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FYI Chockstoners - this weeks deletions, etc.
Chockstone Moderator
11:46:12 AM
2nd edit 17/11/18; New user Moigryneter (registration 8399), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 3. IPs Belarus. Prefix Moigryne. 38 yo.
I tracked this one further back too due to it being relatively new, though I suspect has hassled us before.
The last of those three separate offences recorded was from an IP that appears 14 times in the SFS database, and comes from AS6697 - Republican Unitary Telecommunication Enterprise Beltelecom.

3rd edit 17/11/18; New user KivaNed (registration 8400), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 22. Kazakhstan IPs. Prefix Kiva. 38 yo.

4th edit 17/11/18; New user RonBrorm (registration 8401), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 40. IPs Russian Federation. Prefix Ron, a 38 yo slow learner thats been here before.

Registration 8402 checked as okay.
Registration 8405 passed SFS and is being given benefit of the doubt, but has a possible duplication name in SFS database (as an Indian pill pushing spammer), so will be monitored closely. - Checked again 27/11/18 and still SFS clean.

5th edit 17/11/18; New user smithgates545 (registration 8403), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 5. IPs Canada and Cameroon. Consistency of username but allegedly 48 years old and selling fake documents.

6th edit 17/11/18; New user dennib (registration 8404), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 52. Russian IPs. Prefix den. 38 yo.

7th edit 17/11/18; New user Wokala (registration 8406), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 68. IPs from many countries. Prefix Wokal. 38 yo.

8th edit 17/11/18; New user Anonsaps (registration 8407), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 27. IPs from many countries. Prefix Anonsap. 38 yo.

9th edit 17/11/18; New user Jasmine (registration 8408), disabled and 4WD accessories spam post deleted.

Edit 18/11/18; New user karinex (registration 8409), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 246. IPs mostly from Moldova. Consistent prefix karinex. 38 yo.

2nd edit 18/11/18; New user czmer (registration 8410), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 17. Inconsistent prefix. IPs from UK. Brazen 38 yo that flaunts themself with email address of

The last two came to us almost together, so possibly the same person.

This space reserved for the next one...
It came quickly! - see following...

3rd edit 18/11/18 New user seide (registration 8411), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 56. Inconsistent prefix and IPs though latest run is Russian. 38 yo.

4th edit 18/11/18; New user Lariskafz (registration 8412), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 60. Russian IPs. Prefix Larisk. 38 yo very slow learner from again.

5th edit 18/11/18; New user KivaHackGlumn (registration 8413), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 13. Prefix KivaHack. IPs from many countries. 38 yo.

6th edit 18/11/18; New user andreitchernak (registration 8414), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 274. IPs from Belarus. Prefix consistency of andreitchernak. 38 yo.

Edit 19/11/18; New user AnthonyCedia (registration 8415), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 124. Russian IPs. Prefix Anthony. Allegedly 38 yo, but most likely is Ruslan Rodionov born 14 August 1999, ... or this too could just be spam-
Chockstone Moderator
10:06:38 AM
20/11/18 New user Panchforme (registration 8416), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 22. IPs from many countries but Russian email address. Consistent user name. 38 yo.

Edit 20/11/18; New user WalterDurse (registration 8417*), pre-emptively disabled. SFS clear, but who cares? Cavalier attitude I know, but my crap detector has been fine tuned with working overtime lately... 38 yo Russian with a unique domain that reeks spammer, so not giving benefit of the doubt, but will further investigate and if Im wrong Ill enable them again later!
[* Post edit, edit 27/11/18 Disablement reconfirmed later as this one came up positive on SFS with a count of 68 from Russian IPs and username prefix of Walter.]

2nd edit 20/11/18; New user Julioged (registration 8418), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 208 from toxic disposable Russian IPs. Prefix Julio. 38 yo.

New registrations 8419, 8423, 8424, 8425 checked as SFS ok.

3rd edit 20/11/18; New user konon (registration 8420), disabled and spam post (uber kit) deleted. As an aside, its SFS count is 21 from Nigerian IPs.

4th edit 20/11/18; New user Astridoxike (registration 8421), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 75. Russian IPs. Prefix Astrid. 38 yo.

Edit 21/11/18; New user Helenawxi (registration 8422), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 1,000. Belarus IPs. Prefix Helen. 38 yo.

Edit 22/11/18; New user RidahzA (registration 8426), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 41. IPs from many countries. Prefix Ridahz. 38 yo. This one has an email address that indicates these spammers are actually on rostered shifts!

2nd edit 22/11/18; New user Eduardod (registration 8427), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 86. IPs from many countries. Prefix Eduardo. 38 yo.

3rd edit 22/11/18; New user Alexandrwak (registration 8428), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 170. IPs mostly Belarus. Prefix Alexandr. 38 yo slow learner that was and now resident.

