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Araps Rebolting / Kachoong Retrobolted!
9:49:58 AM
this is a joke... bash in another pin for the good of the climbing community ?!? Outrageously stupid. You only have to have a look at Red Rain Wall at gilhams to see why equipping routes with pins are a bad idea.

11:11:15 AM
The SCV forums were designed for this purpose - and have been used to discuss potential problems,
organize solutions and then publish reports of what has been fixed. There are hundreds of members of
these forums including most of the prominent new routers and developers in Victoria. I encourage the
NBF to use these forums!

11:19:46 AM
Neil, Are you saying the NBF are resposible for the Kachoong bolts? I presume he knows better?

Or are you just talking generally?

11:25:56 AM
I can only presume it is the NBF - but i have no direct contact with them. The photos of the bolts showed
AME rings glued in with Hilti HY150 glue - this is the same standard that the NBF bolters have used for
years. I also think 99% of rebolting work at Arapiles is by the NBF. Certainly SCV has done almost no
work at Arapiles - and work they have done is publicly listed on the SCV database and forums.

11:36:03 AM
How can you tell the glue from the photos?
I just would have thought that "x" person, would know better.... Maybe he has decieved me...
All I know is, it's not one of the anchors I have put in!

11:42:18 AM
...white glue smeared around the hole. Easy to identify.

12:10:01 PM
I must say I didn't look that closely!
12:49:12 PM
I'd be very surprised to learn that the NBF has anything to do with the Kachoong bolts. Do you really think they would mess with such an historical route? Unlikely. Hence the reason why they haven't touched the likes of Anxiety Neurosis etc. Previous discussions between those for and against the re-equipping of certain routes have taken place - with agreement made between both parties. Additionally - do you really think they would bother installing bolts to the photographer's ledge? Yeah right! Like they give a damn for that! The inclusion of 4 bolts on top - one pair with chains - would point to a school of abseilers more likely! If I'm wrong though - then perhaps one or two members have gone 'renegade'? It wouldn't surprise me - based on Weakboy's comment - it looks like they would be in good company... Either way - it's time the NBF made clear their intentions.

1:07:30 PM
This is sounding very "Life of Brian" and the People's Front of Judea. Renegade members of the NBF? Perhaps NB Fallen Fairies (NBFF)...

1:13:50 PM
There really is an extremely limited quanituty of people who are rebolting in Victoria. Its tough painful and
expensive work - most peopel can't be bothered. It is only a small handfull of people. I can't believe it can
be so 'secret' in a town such as Nati!
1:16:38 PM
When did the bolt in the traverse on orestes go in? I did it on the 2nd or 3rd of Jan this year and I didn't see it (though I wasn't expecting it to be there so maybe I missed it or maybe it's been chopped already, hooray). If indeed it is/was there, that would have to be a blatant retro-bolt as the pin that used to be there looked shitty enough to be ignored and there are other gear options on the traverse.

1:21:08 PM
On 18/01/2006 weakboy wrote:
>What we really need to do is come to a consensus on what is to be done.
>We cannot continue to place and remove bolts at random. We need to seek
>assistance on the placement of lower offs and replacing fixed gear rather
>than one person, or a few, making that decision for us as a whole. If we
>can reach an agreement before they are placed than we can save a lot of
>time, energy and cash replacing new bolts and than spending hours waxing
>lyrically about it on the internet. This goes for the removal as well.
>Who shoud decide? The comunity as a whole. We as climbers do not wholly
>own the rock and this sort of defacement could put our access at jeopardy.

1:28:56 PM
On 12/01/2006 BoaredOfTheRings wrote:

Resurrecting a thread from 6 years ago. These bolts were removed.

I did Kachoong recently and you had to look really hard to see where all the bolts and chains had been.

Neatly done by those nasty vandals and thieves know as the choppers. They hate our freedoms.
10:58:35 AM
On 19/04/2012 chalkischeap wrote:

>I did Kachoong recently and you had to look really hard to see where all
>the bolts and chains had been.

it's pretty obvious where they were but it's only a 5m walk to the rings above taste of honey so no big deal.

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