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FYI Chockstoners - this weeks deletions, etc.
Chockstone Moderator
10:53:08 PM
Just a quick bump of thread (see last post on previous page) as a general fyi, due it has been a busy month which hasn't ended yet, for spammers ( 6 legitimate vs 24 spam merchants), along with cleaning up several historical registrations.
It's probably less boring doing it this way than posting every time a spammer gets disabled!

Edit 26/09/18: New user RealtyBeple (registration 8283 - another Russian), pre-emptively disabled due failing the Stop Forum Spam test by having 316 prior spamming offences recorded on that site.

2nd edit 26/09/18: New user EdithGop (registration 8284), pre-emptively disabled. Although this user passed the SFS test, the unique Netherlands based domain address used has 50,121 spamming offences recorded for it, taking away any benefit of doubt on our part.

3rd edit 26/09/18; New user Jamesplear (registration 8285 - another Russian), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 66 prior spamming offences recorded.

Edit 27/09/18: New user ElmerDax (registration 8286), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 2 prior spamming offence entries recorded for their unique domain name.

2nd edit 27/09/18: New user JosephSew (registration 8287), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 3 prior spamming offence entries recorded for their unique domain name.
ElmerDax and JosephSew are likely the same spammer from a Canadian pharmaceutical company.

3rd edit 27/09/18; New user ChristaPah (registration 8288), pre-emptively disabled due the unique domain name (brinkvideo) is listed on SFS with 50,165 entries.
ChristaPah, EdithGop and BarbaraDib are all likely the same spammer, or at least working for the same company. .

Edit 28/09/18: New user BeautyAny (registration 8289), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 18 prior spamming offences recorded.

2nd edit 28/09/18; New user TRDExelp (registration 8290), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 20 prior spamming offences recorded.

3rd edit 28/09/18; New user ElmerBroli (registration 8291 - yet another Russian), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 163 prior spamming offences recorded.

Edit 29/09/18: New user DarlenePaf (registration 8292 - brinkvideo again), pre-emptively disabled due unique domain (Netherlands based), fails the SFS test witht 50,232 entries recorded.

2nd edit 29/09/18; New user ScottGeabe (registration 8293 - another Russian), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 188 prior spamming offences recorded.

Edit 30/09/18: New user HelennPi (registration 8294), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test with 46 prior spamming offences recorded.
Chockstone Moderator
10:55:59 PM
Another month and the ruskies are still at it; this one purporting to be from Sri Lanka - but as a new user Scottorete (registration 8295), is now pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 58 prior spamming offences recorded.

Edit 02/10/18: Registrations 8296, 8297 checked okay with SFS tool. Yay, some legitimate ones!

Edit 03/10/18:
On 4-Sep-2017 Chockstone Moderator wrote:
>New User ID WilliamHaiden disabled and his body supplements spam deleted 04/09/17.
New user WilliamPails (registration 8298 - Russian, and likely the same spammer, as they donít have much imagination and often run along theme lines), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 283 prior spamming offences recorded.

2nd edit 03/10/18; New user ialmosthydra (registration 8299), pre-emptively disabled due to failing the SFS test by having 32 prior spamming offences (31 from France but the last from Brazil), recorded.

Earlier I wrote:
>they donít have much imagination and often run along theme lines

After a bit more research on this aspect it appears that the disabled users of ialmosthydra (today), Elenapop (22/09/18), kontactyhsf (31/05/17), and kontactidtf 15/07/17) are all the same Russian spammer who is allegedly 38 years old and fond of –ÓŮŮŤˇ, that keeps reinventing himself. It isnít working and hopefully sooner rather than later he will give up coming here due the consistency of our response to him/her.

Edit 04/10/18: New user masterdoki (registration 8300), disabled and fake documents spam post deleted. This one is new, and only has 2 entries recorded on SFS, both from Ireland.

2nd edit 04/10/18; New user Earnestepisa (registration 8301), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 1,000 prior spamming offences recorded.
It may be coincidence but this user is also allegedly 38 years old and Russian, though with so many offences the IP addresses used include plenty of other countries, along with toxic disposable addresses.

