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Burnley closure??
3:18:22 PM
I heard that there is some plan to close Burnley for freeway repairs? Can anyone confirm this? If so what are the details, including likely timeframe for closure?
3:26:37 PM
Not sure if you've seen the sign that's up close to the wall, but is says closed from 10th April -> late 2010
4:05:18 PM
On 1/04/2010 rudi wrote:
>I heard that there is some plan to close Burnley for freeway repairs? Can
>anyone confirm this? If so what are the details, including likely timeframe
>for closure?

I am speaking as the VCC committee member responsible for the Burnley wall. You have heard correctly, Rudi. The Southern Link Upgrade Project will be retro fitting the Burnley overpass to comply with new highway regulations.

The sign is already out of date. I got an update this afternoon. The closure is now planned to start on the 19th of April. The work will proceed in stages. the first will be the beams over the bike path. The second priority will be the bay above walls 2 and 3. When both of those stages are complete we will have access to the walls again. This will be sometime after August which is the time frame given for the reopening of the bike path.

We are putting together a guide for other outdoor training venues in the Melbourne area to help fill in the winter gap.

I will keep this thread updated with any news.

4:08:06 PM
Ok thanks Sol.
4:25:01 PM
On 1/04/2010 egosan wrote:
>We are putting together a guide for other outdoor training venues in the
>Melbourne area to help fill in the winter gap.

Like this?

4:31:39 PM
On 1/04/2010 dalai wrote:
>Like this?

It is good to see the extensive, but quiet, behind the scenes hard work, paying off for the unsung authors of same, by finally getting some exposure that it well deserves.

Chuck Norris
11:38:33 PM
The only night (semi) lit free venue worth shaking a stick at is under the princes bridge on southbank.

I'm pissed that burnley will be closed as I've been loving the night sessions recently. Must be something about the night air that gives the delusion that you're not traversing plastic under a freeway next to a sewer.
10:01:34 AM
Another reprieve has been granted by virtue of slow moving bureaucracies. The Burnley Climbing Wall will now be closed on Tuesday 27 April 2010. More time to tick those projects. Enjoy.


2:46:38 AM
Cameron, ajfclark and I were at the Wall this afternoon, preparing for the upcoming closure. Filled a ute load with nearly everything from behind the walls, and started removing nuts and a few of the holds.

We also met with the Interface Manager for the Southern Link Upgrade Project, who explained they will be taking panels off the 2 overhanging walls, so they can put their scaffolding up through the wall framework. They will replace and make good the panels at the end of the project.

Next big day is Tuesday 27th, when they start putting the security fences up, and we take off the rest of the holds.

If you're free on Tuesday and would like to help take down the remaining holds let me know.


12:15:17 PM
Bit more background from Southern Link Upgrade project:

The Southern Link Upgrade project has a number of priorities when it comes to works under the Burnley Viaduct, namely yourselves, Bicycle Victoria, Parks Victoria and CityLink. Priorities for works to be completed in this section have been developed as follows:

Complete works defined as ‘Category A’, which consist of the two southern beams and defined crossheads;

Complete works defined as ‘Category B’ which are required to be cleared prior to the Yarra Trail being reopened;

Complete ‘Category B’ works between piers 12 and 13 which will allow the Burnley Climbing Walls 2 and 3 to reopen; and

Complete all remaining works to hand back the area to Parks Victoria, including reopening Burnley Climbing Wall 1.

Once works commence and we understand our productivities a little better we will be in a position to provide some anticipated dates for completion of the works defined above.
12:37:31 PM
One thing I would like to request is that they install lighting as part of the works.

Some areas of the cycle track are reasonably well lit but the area around the walls has less lighting than some adjacent spaces. A handful of lights would make the area useable during evenings, especially winter.

I expect that installing this while the scaffold is in place would be trivial. Can you take this up with them?

12:49:29 PM
Superb idea gfdonc

5:07:57 PM
Great idea indeed... Some form of lighting would be fantastic!

Chuck Norris
9:23:27 PM
Now the bike path light between the overhung walls works night sessions are pretty easy at the moment - I've been at night loads of times and rarely bother with a headtorch (even if its in the bag). I've hardly ever seen anyone else there at night and don't reckon it would change even if it was lit.

That said a bit more light would be welcome but don't think it needs much- repositioning the existing path light would do the job fine. If you really need each hold lit like a beacon how frickin hard is it to pack a headtorch or a lantern (I got an led one from krapmandu for 20 bucks tha lights the place up almost as good as day)

The reason noone is there at night in the middle of winter has nothing to do with lighting.

9:53:39 PM
Bollocks Stugang.. I was there last night and didn't see you! I know lots of people who train/attempt to train through winter with head torches to limited success. There is currently NO light on walls 2 and 3 post dusk.. you must have super powers? Your definiton of 'good as day' is quite different to us mere mortals!

I believe there are lots of people that lurk on this site that will agree more lighting is a good idea... ?

Chuck Norris
10:43:33 PM
Bullshit the light on the bikepath between wall 2 and 3 is working fine. As I said a bit more light would be welcome but I don't think it should be overdone. If there are sooo many people gagging for midnight winter sessions then why don't you all do that weird 20th century thing and organise to go at the same time. I'm sure you could all scrape together a few kopecks for a candle or two. Or is it that your schedules so fully booked that you can't possibly fit that in.

11:37:53 PM
I think more lighting would be a great idea. Even if it is only on during the non daylight saving period and perhaps set on a timer to turn off at a predetermined time eg. 10pm
8:15:11 AM
The last winter me and my trusty head lamp made great progress in the dark and cold. The friction was always good. After 9pm the road gets quiet and the cyclists disappear. Long cold solitary sessions are not everyone's cup of tea, certainly, but I loved them.

12:36:01 PM
Great suggestion gfdonc. You wouldn't be interested in joining the Burnley sub committee would you?

I've sent off a query, we'll see what turns up.
1:50:34 PM
Good news, thanks, and yes.

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