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Upcoming info sessions on Arapiles/Tooan SP
6:56:03 AM
Cross-posting for the benefit of those not monitoring other sources:

Parks Victoria and Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) have been undertaking assessments of known registered rock art sites in Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park and surrounds. Recent rediscoveries near known rock art sites provide further insight to the connection that Traditional Owners have to these lands that they have occupied for thousands of years.
(Online information sessions Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th October).

9:59:33 AM
Yes, that's a legitimate link to a web view of a Parks email, not some other dodginess even though it looke like it....
11:33:22 AM
Yes, sorry, was in a rush and didn't trawl for the actual info page. Actually, can't find one on the Parks website.

3:51:44 PM
On 14-Oct-2020 gfdonc wrote:
>Cross-posting for the benefit of those not monitoring other sources:
Thanks for this gfdonc, as the older I get the less I use look at me, look at me, err, facelook? etc... as I find that life’s too short to cut out ‘real living’!!
Heh, heh, heh.
8:34:03 AM
Yes I'm not a regular user either. Sometimes in catching up with friends they complain they sent me a FB message weeks ago and I never replied.

1:53:41 PM
So us Melbournians are now STILL stuck in lockdown with no end in sight. STILL no prospect of going climbing, hiking or doing anything even remotely adventurous outdoors, and now we're all about to be hit with massive climbing bans at Arapiles??? I've just had it after today's announcement of never ending lockdown from the government. No disrespect to traditional owners, absolutely wanting to see indigenous culture preserved and looked after, but Parks Vic are just stringing out and exploiting this situation. It seems like bans are imposed at the drop of a hat with no consultation, then bureaucrats just sit on their backsides with no intention of reviewing the situation or trying to find a genuine compromise.
9:19:18 AM
I've heard a rumour that climbing bans are being considered for Mount Alexander and Camels Hump. Anybody heard anything about those?

11:27:14 AM
Reading between the lines on this announcement, it sounds like the land council (representing TOs) seems to be agreeing not to take action over all of the damage that has happened historically, in return for some sort of plan moving forward.
This is exactly what is supposed to happen - TOs have a stick to hit PV with for poor management.

It will be interesting to see whether the plan includes climbing restrictions. To some TOs, climbers are exactly the same as tourists trampling all over Ayers Rock. A bunch of drunk hobos in the Pines don't really scream "responsible land users". It's only when they get to know us, and see all the love and care that have been given to crags over the years, that they will understand that we have a strong bond to the place.

The optimist in me hopes it's more likely that the TOs of Djurite (Arapiles) have a better understanding of climbing. Climbers are only a very minor user group in the Grampians, whereas we dominate at Djurite.
11:33:29 AM
On 19-Oct-2020 BA wrote:
>I've heard a rumour that climbing bans are being considered for Mount Alexander
>and Camels Hump. Anybody heard anything about those?

Have sent you a PM BA.

5:59:45 AM
Is that rumour credible? We are running out of climbing options in Vic!
6:52:08 AM
I don't have any climbing options within 25km, unless you count bluestone walls. Or maybe Plenty Gorge?
4:51:33 PM
Beans were spilled this afternoon.
Are you calm, and not too adversely affected by COVID lockdown.
Otherwise perhaps not read on.

.. several attempts later ..

Unfortunately Chockstone thinks the link is suspicious input, so you'll have to find today's Parks announcement about Arapiles bans online elsewhere.

The Plaques, Castle Crag, Tiger Wall, Black Ian’s Rocks – all banned.

6:05:41 AM
Will there be a line up to do Trapeze on Monday?

8:05:17 AM
I would assume further bans to come as the investigations progress ? I wonder how much of the park has been surveyed this time around. Wikipedia notes that no less than 42 aboriginal archaeological sites were discovered in a 1992 survey. I hope some degree of harmony can be achieved.

5:21:11 PM
On the ABC today

Signs banning climbing go up next week.

Clearly there has to be some sort of balance here, suggest emailing the minister Lily D'Ambrosio to lobby for an equitable solution before we lose a world class rock climbing venue which has brought thousands of people from across the world into our community.

7:06:07 AM
Maps are on a pdf on the parks victoria Arapiles page.

Link not accepted by Chockstone

9:13:55 AM
/me waves his Chockstone wand...

Images extracted from the pdf ( ):

Tiger wall, Bard Buttress, Fang Buttress, Plaque Area:

Pharos Boulders:

Chicken Boulder:

Castle Crag:

Dec Crag:

1:55:46 PM
Hi Cepuscular, I hear your frustration. I'm a 30 year+ Labor voter who will change at the next election and encourage all my friends to do the same. It is an outrage that climbing on Tiger wall may be banned.

White Trash
2:27:16 PM
On 24-Oct-2020 Groveller wrote:
>Hi Cepuscular, I hear your frustration. I'm a 30 year+ Labor voter who
>will change at the next election and encourage all my friends to do the
>same. It is an outrage that climbing on Tiger wall may be banned.

Looking at the map extent in the corner of the whole area, I can hear the decision makers voicing sentiment like what’s wrong with them, there’s heaps left...
3:01:14 PM
Syrinx the Bard Oedipus ch weed Checkmate Resignation- even CAmelot. Just a few of what will be gone to us

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