4th edit 22/11/18; New user andrejgalai (registration 8429), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 277. Mostly Belarus IPs. Consistently uses andrejgalai username. 38 yo
Chockstone Moderator
9:58:46 AM
Registration 8430 camerawarehouse is (against my better judgement) being given the benefit of the doubt due coming up clean on SFS, though a commercial username has me monitoring it closely as a potential spammer. - Checked again and still SFS clean on 27/11/18.

Edit 24/11/2018 User Larry Kingston (registration 8431) disabled. Numerous SPAM posts. [SFS 3. USA IPs.]

Edit 2: 24/11/2018 User fosterdocument130 (registration 8432) as above SPAM posts. [Fake documents. SFS 1. Spanish IP. ]
Thanks another Moderator.

Edit 25/11/18. New user qasgow (registration 8433), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 56. Mostly Canada and USA IPs. Prefix qas. 38 yo.

2nd edit 25/11/18; New user Serviceatd (registration 8435), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 1,000. Belarus IPs. Prefix Service. 38 yo.

3rd edit 25/11/18; New user FrankSpivy (registration 8436), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 26. Russian IPs. Prefix Frank. 38 yo.

4th edit 25/11/18; New user HetrickI (registration 8437), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 40. IPs from many countries. Prefix Hetrick. 38 yo.

5th edit 25/11/18; New user gemasdotj (registration 8438), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 79. IPs from many countries. Prefix gemadot. 38 yo.

Registrations 8439, 8440 checked as SFS okay.

Edit 26/11/18; New user MichaelGum (registration 8441), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 213. IPs from many countries. Has two username prefix fondness's Michael / Socks. 38 yo slow learner that has been here before.

Edit 27/11/18; New user Nate L (registration 8434), possibly has an entry recorded on Stop Forum Spam database from a USA IP. A novel attempt at infiltrating our Site and being a sleeper-spammer?
I am giving benefit of the doubt for a while. Im also thinking it might be one of our resident trolls at work due the uncanny timing of their post?
Chockstone Moderator
6:56:23 PM
27/11/18 New user amandash (registration 8442), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 3 from USA IPs. Prefix amanda but interestingly claiming to be 26 years old from Vic and only climbs gym and ice. A spammer trying to relate to us doesnt work!

Edit 28/11/18; New user HeatherTus (registration 8443), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 37. IPs from many countries (majorly Russian States!). Prefix Heather. 38 yo.

2nd edit 28/11/18; New user JamesProps (registration 8444), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 291. IPs from many countries (majorly Russian States!). Prefix James 38 yo.

New registration 8445 checked as clean on SFS.

3rd edit 28/11/18; New user PorvezY (registration 8446), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 38. IPs from many countries. Prefix Porvez. 38 yo.

Edit 29/11/18; New user Monikasmaks (registration 8447), pre-emptively disabled (by another Moderator, who obviously reads my posts - Thanks mate!). SFS 21. Monika - our German 38 yo slow learner again, thats been here before.
It must have been disappointing for them when they returned to spam us and found the registration disabled...

2nd edit 29/11/18; New user aqbbaebu (registration 8448), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 37. Ukrainian IPs. Username consistency of aqbbaebu. 38 yo.

3rd edit 29/11/18 New user JerryJackson (registration 8449) on the watch list. Not in SFS but no options ticked in the profile and profile comment is suspect "iam a pet lover i would love to meet others " pre-emptively disabled 01/12/18. SFS 1 (searched on unique username), from an Indian IP address.

4th edit 29/11/18; New user Zinisentep (registration 8450), pre-emptively disabled SFS entries. [222 - Mostly from Russian IPs. Inconsistent usernames. 38 yo.]
6:54:13 AM
New user TheBit (registration 8451), pre-emptively disabled Numerous SFS entries
New user lessgritSeew (registration 8452), pre-emptively disabled Numerous SFS entries

[Both have been here before TheBit once, and the other is our slow learner resident again.]
Chockstone Moderator
7:28:29 AM
A new month for the ongoing spam battle...

Registration 8453 checked clean on SFS.

01/12/18 New user Keralapa (registration 8454), pre-emptively disabled by another Moderator (thanks Dalai). SFS 73. IPs from many countries. Prefix Keralap. 38 yo.

01/12/18 New user Kendricc (registration 8455), pre-emptively disabled by another Moderator (thanks Dalai). SFS 35. IPs from many countries. Prefix Kendri. 38 yo.

2nd edit 01/12/18; New user fowlerkenVog (registration 8456), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 32. Ukrainian IPs. Prefix fowlerken. 38 yo.

2/12/2018 edits ( a collaborative Moderator effort).

