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Poll Option Votes Graph
Nothing... Silence is golden! 76
Punk Rock (Blink 182, Greenday) 4
Classic (Doors, AC/DC, Pearl Jam) 2
Dance Music 11
Chill Out ( Jack Johnson, sunday morning stuff.. ) 2
Rap/RīnīB (Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Fugees) 2
Reggae (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh) 4
A bit of Everything... 8

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Climbing Music?

4:24:40 PM
hmmm - talk about cliche! Doesn't every 'average' heavy metal guy just scream into a mike whilst some hairy guys hits drums as fast as he can and the gutairist just thrashes randomly at the strings? If you think hip hop is just bling bling then you are VERY un-educated musicly.

5:18:28 PM
how much heavy metal have u listoned to? only people who have not listoned to metal say that.

5:50:38 PM
huf! I am TRYING to point out that you are STEREOTYPING music types. Just like you think rap is only black guys talking about bling, other people think heavy metal is only about screaming. 'Back in the day' i used to be right into metal - Pantera, Sepultra, Iron Maiden ect. All I am saying is expand your mind, get out and give the 'other' music a chance. Crossover metal/techno groups like Nine Inch Nails are a good midway point to get started. Next time you go to the Big Day Out checkout the headline acts in the Boiler Room. It might open your eyes to why millions of people enjoy non-metal music.

6:14:21 PM
ok ok. point taken, but from what i've i have listoned to and what people have made me liston to in similar debates is (in my oppinion) that exact stereotype that i explained. i do like / appreciate other music, Enya, Simon & Garfunkal (spelling??), but some or a lot of the "popular" music that's on the charts these days is complete commercial trash so that's why i don't bother trying to sift through it all to find a good group. so yes i am close minded but i do try to appreciate good music.
ahah i just got into Sepultura and Iron Maiden not quite so into Pantera but ther still good!

6:22:58 PM
stereotypes aside, i have to say that hip hop comes across to me as 10% inspiration, 10% cliche, 80% self promotion.

they spend so much time talking about how good they are, who the people in the group are and "do you love your hip hop" and "put your hands in the air" that its hard to remember if there was anything else they were on about. its basically attitude and brand name most of the time.

I saw 4 hip hop acts at the Falls Festival, each one without fail went through the whole "is the party in the left? is the party on the right?" routine, followed by repeated introductions of all the members of the group, who the group was and why they were so good (can you think of any other style where the chorus of a song is about the group itself?). of course the form of an act is all part of the style, but it all seems like such a parody and self imposed stereotype. different styles are great but i find hip hop way too self-indulgent.

the one exception was De La Soul, they were just genuine good times party music without the cliche. funny that they were the only group that were from the original american hip hop scene, rather than international derivatives.

7:04:58 PM
On 26/05/2005 nmonteith wrote:
A good turn-tablist
>can be mind blowing to watch - and a good MC free styling to a crowd it
>simply amazing. I appricate all styles of music - rather than dissing each
>others tastes - go out and get a feel for the 'other' side.

DJ Dopellganger for instance?

9:14:12 AM
It's hard to see Dopellganager when you have to wade through all the groupies!

9:38:25 AM
Well only the other week I attended the performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute. Hmmm very unmetal of me. I listen to a lot of European Power Metal where there are quite a few tertiary trained musicians in the bands. Outside of jazz (oh I listen to that as well) I haven't seen much of that. As for music styles I don't like, I don't like but I'm not going to pay someone out for listening to it as Dunc has. I'm also quite happy to appreciate talent when I see it even if I don't like the music style.

10:33:26 AM
I am kind of shocked and dismayed that with all the dredging out of classic metal bands that Kiss, probably the biggest glam rock/ metal band never got a mention....
another long forgotten 80's act .. cinderella
Jeff Beck ... guitar shop, great album
Ozzy Osbourne... when Randy Rhodes was playing guitar
other classics that we sang played air guitar or banged our heads to
ZZ Top... la grange
Rose Tattoo... bad boy for love
Lynyrd Skynard... sweet home alabama
Steve Earle ... copperhead road
Australian Crawl.... boys light up
Stevie Wright Evie part 1 thru to 99
And who could forget Queens Bohemain Rhapsody
or drunkenly staggering around to Hunters & Collecters - throw your arms around me
eagerly awaiting the chorus of am I ever gonna see your face again, the angels...
getting pumped with the Oils ...U.S Forces
I am getting flashbacks of the Roxy in brisbane back in 87... so best stop now and go make a coffee
10:57:21 AM
On 27/05/2005 Garrath wrote:
>I don't like but I'm not going to pay someone
>out for listening to it as Dunc has.

I didn't pay anyone out. I merely said metal was choss. Thats cool though, I listened to crap music when I was a teenager too.

