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OT - Probably the most crazy man in the world

4:07:08 PM
Gets good at about 1:20

6:58:36 PM
i reckon ive got a bunch of mates who a crazier :)
jeb is very good, no doubt about it, but check this one for commitment to the line...
7:23:52 PM
Josh I was so close to booking to that place today. Its not funny. Book me in as a crazy mate ;)
7:27:09 PM
you looked pretty stressed this morning hahah yeah you can definitely have a crazy slot on my friends list ;)
7:58:35 PM
I actually don't think Jed is totally loopy. He kniws what he des and the risks. The only nego thing I can say about poeiple like Jed is I hope they have a plan for those who love them when it goies tits up.

6:52:55 AM
Does anyone have any idea how fast they would be going?

7:30:35 AM
I heard he's led Dramp too!

10:44:37 AM
On 14/12/2011 benjenga wrote:
>Does anyone have any idea how fast they would be going?

From a dinosaurs memory; a 'prone' (classic fall position) skydiver free-falls at max vel approx 110 mph and if that same skydiver goes into a headfirst dive then they can achieve a speed of approx 165 mph.
With changes in technology (wingsuits etc), I suspect that 180 mph would still be the limit.
(Note the speeds are miles per hour and not km/hr ... You can do your own conversions!).

No doubt someone with more recent experience can provide a better answer to your question...

11:54:38 AM
He's a madman! But yeah I probably wouldn't call him 'crazy'. As per the forum rules I used the video heading for the thread title.

Much respect for the massive kahuna's these guys have, but along with that - when shit goes wrong they better be prepared to wear it!
5:30:00 PM
M9- i dunno what the limits are but im sure my altimeters have flashed in excess of 350km/h vertical speeds when fanging it head down and im sure 400 gets cracked by better flyers than i.
as for wingsuits, it varies from suit to suit & from flyer to flyer. also, if you fly steep you get a lot more speed but obviously have less flight time. i cant remember forward speeds off the top of my head but on the latest phoenix fly suits guys are slowing their vertical speeds to about 40kmh

8:53:37 PM
400 kph approx = 250 mph.

~> I will take your word for it, as the best I have done is 11 seconds of freefall and the figures I quoted were relevant way back then, ... which was many moons ago*!
(* ... was probably about your age, at the time!)

Oh, and good to hear from you again mousey!
~> ... and by the way, congratulations for achieving the 3,000 post milestone!
In fact your collective total is 3055, so, sorry for missing the actual anniversary post!

Organ Pipe
12:56:05 PM
I'm waiting for a wing suit vid where the chute isn't needed for the landing, as in: flying paralell to a nice snow covered slope that eventually levels out, and the guy busts out his skis and touches down on them...

or, lands on the back of his mates snow mobile hauling arse down the slope.

1:43:02 PM
Is it possible to stall in flight? Maybe jumping off on one side of a valley and landing without a chute on a cliff top on the other side?

2:16:15 PM
He has designed this crazy ramp thing to try and land on without a chute. It's his goal to do a jump and land without the chute, but obviously this is hard to practice. It's probably just a matter of time till he gives in to the calling.

5:46:17 PM
On 15/12/2011 Organ Pipe wrote:
>as in: flying paralell to a nice snow covered slope that eventually levels
>out, and the guy busts out his skis and touches down on them...

I think that sport has already been invented . Skijumpers clearly have used flying a long time before BASE

7:34:45 PM
On 15/12/2011 StuckNut wrote:
>Is it possible to stall in flight? Maybe jumping off on one side of a valley
>and landing without a chute on a cliff top on the other side?

I reckon I've read this ten times today and I still can't picture it.

The best I can get is: Guy jumps off the high side of a valley, crosses it in a wing suit, does something really friggin amazing and gently touches down.

It just couldn't be done.

Once you reach the speed at which the wings actually engage, that would be your lowest speed possible. The wings give you the ability to control a fall only. Not to fly. You can't stall because you are not flying.

I'll try and find the link to his landing idea....

7:47:57 PM
This is the landing idea:

And a great article about it here:

11:22:48 AM
hey shortman, not sure where you are getting your info but after a few seconds in a wingsuit you are indeed flying, albeit only at a glide ratio of give or take 3:1, so check your BAK books again because i can assure you that it isnt hard to stall a suit if you are flying too flat/slow or you have bad body position. for a more 'real life' example, ask Dwain Weston about stalling suits if you bump into him.
as far as the wonderful notion of just gliding along a slope and touching down gently (yes we've all dreamed!), you would still be touching down at 250km/h or so on your stomach, head first, with 1mm of nylon for protection. no thanks! :)

11:23:51 AM

1:05:09 PM
Is Dwain the guy that hit the bridge?

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