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Off-topic: Climbers who ride MOTORbikes.

12:52:52 PM
On 1/02/2011 hangdog wrote:
>I hope thats not your road bike.I know 2 guys who have had to replace uninsured
>bikes after dropping them at Eastern Creek.

It is, but it's a 2001 model and only worth a few grand, not much more than what a lot of people spend on a track hack anyway. There are dudes out there every time on brand new Ducatis and such - I've even seen a $40k MV Agusta!

9:21:28 PM
On 1/02/2011 tnd wrote:
> There are dudes
>out there every time on brand new Ducatis and such - I've even seen a $40k
>MV Augusta!

Insure bike.
Crash bike on track.
Take bike home in trailer.
Don't tell insurance company you crashed bike on track.

I'm sure it must happen all the time?

11:38:10 PM

>Insure bike.
>Crash bike on track.
>Take bike home in trailer.
>Don't tell insurance company you crashed bike on track.
>I'm sure it must happen all the time?

It does and in my mates case he admitted the crash was at the track but on a honda ride day. Although his insurance policy covered him for this (Ride day not track day) it took 3 mths to get paid out and only with threats of legal action did they finally pay up. They also sent an investigator to interview him for 5 hours (no kidding).He was asked to provide phone records witnesses the lot. Now imagine they request your phone records and you are ringing your mate from eastern creek at the same time as your are apparently cruising the old road. They can request the records from Ride day organisers. Insurance companies have what they call fraud indicators and a bike crashing may well trigger these indicators and they will send an investigator out to check on the claim. If they find out the truth it will become a Police matter. Simple!

8:45:46 AM
That's right. For a large claim they could require a police report, so you end up having to lie - in writing - to the cops. Not smart.

9:55:19 AM
Given that the rules have changed in Nsw regarding what were previously called repairable write offs there should be more bikes available as track bikes

8:37:21 PM
~> I have just realised that my safety gear for riding motorcycles is not rated for car shrapnel...

9:06:53 PM
(Over on the Stoked Thread mikllaw wrote;)
On 14/08/2011 mikllaw wrote:
>On 26/07/2011 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>>Stoked about Cadel Evans winning the treadly TourDeFrance.
>>Stoked about Casey Stoner winning the Laguna MotoGP.
>but which one is a sportman?
>I am a m/c racer from way back and it's intense and sweat soaked, but I always wondered if it was sport.

It is possibly more an attitude thing than not?

If it is done for a living then that can detract from the pure fun aspect of doing it, due to the need to perform/win.

With apologies to the trad vs sport climbing arguments, some might say that if you can die doing it (m/c in this case), then it is not a sport??

If Evans or Stoner consider themselves sportsmen, then I would be happy to accept their version of it!
9:04:52 AM
Here's my ride, a 1982 V50iii. Everyone should have a beautiful 29 year old Italian in their life.

11:23:48 PM
On 18/08/2011 TonyH wrote:
>Here's my ride, a 1982 V50iii. Everyone should have a beautiful 29 year
>old Italian in their life.
Moto Guzzi's version of a cross between a Triumph Bonny and a BMW?
Hmm, a 49 riding a 'nekked 29', how smooth is that! Heh, heh, heh.

500cc V Twin with a shaft drive; ~> nice bike, ... as tnd says above:
>Two cylinders are all you need!

9:34:29 PM
>Hmm, a 49 riding a 'nekked 29', how smooth is that! Heh, heh, heh.
>500cc V Twin with a shaft drive; ~> nice bike, ... as tnd says above:
>>Two cylinders are all you need!

LOL. As smooth as.... well, I don't know - something really smooth!

It is a nice bike, thanks for appreciating it M9.

1:42:56 PM
~> A call out to the sub-genre of motorcycling climbers...

I will be riding to Blue Waterholes for some adventure style new routing, or at minimum, clarification of any existing routes.

Date is yet to be fixed, but sometime in 2nd half of Oct has been suggested, ie the weekend after Phillip Island MotoGP, or later!

This place is located amidst some of the best riding country Australia has to offer, however the last 25 km (guessed distance), into it from Long Plain direction (west from Yarrangobilly), is normal car type gravel road. For those who are dirt inclined, this can be lengthened by coming up from the south via the alternative Tantangara Dam direction.

If coming from Canberra direction and looking for dirt, I understand that there may be permission required to pass (maybe locked?) gates on the link track that goes through private property, that has public tracks meeting front and back boundary of same.

For the tar road enthusiasts, why not make a loop of it via the many excellent alternatives, from pretty much any direction you come from?

Who is up for a ride weekend, with any climbing done as a bonus extra?

PS; If coming from south or west of Buffalo direction you can break the journey/s by over-nighting at my place for an early start the next day if you wish, though at this stage I am seriously considering making it a long weekend ride to get the most out of the climbing to be had.
Happy to go with the flow...

This is the campsite at Blue Waterholes.

Standard NP&WS affair; thunderbox pit toilet, picnic tables, wood BBQ (bring your own wood). I am not sure about water supply, though it has been a wet winter and the creeks will be flowing...

5:11:00 PM
Rod, I might be keen in risking the Honda on unsealed roads, but I think early November would work better for me.

1:03:47 PM
On 31/01/2011 voodoo wrote:
>Here's a piccie of my iron horse... the biffer. Don't see a lot of them about here - quite popular in Europe, though.

I am not familiar with the term biffer in context of motorcycles.

The bike looks great.
What brand/model is it?