Edit 05/10/18: New user TikotanL (registration 8302), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 61 prior spamming offences recorded. Coincidentally another 38 year old and with those offences originating from lots of different countries, so could be an old reincarnated repeat offender here.

Edit 06/10/18: New user Dmitriienlak (registration 8303 - our 38 yo from –ÓŮŮŤˇ again), pre-emptively disabled, due to failing the SFS test again; this time with 38 entries for spamming offences using their new email address!
Of these 32 were from Russian IP addresses and 6 from other countries.

Edit 07/10/18: New User optiop (registration 8304 - our 38 yo Russian again - online now at 0300 DST hrs / 1900 hrs Moscow), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 42 prior spamming offences recorded. He is getting silly and now inventing names and locations to register with but itís not working as the IP addresses give him away.
Iíll give him/her full marks for persistence but wonít let them prevail.

Edit 08/10/18; New user Robertstupt (registration 8305 - likely our 38 yo rusky again), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 38 (yes that number again - uncanny), prior spamming offences recorded. These were mostly from toxic disposable Russian IP addresses.
Online Now
3:24:54 PM
Appreciate your hard work!

[Another Moderator edit: Thanks.
It continues!!
09/10/18 New user RandyClato (registration 8306) pr-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test with 118 entries for prior spamming offences. This user is particularly toxic with most email addresses used being toxic-disposable, and originating from too many countries to bother listing though Russia figures prominently amongst them.
Uncannily they also purport to be aged 38 again, so could easily be our old mate reincarnated yet again...
In all those that I've investigated so far, this one appears to be the worst encountered, due the variety and number of IP addresses used, even though the number of offences recorded are way less than some others.]
Chockstone Moderator
3:10:49 AM
New user SanoramB (registration 8307 - our 38 yo spammer again), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test with 68 spamming offences recorded for the new email address being used.
Once again the IP addresses are toxic disposable and from many countries in origin, though about a third of them are Chinese this time.

Post edit 11/10/18; New user Kisamustone (registration 8308), pre-emptively disabled even though they passed the SFS test!
This was done because once again the user purports to be 38 years old, from Russia, and the unique domain used has 276 entries (mostly from the Netherlands, along with recent consistency of username prefix Kisa), for spamming offences.
I don't know why he/she/they keep coming back here.
Persistent bugger/s and a slow learner/s to boot.

Edit 12/10/18: New user modifyielts0209 (registration 8309 - our fake documents spammer again), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 6 (only? - hard to believe! - being 5 from Cameroon and 1 from Canada) prior spamming offences recorded for the particular address used this time.

Edit 13/10/18: New user Kisswep (registration 8310), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 74 prior spamming offences recorded, 2/3 from German IP addresses. This one (allegedly 37 old) consistently uses the Kiss prefix in their user-name...

2nd edit 13/10/18: New user TommyT (registration 8311), pre-emptively disabled due failing the SFS test by having 67 prior spamming offences recorded from lots of different countries, with these being mostly toxic disposable IP addresses.

I am extremely impressed with the Stop Forum Spam Site with its search tools and extensive database. In the past it was simply enough to confirm a known spammer (the simple cases), but increasingly Iím finding the cagier spammers that have newer and often vague details still have track records that give them away with further sleuthing.

Last month we had 6 legitimate vs 36 spammer registrations.
So far (13 days only), this month we have 2 legitimate vs 14 spammer registrations.

3rd edit 13/10/18: New user SusanNaf (registration 8312 - probably our 38 yo rusky aleksey romanov - this time allegedly from Armenia, but the last half dozen spamming offences are from Romania, though many countries figure in the IP addresses used), pre-emptively disabled due 157 prior spamming offences recorded on the SFS database. This userís favourite username prefix is Susan and appears on almost all of those offence entries.
Iím getting spam-shy, so if a Susanxxx, Kissxxx, or Kisaxxx username pops up, then I will be disabling first and checking validation later!

4th edit 13/10/18: New user DoctorSak (registration 8313 - again allegedly 38 years old), pre-emptively disabled due 251 prior spamming offences recorded on SFS database. IPís used are again from many countries, about half being from USA. This oneís fond of the prefix Doctor, so I will add that too, to my spam-shy list!