11:09:58 AM
oops sorry Tel, how could we forget Ace, Gene and all the rest. I always enjoyed an Angels concert, though I can't beat a couple of climbing buddies from Canberra who between them have seen them about 30 times. NO WAY, GET F@@KED, F#@K OFF.

Hey Duncan just what do you listen to?

11:13:46 AM
come on spill it, give in and tell us. are u a punk boy? it that why u don't want to tell us? or is it something worse?
11:25:01 AM
On 26/05/2005 anthonyk wrote:
>they spend so much time talking about how good they are, who the people
>in the group are and "do you love your hip hop" and "put your hands in
>the air" that its hard to remember if there was anything else they were
>on about. its basically attitude and brand name most of the time.

the '15 Oz' complication (15 yrs of Australian hip-hop, '88-'03) is SO funny in this regard... 15 yrs of Oz
hip-hoppers talking about how they're better than all the others dj's & how they've been round for longer
than all the other dj's (before hip hop was cool of course!). way cheesy, but the tunes are very funky...

8:44:08 PM
Go Franky! I'm definitely in agreement my friend, definitely in agreement. Here's what I think we should sing next time we're out dude, who needs a stereo when you've got me anyway???

To "I've got you under my Skin"

You're digging into my shin
You're digging into me with your key
So deep in my skin, that it's nearly a part of me
You're digging into my shin

I've tried so not to give in
I've said to myself this abuse, it all can go right to Hell
But why should I try to resist, when baby I know more than well
You're digging deep in my shin.

I've tried to tell you it hurts with all my might,
Must be a malfunction deep in your ear,
That's right, I gave a warning that came as a bite
And the taste repeats like a beer!

Don't you know you fool, you never can win
Use your mentality, wake up to reality
Coz each time you jab, I just add a stab
That I plan to place in you skin
Coz you're digging into my shin!

By the Tav meister. I'll work out words to My Way by Frostbites hun. I reckon 'hat shall we do with a drunken sailor's the best. Coz of course you have to go through all 52 verses, and of course then there's 'My girl's a corker' and 'I feel shitty' (that's my version of I feel pretty'...You gotta be able to rope dance to it, go dirty by christina aguilera, and when in doubt chuck on Mozart's requiem and sing along with the dies irae or the kyrie....
3:14:28 PM
On 27/05/2005 sabu wrote:
>come on spill it, give in and tell us. are u a punk boy? it that why u
>don't want to tell us? or is it something worse?

i think you've scared Dunc away, perhaps he's ashamed of his music tastes, here duncy dunc, here ducny dunc, no need to be shy.
3:53:27 PM
Scared? Ashamed? Hardly.

Your suggestion that punk is bad merely shows your ignorance. The punk I listen to is by bands such as the clash, operation ivy and h-block 101. Blink 182 haven't done anything worthwhile since dude ranch, greenday remain listenable in a pop-rock kinda way (their last "punk" offering was probably insomniac). I've never heard any offspring I like.

In terms of what I listen to, here's a bit of a list: ska, punk, reggae, dub, dancehall, mento, funk, soul, house, breaks, big beat, hip-hop, turntablism, trip hop, electro/electronica, booty tech, jazz, nu-jazz, swing, disco, a little bit of rock and all the various mixtures and permutations of these.

4:17:08 PM
*GASP* he spoke!
i'll try resist a rebuttle instead i'll tell a funny story relating to punks:
at my school ther are a few punks (mainly in year 12) that own a wealth of knowledge about the genre etc. then ther is this little kid (about year 9) that also loves punk however he loves Good Charlette. so on casual clothes day he dressess up in full "hardcore" style, (long hair in full spikes, make up (yes make up, on a boy at school, go figure)) so at lunch he goes up to the year 12's and tries to be in with their group, one of them says in a interested, keen voice, "hey do u like good charlette?" so of course the kid responds very keen and happy that he had made a connection "yes" the year 12 responded "F#CK OFF!"
finnally a special message to our good friend Dunc: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:16:09 AM
tone the personal attacks down folks.

9:44:22 AM
An impressive list Duncan. Some of which I like (punk, reggae, jazz and of course a little bit of rock) but no Mozart tsk tsk tsk. I am curious, most of the rest I know or can guess but what is mento and booty tech?

9:48:17 AM
well i listen to music for the actual SOUND, MELODY etc that music has. everyone who knows me knows i have no specific genre taste. i like songs cos they inspire me, are played at the right time at the right place or have some significance to my own life. I like stuff from Blink 182, Greenday, In Flames, Maroon 5, Evermore, themesongs, old songs from like grade 6 that bring back memories (spice girls all the way lol).

you don't have to listen to ALL the music from a typical group cos of the image they reflect, and the type of music you listen to doesn't necessarily reflect the person you are. Excluding Tav's little song above - that says a lot hehe. When climbing i can get into almost anything cos i let it inspire me and every piece of music has some art in it nomatter what the style. (as much as i dislike most techno tracks)

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