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weird gear- or how to die

1:29:09 PM
On 2/12/2009 evanbb wrote:
>Yeah, I got the impression that Bachar had a pretty god idea of his limits...

Right up to the point that he exceeded them and died! ;-)

8:55:55 PM
>On 2/12/2009 evanbb wrote:
>>Yeah, I got the impression that Bachar had a pretty god idea of his limits...
On 5/12/2009 pmonks wrote:
>Right up to the point that he exceeded them and died! ;-)

Didn't the dude in the solo vid say that John Bachar died soloing something three grades below his normal limit?

Shit happens.

On 03/12/09 Wendy wrote;
>I have a special pair of socks with the toe and heel cut out to wear with my climbing shoes and keep my ankles warm

My climbing socks are like that too.
~> & I just thought they were worn out, so I relegated them down the heirachy of usage chain!
11:59:36 AM
Wow, that guy is a total tool.

On the other point, Daave says my socks and rock shoes are sexy.
On the other other point, since I training to be an engineer I am allowed to wear socks and crocks

Phil Box
4:14:45 PM
And don't forget the pocket protecter.

11:34:23 AM
On 6/12/2009 olbert wrote:
>socks and crocks

I wonder what grade this one climbs?

11:39:29 AM
On 5/12/2009 pmonks wrote:
>On 2/12/2009 evanbb wrote:
>>Yeah, I got the impression that Bachar had a pretty god idea of his limits...
>Right up to the point that he exceeded them and died! ;-)

Didn't he have a very, very long soloing career?

I wouldn't have my money on the guy from the youtube video being able to solo regularly for decades.

10:03:33 AM
Just read an interesting interview with Alex Honnold along with his BD journal article about his El Cap/Half Dome link up.

While I'm not partial to soloing, given my lily liveredness, I love climbing by myself (TR solo) and enjoy the solitude and self reliance. I'm amazed by the mental toughness shown by those who solo, especially Alex's monster solo link up and I used to think soloing was a personal choice though a recent experience has planted a seed of doubt and is causing me to review my paradigm.

I was at Morialta Gorge on Monday, enjoying the ambiance at "First Falls" when I spied a few climbers on top of a ledge by the head of the falls. The ledge was ~20 meters above the viewing platform where we were standing. They looked to be bouldering and for about 5 minutes had myself and everyone around me, ~15 people, freaked out. There were at least 2 people up there and we anxiously watched as one bloke backed up to the edge of the ledge while looking through the viewfinder of his camera! He got right to the edge and was wiggling around trying to get the right angle, even managing to drop a leg over the side to steady himself. After he'd taken a few pics his female friend decided the edge of the drop would make a great dance spot and proceeded to have a wiggly good time. While I usually subscribe to the 'no harm no foul' philosophy I don't think either of them even gave their potential impact (heh X 3) any thought, and probably don't think they did anything dangerous or risky.

Watching those two strangers literally inches from an accident was quite difficult and I'm trying to work out in my own mind if I would have felt differently about their actions if my family weren't there with me. I don't believe I would as kids have softened my points of view and I don't see the point in taking unnecessary risks, especially those that can lead to death in front of other people.

Dying by yourself in your chosen locale is another discussion... ;)
12:38:16 PM
Does anybody remember those Joker cams of old? I seem to recall having one on my rack but i guess it's long gone. I remember it being plain alloy with a flexible stem, this around the same time (1986) as rigid friends were the norm. I seem to have it in my head they were made by Beal but maybe i'm getting mixed up with the recent model of rope.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

12:50:16 PM
Yep the joker cam had a fixed single cam on a shaft (flexible with a hideous big spring around it) with two movable cam lobes - one on either side of the fixed one. A kind of tri cam. Mine used to sit in a box at the bottom of my cupboard beside my whale-tail decender from the 80's. Can't help you with the manufacturer. Its gone missing - can' t imagine what I did with it.

12:59:15 PM
From the nut museum articles on needlesports:

With the Joker, invented in 1985 by Stefan Engers, the German company Bergsport made a marked entry in the world of the mechanical chock. With only two mobile cams and a simple loop of cable stiffened by a coiled spring, this new comer had the advantage of a flexible handle to adapt to all positions.

Gear nuts might find the other articles interesting too:
3:37:02 PM
cheers for that....and for the link....some good stuff on Ray Jardine.

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