Edit 14/10/18: New user molyncpk (registration 8314 - our 38 year old again? - fascinating number that for the spammers!), pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test with 430 prior spamming offences recorded. IPs used were mostly from Indonesia and China, even though purports to be from India.

2nd edit 14/10/18; New user tscortRun (registration 8315 - 38 yo rusky again), pre-emptively disabled due failure of SFS test with 70 spamming offences recorded. IPs mostly Ukrainian for them this time, and very consistent User ID used being the same one for all of those offences.
Interestingly 65% of all offences recorded on the SFS database originate from Ukraine.

3rd edit 14/10/18; New user Klqrtzmon (registration 8316 - 38 yo rusky again), pre-emptively disabled due failure of SFS test with 5 prior spamming offences recorded, all from Russian Federation IP addresses.
Consistently uses username prefix of Klqrtz, so this gets added to the spam-shy list too.
Chockstone Moderator
4:08:54 PM
A new post because Chockstone clips long ones, and the last is getting lengthy.

Edit 15/10/18; New user Christinexoxcen (registration 8317 - 38 yo purportedly, and from UK), pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test with 27 prior spamming offences recorded, mostly from German IPs. This one is fond of female names as prefixes, but thereís little consistency involved.
Germany constitutes 1.5% (284,557 entries), of the offences recorded database

2nd edit 15/10/18: New user HardhopW (registration 8318 - 38 yo again. It must be a marketing endearment strategy to have an age that people relate too?), pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test with 63 prior spamming offences recorded, from many different disposable toxic IPs and countries.

Rechecked user ID Chris220220 (joined May Ď18), okay due passed the SFS test again, though 27 Chrisí appear in that database... Rechecked yet again 27/11/18 and again clean on SFS.

3rd edit 15/10/18; New user DanOl (registration 8319 - 38 year old rusky again but purporting to be from Netherlands), pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test by having 92 prior spamming offences recorded.

4th edit 15/10/18; New user T (registration 8320 - allegedly from Vic Australia but IP address is from USA??), pre-emptively disabled due failed SFS test with one entry for a spamming offence.
This one warrants further investigation, and may be enabled pending the outcome of same...
Post edit-edit: T has been re-enabled for the time being due being given the benefit of the doubt.

5th edit 15/10/18; New user Ti_H ( registration 8321), initially pre-emptively disabled, even though passed the SFS test however re-enabled pending further investigation, as although being very suspicious by being in the middle of a mini spammer-blitz* on us, perhaps more so after registration behind User T (coincidence?, initially deemed to be a confirmed spammer); is currently being given the benefit of the doubt.
[I noticed that Ti_H logged in again later, so hopefully all is good with that registration#.]

6th edit 15/10/18; New user bushfaller93 ( registration 8322 - Canadian IP address - fake documents - 38 year old), pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test with 5 entries recorded for their spamming offences.

*Mini-blitz of 4 new registrations in a 10 minute period!!

Edit 16/10/18; New user alexSr (registration 8323 - 38 yo - mostly Ukrainian IPs - claims to be from USA - fond of prefix alex - 1,000 prior spamming offences recorded on SFS), pre-emptively disabled.

2nd edit 16/10/18; New user Kiozilmon (registration 8324 - 38 yo Russian - fond of prefix Kiozil - IPs Russian - 4 prior spamming offences recorded on SFS), pre-emptively disabled.

# Post edit-edit-edit; Registration 8321 Ti_H seems to have disappeared from our Registrations as of noon 16/10/18. This is highly unusual and further investigation into how this happened will be made**.
[** User removed themself prior to making any posts. Follow up PM's with this member have since sorted the initial anomalies.]

In the meantime User Kiolzimon becomes registration 8323 instead of 8324.

New registration 8324 passed the SFS test.
Chockstone Moderator
11:01:00 AM
17/10/18: Chockstone time is still out, but more so now due using a Western Australian server.

New user gones20 (registration 8325), disabled and mileage tracker spam post deleted. Later investigation results; Purports from Texas, but Nigerian IPs used. SFS count is 12.

