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Trangia knockoffs....
5:59:00 PM
There are a few trangia copies turning up on ebay that are VASTLY cheaper than the original......
Trangia Knockoffs

As the trangia is so simple i am guessing there is very little that they could screw up copying one......

Has anyone used one? Think they would be ok?

10:13:21 PM
yea i think you're right about them being so simple. might find issues with the coating of the pots or something like that.

10:35:10 PM
We have both a genuine trangia stove and a knockoff. Theyíre pretty much the same, and the knockoff probably cooks things quicker than the trangia.

9:04:01 AM
I despise my trangia - if your camping out your car, you want a big gas cooker ... if your trekking / mountaineering you need something compact that doesn't gobble up fuel ... trannies suck 'cause they are huge and they use up heaps of fuel, so you may pack light but you gotta pack ten kilos of fuel to last a milisecond of cooking ... what's worse is they don't work well in cold temps or at altitude and cooking takes forever, boiling water is impossible, and melting ice is a heartbreaking excercise after a 14 hour day on a mountain ...

are there any good msr rip offs?
9:27:24 AM
Trangias and there imitations are great when being used by children but thats where there use stops. Their shite in the cold, weigh a ton and take up a lot of space in your pack. I use an MSR dragon fly with shellite. I litre lasts 6 days for 3 people cooking brakfast and dinner including coffees.The Dragonfly will run on anything from metho to rocket fuel including unleaded petrol but shellite is best and cheap.The MSR pocket rocket is also pretty good due to its light weight.
If your real keen for the trangia thing annaconda sell their version for about $70 bucks but if you ask theyll usually knock a bit off, this comes with teflon plates and pan and after kids flogging it for a weekend ie; using steal forks to stir eggs etc, there wasnt a scratch in the teflon. Go figure.
10:01:53 AM
I also have a dragonfly, it just I'm getting a little sick of the whole jet engine effect that spreads over the entire Grampians every time i light it up.... that being said, it is awesome (i have a melted wind screen as proof of that) i just want some way to cook a meal or two in silence......

1:01:57 PM
i also use a dragonfly and like joemor am getting tired of the freight train coming through the wilderness every time i cook something. my girlfriend had a trangia when we first met. she pulled it out to cook and i laughed, she got the sh!ts, so we had a comp. i think i had finished eating my pasta and sauce before her water was even boiled! they are expensive but you can get cheaper msr with fewer adjustments. when i got my dragonfly it was the deluxe model. that may have changed.

1:12:29 PM
get the new MSR Reactor. Looks Sweet and the demo at SOTA was pretty impressive
1:13:54 PM
I still have my original MSR bought at Paddy's in 1978 when they were in Hardware St.
It has been buried in snow multiple times, generally used and abused and still works fine. I don't use it for car-camping though, so it mainly gets used on hiking trips.

A few years back I even bought a maintenance kit and replaced a few bits as a preventative measure.

I almost feel inclined to upgrade it just out of appreciation for MSR. Anyone used the Whisperlite?
6:07:40 PM
MSR Dragonfly is where it is at, sold my old trangia stove for beer money.

7:20:01 PM
yeah i own a whisperlite internation
it works pretty good
the only down sides are that there's no temperature control. it's pretty much off or blowtorch and the whole priming thing gets anoying sometimes but otherwise it cooks very fast and quite efficient.
i went for a 2 night hike and between 2 people we cooked both breakfast and dinner and it averaged out of about 100ml of shellite for a days breakfast and dinner so it was pretty good
11:50:17 PM
Whisperlite's are good, they burn as many weird & wonderful fuels as dragonflys. The trade off between a Whisperlight & Drangonfly is (1) quiet+no heat control; or (2) noisy+heat control.
9:17:08 AM
For crag food I'm in love with my jetboil PCS;
Its apparently quite gas efficient, but thats not why I like it.
It boils water quickly, but thats not why I like it.
Its 'reasonably' lightweight, but thats not why I like it.
Theres an optional coffee plunger for the caffeine addicts, but thats not why I like it.

What I like about the jetboil is this, the burner and the pot lock together and the pot is insulated, so you can easily move it, hold it while stirring, carry it etc even while its lit and heating (but not recommended for obvious safety reasons).

It packs down reasonably small and totally self-contained so it just gets lobbed in my climbing pack with the rest of the gear and you can happily be eating two minute noodles on bluff major.

The g/f has a spare jetboil cup so at camp we can cook two lots of food, then relax with a 1 litre insulated cup full of tea/coffee/milo while sitting round the campfire.

We dragged ours on a 3 month climbing roadtrip and the only complaint was that we broke the long slender ceramic insulator for the auto-ignition, so carry a cigarette lighter just in case.

8:25:19 PM
I use my Trangia when bushwalking because:
1. Itís quiet
2. Itís unbreakable
I never have any trouble with my Trangia when itís cold because I keep the fuel bottle in my sleeping bag at night. I do actually have an MSR stove as well but the fuel lineís always getting blocked and itís really loud, so itís been living in the shed for the past two years. For car camping I tend to use one of those $20 single burner stoves you can get from pretty much any hardware store or Aussie Disposals Ė reasonably small, easy to use, quiet, and cooks food quickly.

6:05:21 PM
I used my JetBoil for 3 or 4 months flat chat, I cooked more on my PCS than I did a stove inside a house. And it fell apart igniter head came off, and igniter thingo didn't work anymore... but wait, buy a repair kit and it's good as new.... Annoying but it was used and abused, I love it lots! And easily fixed :D

Note to all JetBoil Lovers: Do not put pot lids or bases on hot stove. Let that be a lesson to you all :)

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