae/Muldoon Area
Lamplighter 14 The Pharos/Back Wall
Hot Flap 14 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
D Minor 15 Organ Pipes/D Minor Pinnacle
Toccata 15 Organ Pipes/Toccata Wall
Resignation 15 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Brolga 16 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Mari 17 Upper Central Gully/Mari Buttress
Missing Link 17 Bluffs/Bluff Major North Face
The Watchtower Crack 17 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Eurydice 18 Bard Buttress
Skink 18 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Entertainer 18 Far North/Lower Curtain Wall
Tannin 19 Organ Pipes/The Red Wall
Little Thor 20 Declaration Crag
Quo Vadis 20 Bluffs/Bluff Major East Face
Judgement Day 20 The Pharos/Back Wall
Take Five 20 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
Thunder Crack 21 Bluffs/Bluff Major West Face
Auto Da Fe 21 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
A Taste of Honey 21 Northern Group/High Dive Gully
Kachoong 21 Northern Group/Kachoong Area
Comic Relief 21 Far North/Lower Curtain Wall
Los Endos 22 Central Gully Right/Starless Buttress
Trinity Wall 22 The Pharos/Front Wall
The Second Coming 22 The Pharos/Back Wall
Despatched Direct 23 Bluffs/Bluff Major West Face
Birdman of Alcatraz 23 The Pharos/Death Row Pinnacle
High Dive 23 Northern Group/High Dive Gully
Puzzlin' Evidence 23 Far North/Vandal Area
Orestes 24 Atridae/The Flight Deck
Intransience 24 Upper Central Gully/Cecilia Wall
Despatched 24 Bluffs/Bluff Major West Face
Open Season 24 The Pharos/Back Wall
Common Knowledge 24 Kitten Wall/Tjuringa Wall
Terminal Drive 24 Far North/Upper Curtain Wall
Debutantes and Centipedes 25 Pilot Error Cliffs/Lois Lane Wall
Have A Good Flight 25 Atridae/The Flight Deck
Ride Like the Wind 25 Central Gully Right/Starless Buttress
Spasm in a Chasm 25 The Pharos/Uncle Charlie
Aftermath 25 The Pharos/Front Wall
Trojan 25 The Pharos/Back Wall
Tjuringa 25 Kitten Wall/Tjuringa Wall
Henry Bolte 25 Northern Group/Henry Bolte Wall
Cliff Hanger 25 Far North/Upper Curtain Wall
Strolling Right Hand Variant 26 Fang Buttress

Two Star Climbs
Still looking? How about 2 star climbs between grades 10 & 20:

Climb Grade Area
D Major 10 Organ Pipes/D Major Pipe
Pedro 10 Central Gully Left/Golden Fleece Wall
The Shroud 10 The Pharos/Front Wall
Beau Geste 10 Northern Group/Harlequin Cracks Area
Serpent 10 Mitre Rock/South Mitre
Piccolo 11 Organ Pipes/Piccolo Pipe
Didgeridoo 11 Organ Pipes/Didgeridoo Pipe
Dracula 11 Central Gully Right/Predludes Wall
Phoenix 11 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Trapeze 11 Castle Crag
Hurricane Lamp Cracks 11 The Pharos/Front Wall
Harlequin Cracks 11 Northern Group/Harlequin Cracks Area
The Bishop 11 Mitre Rock/South Mitre
Watchtower Chimney 12 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
Panzer 12 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Horn Piece 13 Organ Pipes/Didgeridoo Pipe
Kestrel 13 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Loyalty 14 Central Gully Left/Charity Buttress
Megalomaniac 14 Upper Central Gully/Mari Buttress
Salamander 14 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Mantle 14 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Touchstone 14 Northern Group/Echo Crag
Beautiful Possibilities 15 Central Gully Left/Golden Fleece Wall
Bulger 15 Bluffs/Bluff Major West Face
Kaiser 15 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Agent Orange 15 Pharos Gully/Vanoise Area
Sundance 15 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
colonal's eleven 15 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
Arab 16 Central Gully Right/Dunes Buttress
Yo Yo 16 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Coming on Chris 16 The Pharos/Uncle Charlie
Nativity 16 Northern Group/Echo Crag
tool bender 16 The Shark fin
Surface To Air 17 Atridae/House of Atreus
Libretto 17 Organ Pipes/D Major Pipe
Checkmate 17 Bard Buttress
Swinging 17 Castle Crag
The Rack 18 Colosseum Wall Area/Colosseum Wall
King Rat 18 King Rat Area/King Rat Gully
Gilt Edged 18 Pilot Error Cliffs/Cobwebs Gully
The Golden Fleece 18 Central Gully Left/Golden Fleece Wall
Howling Wolf 18 Central Gully Left/Dog Face
Scorpion 18 Bluffs/Bluff Major East Face
Voodoo 18 Voodoo Area/Voodoo Buttress
Death Row 18 The Pharos/Death Row Pinnacle
Oceanoid 18 The Pharos/Front Wall
Huey 18 Pharos Gully/Huey and Satellites
Golden Echo 18 Northern Group/Kachoong Area
Vandal 18 Far North/Vandal Area
Salem 18 Mitre Rock/North Mitre
Morgul Khan 18 Mitre Rock/North Mitre
Lemmington 19 Organ Pipes Gully/Frenzy Pinnacle
XI 19 Fang Buttress
The Desired 19 Bard Buttress
Tony's Route 19 Bard Buttress
Tarantula 19 Voodoo Area/Rats Alley
Wall of the Afternoon Sun 19 Watchtower Face/Left Watchtower Face
Sideshow 19 Far North/Lower Curtain Wall
Coeur de Lion 19 Western Side/Campbell's Kingdom
Christian Crack 20 Colosseum Wall Area/Colosseum Wall
Wizard of lce 20 Atridae/Agamemnon Area
Tannin Direct 20 Organ Pipes/The Red Wall
Electric Warrior 20 Upper Central Gully/Mari Buttress
Morfydd 20 Major Mitchell Gully/Morfydd Wall
The Good the Bad and the Ugly 20 Tiger Wall/Under Flinders Lane Wall
Close to the Edge 20 The Pharos/Front Wall
Gollum 20 Watchtower Face/Right Watchtower Face
Stranger's Eliminate 20 Kitten Wall/Tjuringa Wall
Down and Out 20 Far North/Hum Terrace
Werewolf 20 Far North/Werewolf Area
New Image 21 Voodoo Area/New Image Wall
Wasp 21 Voodoo Area/Voodoo Buttress
Pearls Before Swine 21 The Pharos/Uncle Charlie


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