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Pack suitable for Hiking and Carrying Rack

ShinToe Warrior
2:26:00 PM
Looking at purchase of One/two compartment Pack approx 75-85Lt. Canvas/Nylon/Cordura - whatever works well and is tough, and has a well made harness and back support/stays etc...
Considering Osprey Crescent 85lt
Macpac Torre/Glissade/Cascade
OnePlanet Sidetrack

I have done a search, eg:

, but people might have some fresh opinions and suggestions and there may be some new products I haven't discovered yet

2:33:15 PM
That's a very big pack by today's standards (unless you carry lots of stuff). Unless you are planning on doing high altitdude/remote expedition, you shouldn't need more than 60litres.

Is it for bushwalking only or will you use it for climbing (eg climbing with it on)?

Better options would include:

1) MacPac Ascent Classic
2) Osprey Exposure 60
3) Wilderness Equipment Alpine Express
4) Cactus Climbing DeepWinter

All of these are reasonably robust and suitable for strapping to the back of a donkey if need be.

If you have the $$$$ and can get your hands on one, the Arcteryx Bora's are mint.

3:02:29 PM
Yeah, I'd second JBM on the Macpac Ascent (Classic or modern), and the Cactus Deepwinter.
I've got a lot of respect for these Kiwi manufacturers (especially Cactus) - they make solid, no-nonsense kit.

Again, the point that was raised, it depends how big it does need to be.

ShinToe Warrior
4:13:30 PM
Ok, clarification. I want something I can go bushwalking/travelling with, or stuff a rack and a rope into.

Bigger pack does mean a tendency to carry more stuff, but I'm aiming to have any load secure and stable.

I already have a 60lt(?) cactus deepwinter (2002/3??) nice light pack, would be happy with it, but it only has a super-flexible plastic sheet in a pocket inside the main conpartment, and no aluminium stays etc. Any kind of heavy load ie climbing rack, which doesnt have the pack stuffed full, tends to mean it sags down & away from my back.
I guess I could just put a stouter sheet of plastic in the pocket to reinforce the thing and see how that goes....

I have no plans to do any climbing with a pack on my back, but if I did, I'd prob just use the deepwinter.

4:20:46 PM
i made a modification for my macpac rata 40L pack that works pretty well, although going to have a second go at it to make it lighter. might not be appropriate for your one tho if its a thin sheet of plastic.

in mine the pack came with a floppy foam insert in the back so didn't have much support. i took the foam piece out, similar to a square of closed cell sleeping mat foam, a bit lighter, and made a more solid frame in the same shape. take 2 thin-ish pieces of closed cell foam cut to the same size, a piece of wire to make a loop just a bit smaller than the foam, join the wire to itself so the loop is solid and sandwich the foam pieces together with the wire inside.

i used closed cell sleeping mat foam and 2 coat hangers in two overlapping loops to make the frame (shaped like [[]], with both loops about same size), is nice and solid, but think will make a second version with lighter materials, probably lighter foam and thinner wire, and just a single loop instead of two. its great cos can shape it a bit and otherwise is both supportive and (potentially) light. i joined the wire into a loop by twisting it around itself at the join and wrapping in tape.

5:43:22 PM
I used (and abused) and MAcpac Ascent XPD over 5 years taking it on weekly climbing trips, and around
the world on expeditions. I found it too small for everything required for alpine climbing. I always seem to
end up having to tie stuff to the outside - even on smaller NZ trips.

I now have a Macpac Torre which is bigger - but less functional as an alpine pack. It doesn't have clips
on the axe hodlers, and the lid is non extendable. The build quality of these packs was great (but this
was before they went OS)

6:29:36 PM
I've got an older Macpac Torre as well. Mine was the last of the old harness system before they moved to the current setup. Works for me, and it's more comfortable for me than the newer harness. But it's an individual thing.

The quality suffered for a little while when the packs went off-shore, but the more recent stuff I've seen is everywhere as bit as good as when it was made in NZ.

Nelio, if those flaws were an issue to you you could get the pack altered at Remote Repairs for not very much. The work they do is superb.

I've got an Arcteryx Bora 40 and the Torre. The Bora is *just* big enough for rope, rack, shoes, harness, water and some food. The Torre can take everything I can physically carry. If I could only have one pack it would be the torre, but there are times when it is total overkill for what needs to go in it.

6:37:27 PM
I actually got Remote Repairs to mod my Ascent to have a more beefier harness (i found it was way to
thin for 30kg+ loads). I still have my Ascent at home, the pack itself it totally destroyed (several large
holes from rockfall) but the harness system is still intact. Im just saving it for when i need a new harness
for the Torre!

8:04:21 PM
ditto - had a macpac torre for about 10 yrs, still in good nick except for harness which is almost worn out. very happy with it - simple and hardy. you don't have to fill it up every time but when you want the extra space its good to have it. Remote put gear loops on the waist belt for $16. Dunno about the new style harness tho.
only issue is that its quite heavy, particularly for alpine stuff, but I think a lighter one would be trashed by now.

12:55:43 PM
Man - you guys use big packs!

The biggest pack I have used (Alpine Climbing in Peru) has been the Ascent XPD. I had room to spare carrying kit and supplies to set up a high camp at 5500metres.

If you insist on looking for monster load carrier, checkout the WE Expedition. It's a monster, has a great suspension, is strippable and has all the features you could be after:

I have one, love it but am actually struggling to find an application for it but recognise I need a 100lt pack in the inventory to round out my collection... ;-)

6:19:24 PM
could probably get away with a smaller one, but would have lots of stuff hanging off it all the time. usually everything goes inside, which I like.

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