Edit 18/10/18; New user Indianw (registration 8326), pre-emptively disabled. Failed SFS with a of count 62, fond of Indian prefix, and toxic disposable IPs from all around the world.

Edit 19/10/18; New user LeslieSor (registration 8327 - Russian 38 yo thatís tried here before. Mostly used prefix user name of Richard but has recently changed to Leslie. SFS count 79 with many IPs used), pre-emptively disabled.

2nd edit 19/10/18; New user ThomasVobia (registration 8328) - self alleged Netherlands 38 yo - fond of prefix Thomas - uses toxic disposable Russian IPs. SFS = 27 so pre-emptively disabled.

3rd edit 19/10/18; New user DanialTurce (reg 8329) - SFS count = 13 = failed. Fond of Danial username prefix. Allegedly 38 yo UK, but USA IPs used. Pre-emptively disabled.

Registration 8330 passed the SFS test.

4th edit 19/10/18; New user KettyVah (registration 8331) failed SFS with 96 entries, and pre-emptively disabled. 38 yo purporting from UK. Fond of username prefix Ketty. IPs from many countries, about a third of which are Finland origin, that country constituting 0.12% of the database.
Chockstone Moderator
10:59:50 AM
20/10/18 New user Kristyjaite (registration 8332) pre-emptively disabled.

This one came up clean on SFS but on CleanTalk, another anti-spam database that we can use, failed, by having 27 prior spamming offences recorded there!

According to this spammer only started today.
When I went back to that site a half hour later to investigate the tools it has further (for our use), this spammers count had risen to 30.

Once again they claim on our registration site to be 38 years old.
Chockstone Moderator
11:07:28 AM
20/10/18 New user kontapxlp (registration 8333) pre-emptively disabled due failed the SFS test by having 218 prior spamming offences recorded. 38 yo and IPs from many countries used.

2nd edit 20/10/18: New user folacsvh (registration 8334) - 38 yo again - recycles about a half dozen gibberish username prefixes - fills up user comments with more gibberish that has a link embedded. Now pre-emptively disabled for the latest attempt due failed SFS by 221 entries.

Duang Daunk
4:30:18 PM
Thanks Mod sisís/broís.
I enjoy reading Chocky unspoilt by advertising crap, and your unsung work is appreciated.

E. Wells
11:37:13 PM
Just go Dutton on em and automatically ban , create some kind of meatpie eating cricket test trivia criteria that bots cant crack.
Chockstone Moderator
1:12:19 PM
On 19-Oct-2018 E. Wells wrote:
>Just go Dutton on em and automatically ban , create some kind of meatpie
>eating cricket test trivia criteria that bots cant crack.

They are not bots, but they could become tiresome!

21/10/18 New user wzocuzgku (registration 8335) pre-emptively disabled. SFS count 89. About half the IPs used, Chinese. 38 old again.

Registrations 8336, 8340, 8351 passed the SFS and CleanTalk tests.

2nd edit 21/10/28; New user Eddieneuse (registration 8337), pre-emptively disabled. SFS count 51. IPs mostly Norwegian. Fond of username prefix Eddie and claiming to be 38 years old.

3rd edit 21/10/18; New user IBUcymmelp (registration 8338), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 18. IPs Ukrainian. Uses prefix IBU. 38 yo.

4th edit 21/10/18; New user Suzanneveism (registration 8339), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 145. IPs from many countries. Prefix Suzanne. 38 yo Russian.

Edit 22/10/18: New user Gessonm (registration 8341), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 84. IPs many countries - about half Chinese. Prefix Gess. 38 old.

2nd edit 22/10/18; New user Jimgow (registration 8342), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 25. IPs many countries - about half USA. Prefix Jim. 38 old.

3rd edit 22/10/18; New user Hmlilefelp (registration 8343), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 45. IPs many countries - about half Belarus. No prefix but consistently uses Hmlilefelp. The –ÓŮŮŤˇ rusky again. 38 old.

4th edit 22/10/18; New user RonnieDB (registration 8344), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 332. IPs many countries - about half Belarus. Consistently uses RonnieDB username. 38 old again.

5th edit 22/10/18; New user AstaffeSips (registration 8345), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 29. Russian IPs. Prefix Astaffe. 38 again.