Richardmob (registration 8457), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 47. Mostly Norwegian IPs. Prefix Richard. 38 yo thats been here before.

FedExMib (registration 8458), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 13. IPs from many countries. 38 yo Russian that uses prefix FedEx on English Sites and дара on Russian!

Denisbobruisk (registration 8459), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 43. IPs mostly from Belarus. Consistent use of Denisbobruisk. 38 yo Russian thats been here before.

james200 (registration 8460), disabled and 2 fake documents spamming posts deleted.

03/12/18 edits...

New user SamnotsF (registration 8461), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 85. IPs from many countries. Prefix Samnots. 38 yo.

New user DominicWrIme (registration 8462) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user elreCot (registration 8463) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user Municho (registration 8465) pre-emptively disabled SFS

New registration 8464 checked okay on SFS.

5/12/18 edits
New user Ksyushawt (registration 8466) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user sticaNus (registration 8467) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user binsdax (registration 8468) pre-emptively disabled SFS
7:22:53 AM
6/12/18 SPAM Update
New user Reginapaf (registration 8469) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user OliverOdori (registration 8470) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user Lanate (registration 8471) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user CyrusSa (registration 8472), pre-emptively disabled due SFS 24.
New user Armondib (registration 8473), pre-emptively disabled due SFS 26.
New user Antoniorxm (registration 8474), pre-emptively disabled due SFS 1,000.
New user Gunocknili (registration 8475), pre-emptively disabled due SFS 18.

Edit; 07/12/18 Spammers disabling update.
New user peteraskirk (registration 8476), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 245.
New user FloydDoorb (registration 8477), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 7.
New user PerepelX (registration 8478), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 40.
New user (registration 8479), pre-emptively disabled SFS 83 - particularly toxic rusky IP/s... - some of these buggers use one IP for their email address, then another to proxy to yet a third, and then use the last one to register on sites like ours.
The digital footprint can be disguised but can also still be traced...

Edit 08/12/18
New user AnnaMib (8480) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 71.
New user Vandakk (8481) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 60.
New user ieltsglobal4 (8482) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 6 - Comment in profile is always stay real - for fake documents? Yeah, right.

Edit 09/12/18
New user RodneySheni (8483) pre-emptively disabled SFS
New user RaquelRep (8484) pre-emptively disabled SFS

Edit 10/12/18
New user lightroomHed (8485) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 21.
New user JamesBug (8486 - & been here before*) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 41.
(*I chuckle when they come back to further their nefarious deeds and find that they have to start again!).

Edit 11/12/18
New user taurus (8487) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 31. Initially this one came up clean on SFS even though a business, but my finely tuned crap detectors were ringing excessively, so on a secondary check of the unique username the user failed SFS and is now gone.

Edit 12/12/18
New user Uplotnitel (8488) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 22.
New user Bobbieraw (8489) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 139 (back again).

Edit 13/12/18
New user EvelynFUs (8490) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 5 (back again).
New user KiromasuX (8491) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 43 (back again).
New user ltonmut (8492) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 33.
New user NancySnoge (8493) pre-emptively disabled SFS +v (again).

Edit 14/12/18
New user AnikaHatMew (8494) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v (again).
New user DougasExeno (8495) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
New user Robertcer (8496) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

NOTE for future reference.
September 2018 registrations were 6 legitimate and 36 spammers.
October 2018 registrations were 6 legitimate and 54 spammers.
November 2018 registrations were 18 legitimate and 80 spammers.
December registrations till here are 2 legitimate and 42 spammers, with the count continuing.
Chockstone Moderator
5:00:16 PM
Edit 15/12/18
New user AlexDnMib (8497) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

Edit 16/12/18
New user Gloriarib (8498) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
New user Andrewtrels (8499) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

4:40:20 PM
Seems to me that anybody 38 years old should just be automatically banned.

[Moderator edit: That endearing trait is certainly one of our identification of spammers features that we use! It also points to a degree of collusion if not automation of their system. Trouble is that next year the buggers will be 39, so a filter for that aspect will become obsolete.]
5:31:53 PM
38 plus usually Russian email I usually disable immediately then check SFS. I do apologise now to any 38 year old's who may have been disabled in error...
Chockstone Moderator
5:07:57 AM
New user HotakFE (8500) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

Registrations 8501, 8507 checked okay on Stop Forum Spam databank.

New user petersevruk (8502) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
New user TheresaCaple (8503) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
New user Orbinarcha (8504) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
New user obon20 (8505) disabled, and uber spam post deleted.

Edit 18/12/18
New user Aswert (8506) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.
[New user Jordon (8507) checked okay on Stop Forum Spam database.]
New user HeadhanS (8508) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

Edit 19/12/18
New user Jivanques (8509) pre-emptively disabled. SFS +v.

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