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Covid 19 Affect on climbing?

Duang Daunk
4:10:02 AM
On 2-Apr-2020 E. Wells wrote:
>So its been here for four months , given the glut of real science (mostly
>acheived in the 90s) showing that exposure to electromagnetic radiation
>damages dna and renders lymphocytes useless , the very thing our immune
>system needs to be resilient to a virus. Every body hoard in one small
>area and drench yourselves in microwaves. Someone in the ocean told me
>yesterday we were only supposed to be there for one hour. Hmmm. Good science.
>Good logic. Another winner from the Govt. that was complicit with Port
>Arthur , Iraq (the first time) , 9/11 (the "laws" they are using now),
>Afghanistan, Syria, Woodside/Timor, The Christchurch firewalls etc the
>list goes of course they have everyones best interest in mind.
>Thats why whilst Im being told to not be in the ocean for over an hour,
>the god damned TAB is still open. Stay Connected.

You sound surprised.
Didnít you know itís an essential service bro?
One Day Hero
2:48:26 PM
Wow, I can't tell if Ev is really into this stuff or just very deep in a made up persona. Either way, what's the conspiracy theories about Port Arthur and Christchurch? Haven't heard of those.
7:55:37 PM
donít know whatís going on with evan but time to be more forceful?
Donít be a tool like the trail bike rider who fell off over the weekend and made us use up precious masks shields , gowns and a bed so we could fix his shoulder today. He didnít like to hear that we just tubed a patient with COVId in Intensive care or that there was another emergency call on the ward for a suspected COVID.
Donít be a tool and come to the mountains to climb because you think you are going to go to an obscure crag like everyone , hike in, slip and fracture your ankle and then use up our resources bc you didnít STAY AT HOME.!
We are working 7 days a week , all of us working well into the night trying to figure out how to FIGHT this. If we donít stay at home , my colleagues and I will be forced to choose WHO LIVES and WHO DIES. I NEVER want to do that. so PLEASE, FFS , STAY AT HOME
11:45:30 AM
A Horsham focussed perspective:

E. Wells
12:15:29 PM
So the person that didnt expose themselves to the virus is to be vilified over the person that did , probably by being in a confined space and having weak immunity (#premorbidity). I was called in from the surf yesterday by two Nazis in blue. By the time I had cut myself up coming in where they pointed me to go they were busy ruining the life of the nicest old guy who was isolating himself from unsavoury housemates in Balina. They had thought his van was mine. Being completely mistrustfull of this brainwashed society of do-gooder asswipes I had obviously parked somewhere further away. All my food and water is from my local area. I would be in zero physical proximity with people save the hoards out walking their dogs. So the police told me I could get attacked by bullsharks. Massive suprise , a statement of fear coming from the fun police. Meanwhile tradies are everywhere , people are everywhere , and you know what? Aside from 5g masts going up like mad and roadworks to put new overhead tolling and surveillance still chugging along (essential services) many people are coughing . I reckon heaps of people have this years strain of Wuhan flu. Its even worse than 1997! This poor surfer bloke (who wasnt coughing but did smoke which is digusting) must've taken the bullet for me by approaching his own van , and copped an enormous fine because he isnt bowing to the illogical.

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