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Chockstone Photography Latest Shots
1:34:54 AM
Gramps to Coast: Nice stuff Mike, if you did it on foot or pushie I'd love a TR.

4:04:34 PM
Agree with Rod above, re Gramps to coast shots.

Particularly liked the Dunkeld couple.

Seems like you were following a waterfall theme, and it was probably fortunate that you had rain to get them going, though paradoxically it would also have presented challenges with getting to some of the camera sites (slippery), and with taking the photos.

I suspect a TR would kind of read 'went to many places in a short time period'?

5:06:10 PM
On 5/12/2008 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>I suspect a TR would kind of read 'went to many places in a short time period'?

Yeah, 4 days off and ticked Bendigo to Gramps, down to coast as far a Geelong, and back to Bendigo again. The weather was forecast as rainy at best with possible storms, so I went with the idea of doing waterfalls which come up a treat in overcast conditions. At Dunkeld it was actually spitting during those shots, hence the rainbow. I loved the late evening light when everything was wet. It was "one of those moments", kind of like ticking an onsight used to be. It's got me fired up for more photo trips. NZ in Feb!

5:11:49 PM
>more photo trips. NZ in Feb!
It is a good thing digital photos don't weigh much, otherwise you would be up for excess baggage costs due combining your passion with photographic scenery that NZ provides, and the place is compact, so you're guaranteed to get more photos per kilometre over there for your time investment!

3:35:34 PM
Some incredible shots in the NZ lot.
Particularly liked the Lake Wanaka sunlit tree island with the wind stirred waves in the foreground.
Thanks for putting them up.

4:33:59 PM
On 6/03/2009 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>Some incredible shots in the NZ lot.

Thanks! Two weeks wasn't nearly long enough. 2 years might just have covered it.

9:13:39 PM
The Daylesford collection looks rather special.
I particularly liked the 'long format' farmhouse (suits the scene better than the stnd format I reckon), and the surreal Lake Daylesford (mist and trees in the background add heaps to the intrigue value of the 'jetty'), shots.
Well done Mike.

3:14:23 PM
Your wide format shots of Falls Ck are great, and you did well with the weather getting good cloud to enhance the panorama and sunset ones.
Interesting to see Wallaces Hut in winter as I was there last summer.
Your high standard has become 'usual' !
It looks like it was an excellent trip. Did you camp out or enjoy the Resort luxury instead?

I forwarded a link to that site off to a couple of mates who I know would appreciate them as well. Don't know if they are affluent enough to spend on them though...

Must remember to open that section in a new screen next time, as it takes a while to get back to Chockstone without losing the log-in by reversing the procedure otherwise!

11:07:16 AM
Have just finished catching up with your latest shots Mike.

I like the evolution (both photographic and philosophical) taking place in the Bronte beach pool shot, summed up by the following quote.

>When I reviewed the many frames I'd taken it surprised me that those shot during one late evening, when a storm had just begun to brew, were the most exciting, and the most connected to life of the place. Unusual for me, I chose a scene containing people, young surfers preparing to leap from the rocks into the sea despite the approaching storm. For me, it best portrayed the way the populace seemed to vigorously embrace their seaside living.

As an aside, those conditions often are special to the surfers as well, not only for the 'nature – excitement' (just like climbing in iffy weather can be special to climbers…), but also if it rains, the wave conditions can go quite glassy if the wind is minimal.

Good to see visually and also intriguing to observe the observations of a photographer with insight that comes from a different (inland) perspective.

11:19:19 AM
Have just been through the recently posted 'Tasmanian Winter Tour' shots and (as is your usual standard Mike), they are great!

I particularly liked the following ones.

Picnic rocks, wide format

Cloudscape with the sinuous earth curve.

Snow clad Pandini.

Tessellated Pavement, vertical format.

However wondered about this shot as to whether it is upside down ?

10:18:25 AM
AMAZING shots of the Grampians in your latest batch Mike. The one of Taipan Wall is truly inspirational - I've seen nothing even close to that before.

p.s. a print would make a good xmas present I suspect... :-)

10:52:41 AM
Thanks Neil.

If anyone wants to see a how this print looks Steve has it framed and hung in the RH shop.

12:56:18 PM
The latest (February 2010) shots are again to the usual excellent high standard.
I particularly like the wide format ones, and also the early morning misty gumtree-grass shot at Coolamine Homestead.
The newly formatted(?) presentation space for them on front page works well too!

1:56:09 PM
The recent SA shots contain some stunning images.

I can't believe the amount of travelling you regularly do to get such pics, but as a consumer*, I thank you for it.

(*Have used your shots as inspiration to others to check out such places, but don't know if any sales resulted).

10:33:08 AM
The latest Uluru shots are awesome Mike. Love the cloudscapes associated with it in the panoramas.

You may not have been aware of it, but your recent trip there also coincides with the 30 year anniversary of when a dingo took Azaria from there...

10:40:52 AM
Thanks Rod.

In summary: 4000kms, 4 days driving (6 days photographing), 1 flat tyre, $800 in fuel, 500+ photos, dawn starts, sleeping the car, camp cooking, a little rain, no flies, no heat, lots of hiking, lots of fun.

1:38:23 PM
On 10/08/2010 davidn wrote:
>Did you get the flat tire on the Mereenie Loop? I curse the day I decided
>to go that way!
>Stunning shot of Uluru. Must be a very rare confluence of events to get
>it looking that way.

Not sure where the Mereenie Loop is. I just went straight up through SA and into NT following the highway. Got the flat just as I was coming into Yulara late that first night. Changed the tyre around mid-night, slept a few hours then was up before dawn for the best shot of the trip. Perfect conditions, and no one around but me. The sunset that evening was also amazing. I did every dawn/sunset that week, as well as a few day-time hikes, but the light was never as good as it was that first day.

I'd definately recommend winter there rather than summer. Sure a couple of the nights were cold and the days short, but there were no flies (like not one), and the heat was quite bareable, rather pleasant in fact. I also discovered I preferred driving at night. No traffic, no sunburn, no tired eyes from glare or dehydration. Even the livestock that wanders across the road was asleep. The odd roo jumped out, but that happens in the daytime too.
4:41:58 AM
On 10/08/2010 Mike wrote:
>I'd definately recommend winter there rather than summer. Sure a couple
>of the nights were cold and the days short, but there were no flies (like
>not one), and the heat was quite bareable, rather pleasant in fact.

I can second that opinion. I really like the dawnie shot of Uluru with the sunflare.

10:41:45 PM
>Monday, 20 June 2011
>Photographer's Blog: Kangaroo Island, South Australia

I find reading the Trip Reports associated with the excellent photos to be equally interesting!

Having not been to Kangaroo Island, I had no idea that the Remarkable Rocks would be so difficult to photograph without tourists being included. Well done with your perseverance, as in my opinion it paid off.

6:40:11 PM
Excellent photos from your latest trek Mike, particularly the AWESOME Hanging Rock one.

You weren't tempted to set up a rope jump-swing were you?
Heh, heh, heh.

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