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Shoes for bigfoot
5:22:49 PM
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone has some info on which climbing shoe brands or models are well suited to people with large feet. I've got a size 13 very wide feet and a high instep. I don't think I've ever been happy with a pair of climbing shoes, and have certainly never been able to heel hook without feeling my shoe was going to slide off.

Any suggestions?

5:41:26 PM
I've got longer, but probably narrower, feet than you. I have an assortment of la sportiva shoes that fit well. Often within half a size of the largest they make (EU 44.5 to 45.5). Those shoes probably aren't wide enough for you, but I'm sure there are other options. I never found a Scarpa shoe long enough to get my feet in (though I understand they may exist).

Ultimately you just need to try on as many shoes as you can, see what works.

5:57:39 PM
What are you wearing at present? What have you worn previously?

I'm a size 12/13 with a wide forefoot and flat arch and have had the following climbing shoes;
5.10 Moccs size 12 - comfy though very soft and a little big everywhere. My heels slipped a bit too much.
Madrock Flash size 10 - They fit my foot really well. I bought them cheap from Chocky and still really like as a dunger pair.
Madrock Phoenix sz 11 - first pair of shoes which I thrashed. Not a particularly comfy fit anywhere.
LS Katanas sz 42.5 - Pretty darn rad though I can't wear them all day. I love the fit in the heel.
5.10 Grandstones sz 11 - My favourite shoes. Comfy, stiff and high top! I climb 90% of the time in these.

I tried on as many pairs of shoes as I could and while I really wanted to like the Evolv Optimus Pime, as it had a wideish forefoot/toe box, I found the fit of the Evolv, and Scarpa's, just didn't work for me.

9:05:20 PM
Red Chilli make long and wide shoes. Not the best shoes though.I wear a 47 climbing shoe.

10:49:12 AM
Big foot shoe advice thread.

... there are others too!

ODH has a club going for bigfoot climbing shoes, but it must be hidden within another thread topic, as it didn't come up on my searches.
11:32:46 AM
I've got a big, wide foot too, and find that most shoes really hurt the sides. I'm loving my 5.10 Stealths, but my first pair were La Sportiva Mythos. I got them because they were the most recommended entry level pair on the market at the time (I still rate them), but found that if I did them up tight, that I'd get the inevitable fatigue on the side-step.

Highly recommend getting unconventional in your lacing patterns (as in, instead of crossing the laces over through eyelets, run a couple parallel, effectively "missing" the sideways pull).

EDIT: It's apparently called Gap lacing, according to a guy who likes his shoelaces a whole lot...

If you're using velcro, you'll need a different approach, but with laced boots, you can skip an eyelet, or at least loosen 1-2 around the wide part. Makes a world of difference, and opens up the market a bit more in terms of what you can wear.

Big G
11:37:29 AM
la sportiva and scarpa seem to fit my feet reasonably well (street size 13-14) although I wouldnt say i have a very wide foot. i cant get any evolv to fit but as australian shops do not seem to ever stock any shoes in large sizes it has been very hard to find shoes to try on.

12:42:45 PM
On 17/06/2013 GWil wrote:
>EDIT: It's apparently called Gap lacing, according to a guy who likes his shoelaces a whole lot...

Ian's site is amazing. You can also use ladder lacing (or was it lock lacing? or both?) part way up the shoe to have a tight section followed by a loose section.
1:00:22 PM
I wait with bated breath for the day ARG gets called out because someone has been seen climbing with dangerously laced shoes.

2:13:32 PM
All this fancy lace stuff does actually work if some are doubting it. My right foot is like a smashed crab and takes some trickery with laces to get it right.

3:03:07 PM
On 17/06/2013 kieranl wrote:
>I wait with bated breath for the day ARG gets called out because someone
>has been seen climbing with dangerously laced shoes.

Resist M9, resist...

~> Nah, bugger it!

When is that group going to worry about;-

* Wearing helmets at Araps.
* Dogs at that location. (Note: There is more than one kind of dog!)
* The Nati cafe menu incorporating dehydrated food?
* Eduardo running out of martinis on Tiptoe Ridge solos?
* Mrs M10 turning up to aid one of the classics?
* Monty turning up to film it?
* Macca turning up to rubbish her ascent by comparing it to Shai Halud?
* The bolt fairies turning up to decry the lack of bolts?
* ODH (or his following crew), turning up to rip out unnecessary Fairy bolts in the name of Dangerouser Cliffs?
* Insert your own travesty here, etc!? (Heh, heh, heh.)

As you are a long time contributor to Chockstone, I expect no less than a response to all of the above individually!
Heh X 3

3:27:50 PM
When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...

3:32:47 PM
On 17/06/2013 kieranl wrote:
>When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...

~> Chocky-poster-wimp!
~> ~> I reckon your response would be good for at least another 7 pages of posts!
Heh, heh, heh.
9:34:32 PM
Thanks for the suggestions guys, will try find some of them to try on!
10:33:49 AM
On 17/06/2013 ajfclark wrote:
>Ian's site is amazing.

Yeah, when I first stumbled across it a while ago, I thought he had waaaay too much time on his hands. Kept reading though (damn, that site's like wikipedia or Snopes -- it sucks you in!) and found that there are a whole lot of really useful tidbits. I'd buy that guy a beer any day.

6:02:21 PM
The bit about the two different ways to tie the standard shoelace knot is one of my favourite bits. Explains it far better than I can and does actually make a huge difference to how long your shoelaces stay done up (especially with slippery thin leather laces).
8:02:19 PM
Wow. Just wow. Fantastic, top 10 sites on the interdenet material.

I recently scored a lovely pair of english made semi brogues for around 5% of their retail price and ian's summary description of their pro's and cons wis so spot on it's scary (straight european lacing).

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