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Melton Creek Bouldering
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  Quick Stats
Climbs *** ** * Hardest Longest Rock Access
17 0 0 0 21 15m Basalt 1 Min

Melton Creek?Melton Creek is seriously scrapping the bottom of the Victorian "crag" barrel. There are routes documented as long as 15 metres, but in reality they'd be lucky to break five and some are barely two moves. Leave the rope at home. The area offers more of a place to boulder than to climb, despite the occasional dodgy bit of fixed protection in the form of manky bolts and homemade pitons. Even boulderers will probably be put off by the loose and dirty climbs, graffiti, broken glass. (Update Jan 2007: According to a local, this area has undergone a clean up since the photos below were taken).

If you have to travel more than 15 minutes to get here, you'll be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, if Melton is "just down the road", or perhaps on the way home from a road trip, it might be worth stopping for a quick boulder.

Melton is about half an hour west of Melbourne. Enter town via Coburns road, turn left into First avenue, cross over Station street and into Macdonald, then follow it to the end. Park at the T intersection, and you'll find the "crag", such as it is, down beside the creek. For the transportation-ally challenged, it's within walking distance of the train station.

Above Right: Melton Creek? Not the sort of thing you'd want to swim in, unless you like plastic bags and broken glass. Below: Various shots of the "crag".

Blind takes the arete pictured.Some locals on the turps.
Above Left: One of the tallest routes "Walking Blind" takes the arÍte. Many of the routes are labelled. Above Right: Some locals on the turps. 
Wogs At Work heads up near this spot.Glass & GrafittiDodgy Fixed Pro
Above Left: "Wogs At Work" heads up near here. Above Middle: Nice broken glass landing zone. Above Right: Manky home made piton? Looks like a chunk of fence post. The "bolts" are even worse.

Climbs At Melton Creek   Push For The Summit

Name Height Grade Stars
Digger ? 11  
Practy ? 6  
Dilemore ? 7  
Cracked ? 20  
Pump Up The Footy ? 17  
Walking Blind ? 17   
Blaze Of Glory 10 21  
You'll Be Cracked ? 14  
Juvenile Delinquents ? 19  
Clean Out ? 13  
Wogs At Work ? 15  
Lay Down Your Guns 15 19  
Punks In The Bin ? 5  
Mud Wall ? 15  
Off-Shore ? 11  
Pisser ? 19   
Blind Visions ? 16  


Further Reading:
Southwest Victoria, A Rockclimbers Guide - Edited by Chris Watson, Bill Andrews and Hugh Hardwick. Also available from local climbing shops, or the VCC. 

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