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Chockstone T-Shirt Designs 2003/04

Update: Popular vote has gone to design 8 (see below). Check back later in the year and hopefully we'll have the T's organised.

Subsequent to the forum topic suggesting Chockstoner's should organise T-Shirts so we could identify one another at the crags, several designs for a logo have been sent in. Please keep them coming! Email images or PDF's to Chockstone, or upload them.

Ultimately we might vote on the best, and get some T-Shirts printed based on the number of interested members. Click designs below for a larger image.

By Jens Winkels (See PDF)

2) Jens' Design, modified by Mike.

3) By Joe Morgan-payler (See PDF1, PDF2)

4) By Alister Robertson. (The second series using Mike's pic of Ben on Pilot Error).

5) By Neil Monteith

6) By Duncan Hamilton

7) By Alexander Cohen

8) By Simon Murray


Further Reading: - Our QLD friends have their 2003 & 2002 T-Shirt design. I notice they've gone for a bold red this year.

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