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Poll Option Votes Graph
Single 9 - 9.9mm 50m 1
Single 10 -10.9mm 50m 10
Single 11 - 11.9mm 50m 0
Single 9 - 9.9mm 60m 16
Single 10 -10.9mm 60m 39
Single 11 - 11.9mm 60m 1
Single 70m+ any diameter 2
Double ropes 25

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Preferred Rope Diameter and Length

2:47:09 PM
As rope lengths are generally increasing and diameters decreasing i was wondering what people are mainly using these days?

I realise some people use different ropes for different occasions but as the poll function only allows 1 nomination just indicate the rope you would want to use if you had only one rope.

associated comments would be interesting to.

jiminy cricket
3:04:07 PM
doubles for all the usual reasons: softer catch, longer abseils, drag reduction, safer clipping.
climbing mostly trad, i can't see any disadvantage apart from the extra cost.

3:35:37 PM
doubles eh. if you buy doubles do you go as light as possible or stick around the 9mm mark?

Nick Kaz
4:50:02 PM
I'v gone for the 10-10.9 60m single, versitile and light but enough beef to take a doggin lard arse like me, a most excelent choice since (sadly) I'm mostly a cragger.

I do have a nice new pair of mammut 60m 8mm twins sitting on my floor that are definitly my new favourite shoe laces for multipitch though.

6:40:31 PM

On 9/11/2004 nmonteith wrote:
> The standard length for ropes in Australia is now 60m.

On 24/11/2004 Breezy wrote:
>Who decide this and since when ?

This poll seems to show a preference for 60m ropes in Australia....
1:19:41 AM
On 10/11/2005 nmonteith wrote:

>This poll seems to show a preference for 60m ropes in Australia....

Would tend to think there are more than 38 ppl climbing in Oz?!!

Maybe not Oz climbers, just chock posters?
8:34:27 AM
The longer the better as far as I am concerned. A 60 or 70m rope is going to last you much longer than a 50m rope. After chopping the dead sections off each end a 50m rope fast becomes worryingly short for many routes in the Blueys, although there is always the Glen or Nowra.

I usually go for something between 10 and 10.5. I want it to be able to handle being flogged to death as I tend to do lots of projecting where are thinner rope just wouldn't last.

Chalk Free
8:56:54 AM
Been using double ropes 8.8mm, 9.0mm for 20 years and had no problems.

Its handy now my kids climb, they can follow on one each.

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:33:38 AM
You wanna carry a 70m 11m around, go right ahead (I prefer carrying bricks). Double ropes are the go as they can do anything a single can, and a lot of what a single can't, plus immediately you get twice the rap distance.

1:20:56 PM
I much prefer to be able to lower-off a route rather having to rig an abseil with two ropes. A 70m+ means i
can get off the top of most single pitches pretty easily.

5:08:47 PM
results so far... [11/11/2005]

60m - 30 votes
Doubles - 13 votes
50m - 4 votes

5:59:17 PM
9.8 single 60m but wish i had doubles for trad.
6:06:35 PM
When I started off I bought a 10.9mm 50m Edelrid. Basically, because it was the cheapest thing in Paddy Pallin at the time. $179, I think. The sheath was all fluffy within 6 months of a moderate amount of climbing, and I've just replaced it after 18 months. I bought a 10.2mm 60m Beal from Rock Hardware, and it's great!
6:38:44 PM
9.8mm 70m single differing colour pattern on the sheath either side of mid-point, single pitches and no rap multi's

8mm 60m doubles for multi pitch with long raps, gotten into trouble with this twice on lead: guide failed to mention that 60m means anywhere from 62m and 63m respectively.

9:29:42 PM
Have to say doubles for trad routes are the way forward, less drag longer ab, all of the above... Still use single 60 for sport routes. Does mean I take a lot of rope with me for the weekend though! Over 200m of the stuff...

10:43:29 PM
get a 70m 11mm, chop it in half and you have two work horse ropes for every day- running laps at local sydney crags and small mountains crags, plus a 60m 9.8 or 10.2 for longer stuff/redpoints etc
then a 60m & 100m 11mm static lines for different photog situations and bolting/chopping/practicing aid-seconding (maybe 1 shorter one as well if ya rich)
also, a set of 70m double ropes for alpine traddin it up, and a shoelace 7.6mm line for solo alpine jaunts
of course you'll need a fewcanyon ropes, a whole set of dedicated osmanesque jump lines, and lots of cut offs to make slings and knotted pro and woven blay seat.

what we need is one rope to tie them all, on rope to guide them
one rope to bring them into the darkness and bind them

i think its time for bed

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:50:38 PM
On 11/11/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>I much prefer to be able to lower-off a route rather having to rig an abseil
>with two ropes. A 70m+ means i
>can get off the top of most single pitches pretty easily.

Each to their own Neil, I prefer to be able to lead any route and rig the ropes so I don't get drag (and I like the option of doing routes that are longer than 35m).

Nick Kaz
10:28:56 AM
hmmm 5 ticks for a 50m line, who are these people and why? It seems strage to prefer the shortest rope you can get...
11:19:41 AM
One of 'em's me, call me a traditionalist but 50m ropes are "the standard". Still works fine on just about any route.
However (sheepishly) will buy 60m next time.
11:51:42 PM
i have a 50 and a 60. the 50 was the first i bought and is a 10.5 from eledrid flypilot. iv'e had it for 2 years still use it nearly every three days, it a great rope and since its small it lives in my gym bag and therefore gets alot of use leading in the gyms.the second is a beal edlinger i think thats spelt right it's also a 10.5 the only reason i bought this rope was because i got it for $160 through work.allthough it's a great rope but i notice the ten metres is extra weight right now and less space in the pack.great for when taking a couple of mates out one day and setting up more than 1 rope.the 50 is great and ive never run out of rope anywhere and i love the blue mountian crags because all multipitches are 30 or under.

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