Edit 24/10/18; New user mustone (registration 8346), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 7 on unique email prefix. India IPs. 38 old from –ÓŮŮŤˇ trying us again with a new setup.

2nd edit 24/10/18; New user Carlosmap (registration 8347), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 206. Toxic disposable Russian IPs used, but this time claims to be 37 years old for a change!

3rd edit 24/10/18; New user EvaZet (registration 8348), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 36. Mostly Russian IPs. Back to 38 yo again.

4th edit 24/10/18; New user MildredWeasy (registration 8349), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 87. Russian IPs used. Consistently uses Mildred username prefix. 38 old.

5th edit 24/10/18; New user Bernardj (registration 8350), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 68 - all in the last two days. IPs from many countries. Fond of Bernard username prefix. 37 yo - Iím wearing them down again!

Note for future reference...
Sept Ď18 registrations = 6 legitimate vs 36 spammers.
Oct Ď18 (till here) registrations = 5 legitimate vs 47 spammers.
Chockstone Moderator
10:54:23 AM
25/10/18 New user kontaykyb (registration 8352), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 37. IPs from many countries. No consistency otherwise. Coincidentally claims to be 37 years old.

2nd edit 25/10/18; New user StevenMog (registration 8353), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 110. Exclusively uses IPs from Ukraine (12665163 entries in database from Ukraine - 66.81 percent of total database). Fond of username prefix Steven and claims to be 38 years old.

Lately a pattern seems to be developing whereby the spammers are registering in small groups of two or three at a time.
The lack of cross-consistency in this latest instance has me thinking that they are different spammers, but have their own communication system.

Edit 26/10/18; New user Khalidu (registration 8354), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 56 (49 of them from yesterday alone). IPs from many countries. Fond of username prefix Khalid. 38 old.
Here is a typical report of one of those spams;

An automated registration attempt was detected by our honeypot on October 25th, 2018 at 19:01:43 UTC. The user agent was "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.87 Safari/537.36".

- The bit about this report that I find interesting is that it was an automated registration attempt...
This would possibly explain the consistent claim of being 38 years old; and possibly also, the often delay involved between many registrations and any attempts of them posting* to this site, that are mostly pre-empted by my disabling of the account.

[*I'm still investigating how registering without posting benefits them, which is in marked contrast for example, to our usual (previous) fake documents, and removalists, garden variety spammers.]

2nd edit 26/10/18; New user TroykrimKl (registration 8355), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 18, of which all but one were the same IP from Belarus, the remaining being Russian Federation. Prefix consistent also, of Troykrim. 38 old.

Edit 30/10/18: New user RonaldKeymn (registration 8356), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 11. Russian IPs. Username prefix Ronald. 38 yo.
What? Four days of peace from spammers?
I was starting to have disablement button withdrawal symptoms!

2nd edit 30/10/18; New user brvntvsehw (registration 8357), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 99. IPs from many countries. Username prefix tends to cycle through three different gobbledygook ones. 38 yo.

The spammers seem to have gotten back to their usual form after I was beginning to feel that they had learnt to neglect us. Itíd be interesting to be a fly on their wall when they go to follow up the registrations and find them useless after first thinking that they had successfully infiltrated our site.

Registration 8358 passed the SFS test.

Edit 31/10/18: New user AbercormHat (registration 8359), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 20. French IPs. User prefix Abercorm. 37 yo.

White Trash
9:32:33 PM
Good on you Mods.
Thanks for keeping the bastards honest.
Can you do anything about the gambling ads I get on my TV?

9:37:15 PM
Yes, thank you Mods for your diligent work.
Chockstone is a much better place for your efforts.
Chloe - part of the unsung silent majority of users of this site.
Chockstone Moderator
8:11:38 AM
Thanks for the thanks White Trash and Chloe.

Another new month starting with a new spammer.
New user Devon Sawa (registration 8360), disabled and their (lengthy), fake documents spam post deleted.
Interestingly this garden variety spammer came up clean on SFS and Cleantalk databanks, as well as allegedly being 38 years old.

