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Scream of Stone

12:10:36 PM
I just found a DVD in a shop this morning called Scream of Stone, Starring Stefan Glowacz of Lord of the Rings fame (thats the climb not the movie) and Donald Sutherland (Hello!). This is about an old school mountaineer and a young hotshot sportclimber racing to be the first to climb Cerro Torre. Walking past the rack, I noticed a certain climb on the front of the DVD - which must have been relocated to South America since I was last at Arapiles - I thought 'hmm... this just has to be worth the $4.99 they are asking for it'.

Mike I'll write up a full review shortly on just how they manage to tie Kachoong, AND lake Toolondo to Patagonia - that is once I stop laughing.

UPDATE - review now in the Reviews Section

2:22:53 PM
Funny thing, I've been looking to find a copy of this for a while now. A couple of Chilean friends of mine told me about it, but have been unable to locate a copy of it. It was directed by Werner Herzog, he directed many classic films over the years. I would love to get a copy of this, or atleast borrow a copy.

3:10:34 PM
“Quickly, we need to climb this three meter roof to get the medicine to the orphanage on the other side of the mountain and save the world from the evil clutches of the rebellion. All while leaving time for some moral conundrums, a love interest and some cheesy one liners.”
I love climbing fiction. Kachoong can magically reach South America, you can jump gaps of 20 meters at high altitude and a bolt gun can become useful while two people are soloing up the same route.

3:26:21 PM
As difficult as it is to admit this, I started climbing after I saw 'Cliffhanger', there is some decent climbing footage in amongst it

Another well worn classic is 'The Eiger Sanction', starring Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy. From mid 70's.

5:01:34 PM
blimey! a climbing movie by werner herzog! he's amazing. where the hell did you find that?

5:03:34 PM
I even created the classic scene of the Eiger sanction, on top of the second sister, when I dragged my non climbing mate up west wall with a couple of beers in his pack without him knowing it.

Its when the clint and george are out climbing, and Clint has to "solo" up a chimney while being on top rope???...absolute classic. Just after that george cracks out the beers at the top...Ive based my whole climbing career on that movie.

5:25:47 PM
and reinhold messner wrote the story (not the script) for herzog. good cred if you ask me.
1:36:13 PM
Speaking of 'Climbing' movies, did any one see 'The Mountain' a few weeks ago. Robert Wagner in his prime, scenes of older brother wanging in pitons, younger brother unable to do the move - without using the pilar immediately behind him. Ethics in movies, pure and simple, beautifull.
2:14:54 PM
Deadpoint, that was a classy flick.
2:16:29 PM
Umm, isn't it Mitre Lake in the background? Toolondo is way over in the Western Grampians and I don't think it is visible from Araps.

4:56:30 PM
You are right Bill - however I was referring to an obscure boating scene from the moofie where the 'tormented young sportclimber' floats along in a boat among the dead trees on lake Toolondo after soloing Kachoong (as you do). Might have to donate this one to the VCC library or for a video night at one of the VCC meetings.

Yep - I did see that Mountain movie a few weeks back, aiding up on dodgy pitons through a roof, falling through snow bridges - lovely stuff.
5:21:34 PM
Older brother taking the blame for his younger brothers, evil, capitalistic deeds - I just could not stop watching it...

6:05:46 PM
On 12/10/2004 shaggy wrote:
>Funny thing, I've been looking to find a copy of this for a while now.

Yo Shaggy. I saw a copy last week in a second hand CD/DVD store on Chapel St Prahran. I can't remember the name, but its almost directly opposite 'Comics r us', and about 1 block north of the Bendigo Bank.
Unless this is where Rupert got his, you might still be in luck. It was selling for a similarly astronomical figure...


9:43:59 PM
Nah picked mine up at Norflands mate so Chapel street should be safe. Next time I'm up there I can 'arks' em if they have any more.

BTW, I Posted a review on this a couple of days ago:

Love to know what others think of it.

9:38:05 PM
I picked up a copy for a mere $3.99 from sanity in Epping plaza. I belive they have a few more for those interested.

10:46:24 PM
as in epping near carlingford?

8:28:05 AM
as in epping in melbourne i would presume.

10:02:42 AM
Epping, northern suberb of melbourne.

10:08:54 PM
$3.99? I was robbed.

12:53:01 PM
on the plus side
herzog is into 'reality'
wide shots:
he points the camera and presses the button and so a lot of his fillums resonate to the pitch of the subject as he lingers on them doing what they do.
wonderful footage of the montain in question, ice climbing where it doesn't interfere with the drama, the dreamlike arapiles sequence, where the sounds of our avian fauna, the flatnes of the wimmera setting and the incongruity with the rest of the fillum (and beta for the one person who likes climbing, lives in victoria and hasn't yet climbed kachoong) gave me the feeling of getting my money's worth.
and the scene soon after where the hero and the love interest share a bed and the solo kachoong shot are in a poster on the wall behind.
the biggest drawback is that the 'scenes' as in 'scene selection' are very long, so it takes a little time to get to the money shots.
you can imagine where the film will go wrong.
and it does.
pisses on 'vertical limit'

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