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New design
9:20:04 PM
Hi all Iím designing some new pro with a mate we have no leader what yet it will be similar in size to the 1 Ė 10 DMM walnuts. Does any one have any leaders on what it should be like/ able to do?

10:32:38 PM
do you intend to manufacture this gear?! sounds a bit dodgy
10:37:14 PM
Might or sell the design if itís any good itís not going to be dodgy weíre going to get it tested to braking strain safety first climbingís not something to mess with!

Bob (when we get a proto type made ill post some specks)
9:28:50 AM
Hey, enough with the blasphemous uses of my name...
BTW wait till you see the #7+ cam I'm making...
Just a suggestion Bob, the engineering and manufacture of climbing gear is probably as much a legal issue as an engineering one. I wouldn't suggest you sell any of it without forming a company, and involving a lawyer or two, and a heap of public liability insurance, then be prepared to lose your house (or someone's house), then don't do it...

9:57:51 AM
Why make yet ANOTHER wired nut? Surely we have reached saturation point with the variety out there in the market!

1:00:31 PM
I've had a bit of a think about this in the past and concluded that you need a very innovative product to compete with the big guns. Reasons are as follows:
1) you need to carefully design your product to be better than the rest (not that hard)
2) you need to test it repeatedly in order to optimise its design and then test a statistically significant number of the final one (again not that difficult).
3) it needs to be cheaper than the rest (within Oz this is probabably not that hard but the market is small).
4) in order for people to buy it and not take you to the cleaners every couple of years, you need to have some guarantee of quality that includes documenting that your product consistently achieves some mimimum rated strength. This would be done through test and inspection. (very diff)

But after saying that, I believe that RPs have been successful although I don't know exactly how successful for Mr RP.

The alternative is to create a company with your dead great gran as director, get a swiss bank account and build them from your back shed with english backpackers as sales reps.

10:42:26 PM
sounds like an alright idea to design and build the stuff yourself for your own personal use (you can send it away to Black Diamond etc. they do safety tests on projects like yours) but only if it's for your personal use. definately get some official legal advice before you go ahead and throw your cash into it
11:50:51 PM
Yer I only want it fore me and a couple of mateís, if the design is any good we might sell the design to a company but we donít know yet. Could I get some details fore who to call/contact to get it tested if you know



12:23:20 PM
100kg of weights on a 20 to 1 lever should get you close (and probably rip up the foundations of your shed!).
how bout coming up with a product that has no competators. Even if its completely useless there's bound to be thousands of gear freaks around the world that would buy it anyway. Just give it a catchy name. :)

11:50:27 PM
Chris Harmston (
Quality Assurance Manager. Materials Engineer BS, ME.
Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.
2084 East 3900 South, SLC, UT 84124 phone: 801-278-5552

no its not me, no i dont know him, no im not affiliated with him in any way, therefore i dont take responsibility blah blah blah... but he's definately the one to either do the testing for you or to point you in the right direction
10:02:13 AM

5:20:22 PM
There is nothing wrong with improvisation, particularly for personal use.
(Half my aid rack is home made).

7:43:40 AM
On 10/12/2003 Mighty Mouse wrote:
>Chris Harmston (
>Quality Assurance Manager. Materials Engineer BS, ME.

Your info is a little out of date, I'm afraid. I don't think Chris has been with BDEL for about 4 years! Which is a shame, coz he was always incredibly willing to help.


9:36:39 AM
oops, sorry bout that :)

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