Edit 02/11/18; New user ClydeDum (registration 8361), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 370. Mostly Russian IPs. Prefix was Olga (been here before), but is now Clyde. Still 38 old!

2nd edit 02/11/18; New user EugeneDox (registration 8362), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 30. Russian IPs. Prefix Eugene though being from –ÓŮŮŤˇ has been here before. 38 old.

3rd edit 02/11/18; A check 30 minutes later revealed Eugene SFS had risen to 42, when I researched the next new user registration Gregoryken (8363), now pre-emptively disabled, due SFS of 291. IPs mostly from Georgia (Russian). Prefix fondness of Gregory. 38 old.

4th edit 02/11/18; A check of Gregoryken a couple of hours later showed its sfs count had risen to 322; this at the time of pre-emptively disabling new user potucpwnvn (registration 8364), due it having an SFS of 44. IPs from many countries. 38 again.

5th edit 02/11/18; New user accesshireaustralia (registration 8365), pre-emptively disabled even though it passed SFS and Cleantalk tests.
Access Hire appears to be an international company that hires lifting and access equipment, but after 2 months of being blitzed by spammers I have no tolerance for anything resembling a commercial entity registering on this site as a Ďsleeperí*. If you feel hard done by then send us an email stating your case for reconsideration.
[* If legitimate Iíd have expected a post to be made, which would have enhanced your credibility one way or the other.]

6th edit 02/11/18; New user Liept (registration 8366), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 83. IPs mostly Russian. Inconsistent usernames. 38. Been here before.
Chockstone Moderator
2:40:58 PM
03/11/18 new user Jaspersit (registration 8367) pre-emptively disabled. SFS 357. Mostly Russian IPs. User prefix Jasper. 38 yo.

Edit 03/11/18; New user mycarrentals (registration 8368) pre-emptively disabled. Clean SFS record, but still a commercial entity, and due my intolerance of spammers is banned on their unique username and matching email address alone.
If you feel hard dealt with, send us an email stating your case for reconsideration.

Registration 8369 checked as okay.

2nd edit 03/11/18; New user Arthurlot (registration 8370), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 24. Mostly Russian IPs. Prefix preference Arthur. Our 38 yo slow learning –ÓŮŮŤˇ resident again.

Edit 04/11/18; New user KarlmolN (registration 8371), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 33. IPs from many countries. Prefix Karlmol. 38 yo.

2nd edit 04/11/18; New user Kristanvaw (registration 8372), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 83. Consistent username prefix Kristan but real name is aleksey grigorev*, a 21 year old (likely born 26 Sept 1998), Russian claiming to be 38 years old from UK. Uses IPs from many countries, about half of them being Cape Verde.
[Identity thieves - go your hardest!]

3rd edit 04/11/18; New user Pedrox (registration 8373), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 72. Prefix Ped. IPs from many countries. 38 yo, yeah, for what itís worth...

Edit 05/11/18; New user Manaslutrek (registration 8374), pre-emptively disabled. Has a clean SFS record and being potentially climbing related I was hesitant to disable them, but after further research deemed them more closely related to general trekking and as such a commercial enterprise looking to harness our site for their gain.
If they email us stating their case otherwise, I will happily reconsider reinstating their registration.

2nd edit 05/11/18; New user WilliamkiProto (registration 8375), pre-emptively disabled.
Another clean SFS record, but 38 year old William has unsuccessfully tried here before and based on a couple of other unique profile attributes has my well refined spammer suspicion alarm working overtime. In the very unlikely event he feels hard done by, he can email us for reconsideration.

3rd edit 05/11/18; New user TenishaJap (registration 8376), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 130. IPs from many countries though often goes in runs of about twenty at a time, starting with USA and currently using Kiribati ones. Consistently uses Tenisha prefix. 38 yo Russian.

Registration 8377 SFS checked okay
Chockstone Moderator
9:07:08 PM
06/11/18 New user rhinoexhaust0 (registration 8378), disabled and exhaust products spam post deleted. SFS 5. Indian IPs.

Edit 07/11/18; New user KhmerJ (registration 8379), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 78. All of those offences using toxic disposable IPs from many countries, and with username prefix Khmer. 38 yo, again.