1:15:24 PM
On another thread on 29/09/2011 rodw wrote:
>I reckon bells line of road would be a hoot on a bike.

M9 replied;
>>~> Not if one obeys the legal speed limits imposed on that road. ;-)
>(They annoyingly frequently change zoning too, and it seem you just get settled and the zone changes again. They are all unrealistically low for 'fun' riding...)

rodw replied;
>Much better then the great western highway..once past Bilpin its very
>constant to bell......also since when has "Fun" riding been within speed
>limits anyway on most roads.

Agree that it would be better than Gt Western.
Re 'fun'; Chocky is a family Forum, so I am adhering to convention in my posts for respectability of site!
~> It is also why I like hills/corners, as one can be going 'fast' and still be somewhat closer to the legal limits!

On another thread 29/09/2011 tnd wrote:
>Ask Mikl to tell you the story of losing his pillion passenger riding
>his Ducati home on Bells Line from The Freezer.

Yes, that is a good value yarn! ... I will see if I can dig up a quote of it.

Post edit.
~> Here it is. (I found it on this thread)!

10:35:08 PM
The Adventure Travel Film Festival is to be held in Bright (NE Vic) 24-26 February 2012.
A good event and chance for riders to get involved in some informal road and trail rides over the weekend in a biking paradise.

Bike adventurers Austin Vince and Lois Pryce are coming out from the UK to host the event. and

The festival is a celebration of adventure travel and aims to inspire people to undertake interesting journeys and record them on film. The festival will be held 24-26th February 2012 in Bright in the heart of the Victorian Alpine region.
Support has been secured from the Alpine Shire who will be providing a cinema, promotion, areas for sponsors and an outdoor starlight screening venue. Bright Brewery will also help host the event.

You can find out further information at
and on Facebook page - Adventure Travel Film Festival Australia
or you can also follow on Twitter @ausadvtravfest

They already have obtained some great biking films with more in the pipeline.

Further info from another website...

Adventure Travel Film Festival
Just heard about this .
From the Bikesales website I add the following: "The motorcycle films will include Cycles South (1971), Going the Distance (2010), Motosyberia (2007) and The Rugged Road (1935) the latter about two English women who set off from London to ride to Cape Town in a motorcycle sidecar outfit pulling a trailer." Apparently Cycles South features a stoned nude dirt bike scene.
Sounds like a lot of fun and its in Bright in Northern Vic High Country which is lovely and a great ride, only problem some stupid #@$% has organised it on the Superbikes weekend! Oh the humanity!!

Tickets for the weekend are available at the website ($65 for the whole weekend)

Plus they have three Australlian adventure heroes confirmed as well...

Jon Muir
Tim Cope
Alby Mangels (he's back)

They are thinking about getting someone to do a road kill cook out!

Any questions just call 0413 290 047 or mail

10:52:21 PM
Different topic.
I was talking to HB on the Australia Day w/end. ~> It turns out that he and Geoff G have set the record for an ascent of the hill, from the old ranger entry-station at base to Buffalo Chalet at 13 minutes* in a car...

Blerrie Heck, that is fast!
I pushed a bit (but left some sane reserve), going downhill on the bike, but still caught some down-time behind a couple of cars and clocked 18 minutes. I reckon I could knock off another minute (max), for the cars; ... so no way am I going to reset their record!

(*Was not long after the fires, and they had good line of sight for oncoming traffic as a consequence, at late evening hour on a non-busy traffic day).

5:13:13 PM
Sick of climbing, climbing, climbing, and want a change of pace for a weekend? Heh, heh, heh

~> Then why not fire up the m/cycle and head for the 43rd Alpine Rally?

Details as follow;

9th - 11th June 2012

43rd Alpine ~ NSW / ACT.
Australia's longest running rally is in the bush this year at Brindabella Valley on the eastern side of the Goodradigbee River, approx 8 kms south from the Canberra-Tumut road.
(The property entrance is about 6km south of the bridge over the Goodradigbee River, and the campsite is located at -35.437622,148.720733 )

$16 / $20.
Prepaid entries close 28th May.
Henning Jorgensen
0406 381 247 or Laos +856 020 9994 352 or email

The three youngest riders under 22 years of age will have their entry fee refunded.

All motorcyclists (no cars please) are invited to attend one of the best rallies in Australia.
Bring some memorabilia to share, and a towel for the hot bath!

Back to basics, usual rally activities, with presentations 9 am Sunday.

I have been to it a number of times in the past*, and probably have some posts on this thread that will give an idea of what is involved if anyone is interested and cares to look back.

[*WW&S managed to break my five year run (in 2008) with attending it, by conning me to share his campfire at Araps on a wet long weekend! ~> but that was good too, and even involved some climbing! Heh, heh, heh.]

3:07:12 PM
And be careful out there. One of the guys I work with saw a young man kill himself on his bike in Horsham on Monday night. A real waste.
5:09:24 PM
Replying to an old post - tnd, I used to belong to svdownunder forum, and raced my SV650 for a couple of seasons with St George MC - great fun!
5:14:31 PM
M9 - if you ever do another one of these, I'd be keen. I used to go climbing with my bike in Japan - take my camping gear & light rack, and meet other climbers at the campsites.

Am back in Sydney, and just bought a very lightweight tent so that I can do this again here in Aus. Would love to do some riding / camping / easy trad climbing around NSW (Blue Mountains, Point Perp, ACT-area granite, open to anything a little adventurous.



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