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spamming Chockie
11:45:27 PM
I don't really consider myself a part of this community as I come from a different state.
Many of the conversations that go on here mean nothing to me as they are about local places that I have no knowledge of.
But I do visit here most days and what I have observed lately, is that Chockie is becoming an E-bay style clearing house.
I have no problem with climbers on selling gear that they no longer use, but lately there has been a growing amount of brand new members, with no posts other than 'buy my new crap'.

It's my opinion that this never-ending and growing phenomenon, does not really add anything to what is a board about climbing.
I would personally like to see a new user not allowed to post for sale items unless they have reached a certain number of posts that are not sale related.
Either that, or a commercial section be set up where these people can go about what is a 'business', but that it doesn't show up on the front page, only when you actually go to the forum topics.

What do others think?
Do you want three out of ten posts on the front page to be 'buy my shite' ?
Or do you want to keep the place climbing related?

salty crag
7:47:48 AM

8:18:07 AM
9:01:49 AM
Looking forward to reading the 10 meaningless posts that people put up just so they can sell their set of new BD cams
9:07:55 AM
the aussie bike forum (can't remember site) has this policy. can't sell anything without ongoing existence on the forum unless you have mod approval.
not a bad thing really.
9:13:21 AM
I find the main page list of current forum posts rarely exceeds a few days. Therefore I cant see how the selling posts really are at present causing much of a problem. They just don't seem in the way.

9:17:57 AM
Don't like the "commercial section" idea, I think its clear enough already if a topic is stuff for sale related. The no sales without x posts thing sounds really good but I cant see how you are going to enforce it. Sounds like more work for the mods.

1:41:04 PM
As a Sydney-sider I come here because the NSW forums are essentially dead. As a result I find it a bit weird when people say that the way forward on Chocky is less activity here.

I also don't see how people selling equipment to other members of our community is a bad thing. If anything this is a beneficial thing for our community. The avenues for buying gear in Australia is already pretty limited, and a bit of choice is always a nice thing (as is the opportunity for a bargain). And the fact that buying and selling has its own forum means that it's not in your face - those that are interested can go looking for it, those that aren't can steer clear.

And most of the posts here don't fit the label of spam anyway. They are specifically directed at members of this community. Spam for me tends to simply advertise something for sale on another site (eg "Here's a link to my ebay sale of cams. Bid on it with everyone else in the world.") Sales here tend to me much more personable, where you negotiate a sale with someone by PM or direct email - this to me is not spammy.

2:03:26 PM
On 7/12/2010 voodoo wrote:
>Sales here tend to me much more personable, where you negotiate a sale
>with someone by PM or direct email - this to me is not spammy.

Sale here tend to be much more personal, where you rip shit out of someone for overpricing their stuff even though you have no intention on buying it anyway - this to me is entertainment.
2:21:57 PM
I really don't mind these posts. Sometimes, people have something interesting to sell. Now, does my daughter really need that down jacket ...?
2:27:17 PM
Heard it all "I'm getting it for my daughter"

4:28:27 PM
i don't think it's a problem, just skip those posts.

4:38:44 PM
Us mods are happy with the current system. Occasionally I have asked a few users about certain items for sale and for the most part they have been legitimate personal items. I haven't seen a big problem. There are a lot of lurkers on this site - so just because someone hasn't posted before doesn't mean they are not familiar with Chockstone.

Sarah Gara
10:55:18 PM
yeah just don;t look at the for sale bit. Unless you want something. I however never go in through the front page I just go straight to forums x
11:25:56 PM
I do come in by the front page, and that is what any new users are going to see.
How about not showing for sale on the front page?
2:42:40 AM
I consider myself a pretty big lurker on this site. I think I have 1 post in total, but regularly visit the site to read the forum, check gear for sale, tech tips etc - the forum is a wealth of information as it is others personal experience, not just generalities that you can find in any climbing book/manual. I dont believe having new users join just to sell gear detracts from this, it just broadens what chockstone has to offer. Also, it would be pretty shitty for the lurkers out there to have to go elsewhere to sell their gear if the "x posts before sale" was enforced.

personally I dont think there is a problem with the current set up - if I want to read posts about climbing in general I go to the general discussion section, if I want to look at gear for sale I go to the for sale section. Simple. on that note should this post be in the feedback section? I came here to read about climbing...

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