Edit 08/11/18; New user SoonTum (registration 8380), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 46. USA IPs. Prefix Soon. 38 yo.

2nd edit 08/11/18; New user ScottElafe (registration 8381), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 211. Russian IPs. Prefix Scott. 38 yo.

Edit 09/11/18; New user gelenlWax (registration 8382), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 241. Mostly Russian IPs. Prefix gelenl - our 38 yo slow learning –ÓŮŮŤˇ resident again.

2nd edit 09/11/18; New user agrohimrjn (registration 8383), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 1000. Mostly Belarus IPs. Prefix agro. 38 yo.

E. Wells
1:13:48 PM
Oh. Righto. Nothing to see here. Goodoh. Thanks for the hard work!
Chockstone Moderator
6:50:59 PM
On 9-Nov-2018 E. Wells wrote:
>Oh. Righto. Nothing to see here. Goodoh. Thanks for the hard work!

No spam to be seen - true, though this week there could have been other news except for the fact it went public with its own thread.

New registration 8384 MichaelNaido, though highly suspicious (38 yo for a start!), is currently being given the benefit of the doubt due coming up clean so far with our background checks, however will be monitored ongoing as a potential spammer.
Tracing back the unique domain used reveals SFS = 132 and toxic disposable IPs used, about half and half Russian Chinese so has now been disabled.

Edit 10/11/18; New user Nasrato (registration 8385), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 70. Toxic disposable IPs from many countries with about half of them Chinese. Prefix fondness of Nasrat. 38 yo.

Edit 11/11/18; New user ieltsagents1 (registration 8386), pre-emptively disabled. Been here before but trying a new tactic as a sleeper this time by a 43 yo local agent for their company. Confirmed a positive SFS count after disablement.

2nd edit 11/11/18 New user BortanR (registration 8387), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 78. Toxic disposable IPs from many countries. Bortan prefix. 38 yo.

Edit 12/11/18 New user (registration 8388) is being given benefit of the doubt at present despite being a bona fide business email and username. It isnít typical of most spamming registrations and has a clean SFS record. Time will reveal if we get spammed by it. - Checked again 27/11/18 and came up SFS clean.
Chockstone Moderator
11:45:32 AM
13/11/18 New user MigeTum (registration 8389), pre-emptively disabled SFS 68. Mostly British IPs used. 38 yo.

Edit 13/11/18 New user Andreasgmj (registration 8390), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 1,000. IPs Belarus. 38 year old.

2nd edit 13/11/18; New user shanti (registration 8391), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 3. IPs Philippines. 29 yo!

Edit 14/11/18; New user RuwTum (registration 8392), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 24. UK IPs. 38 yo. With two in two days it appears that the Tum family are spammers... or thereís only one who lies and is a slow learner.

2nd Edit 14/11/18 New User Ozchillout (registration 8393) Beach shade tent spam post deleted and user disabled.

[Thanks to another Moderator for the last one!]

Edit 15/11/18 New user EdisonUnect (registration 8394), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 249 from toxic disposable Russian IPs. Prefix Edison. 38 yo.

2nd edit 15/11/18; New user Jacobdic (registration 8395), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 205. Toxic disposable Russian IPs. Prefix Jacob. 38 yo.

3rd edit 15/11/18 New user kweeny (registration 8396), disabled and cannabis weight loss post deleted.
[Thanks to another Moderator for the last one.]

Edit 16/11/18 New user Bogdanjgo (registration 8397), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 1,000 from Belarus IPs. Prefix Bogdan. 38 year old slow learner thatís been here before.

Edit 17/11/18; New user XEvilBestMof (registration 8398), pre-emptively disabled. SFS 34. Lithuanian IPs. Prefix XEvilBest. 38 yo. I saw a comment on SFS database about this spammer having lots of activity in the last few days so with curiosity aroused I followed back the last of the 34 IP addresses used, and found that, that one alone appears in their database 509 times!
Iíve now learnt that a positive SFS count (no matter the number), for an individual spam registration actually represents the thin end of the wedge because the IPs used also have a lengthy history.
I shouldnít be surprised. They just keep reinventing themselves...

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