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'Importing' freeze dry
8:05:20 AM
Hi, was wondering if anyone has bought freeze dry from the US and shipped in to Australia? Dirt cheap at the moment (possibly due to the primary ingredient being dirt?) and I was thinking about bringing in a years supply.

Is AQIS going to take the lot?
8:29:48 AM
I've brought freeze dry back in my bag from NZ no problem, I did declare it and the guy at customs didn't seem to mind...It might depend on who you get inspecting the package on the day.

Just out of interest, how cheap is dirt cheap?

8:31:40 AM
On 17/08/2011 kimbyl wrote:
>Hi, was wondering if anyone has bought freeze dry from the US and shipped
>in to Australia? (snip)
>Is AQIS going to take the lot?

Why not ask AQIS?
8:44:02 AM
Have emailed and done a search on the ICON database but am yet to hear back. Hence the escalation of the question to Chockstone!

Cheap is around US$4 for a 2 person serving. I am used to paying $15 to $20 at the local Sydney shops.

9:03:20 AM
Theres some sort of restriction regarding the meat in some of them. Importing from NZ is ok, hence...Backcountry food, but i think you'll find that Backpackers Pantry (US) is vego only.

10:10:22 AM
Customs might be worth emailing too. I've found them pretty responsive in the past:
Mike Bee
10:32:13 AM
As the previous posters have mentioned, the sticking point will be any products with meat content.
Vego packets should be fine though.
11:09:58 AM
Out of interest how much of this stuff do you actually go through in a year and where, when and why do you eat it?
11:23:47 AM
When i came back from Denali (Alaska) in 2008 customs took all mine off me (they had meat in them).

11:58:09 AM
On 17/08/2011 kimbyl wrote:
>Have emailed and done a search on the ICON database but am yet to hear
>back. Hence the escalation of the question to Chockstone!
>Cheap is around US$4 for a 2 person serving. I am used to paying $15
>to $20 at the local Sydney shops.
> have some cheap meals from now and then
12:01:42 PM
Main reason for wanting to buy is a trip to NZ in January. I have convinvced myself that by saving weight in food I don't have to worry about my beer gut so much. I was planning to buy about 10 days worth for 2 people.

Looking at the MAFF site I will not be able get it into NZ anyway.

1:55:13 PM
Just a note on australian customs and freeze dried food.
On our return to australia, my climbing partner didnt think it was necessary to declare left over unopened processed freeze dried food that he originally bought in Australia - WRONG.

customs thought otherwise (you must declare all food) and confiscated everthing and lumped him with a 300 dollar on the spot fine.

If in doubt, declare everything.
2:10:43 PM
Sorry to hear that Robb - a fortnight ago I came back from NZ, and declared two un-opened muesli bars and an opened, half-eaten large block of chocolate that I had forgotten about.
Got a smile and was waved through at Sydney.
I had a few small pieces of driftwood and another longer weathered tree branch collected while west-coast beach-combing. Declared it, and quarantine guy showed its attractive features to his colleague and handed it back to me.
Have taken a few flights into ChCh at midnight, and taken chocolate and beef jerky (NZ made in sealed packs) as snacks before bed on landing. Declared and allowed into NZ.

5:29:27 PM
didnt really bother me as I hate freeze dried food and gave all my excess to my mate who got the fine coupled with a nice dose of diahorrea from Soeul airport on the way home. He hardly ate anything in 3 weeks on Denali because of altitude induced nausea so he had about 15 packets left. .
Me- I prefer fried salami over freeze dried anyday..

Dan Theman
12:00:28 PM
Some of the supermarkets in NZ sell those freezedry packets really cheap, so you might be best just getting them there. I tried to bring a left over one home but aus customs took it because it had meat in it.
2:17:25 PM
I found this as well re: supermarkets in NZ. Under half the price I saw here (Jan 2011).

3:28:16 PM
I know I can get prepared meals (eg Kaweka) at supermarkets over here (NZ), but not freezedried. Do you know what type of freezedried and what chain of supermarkets?

My wife has been going nuts on the food drier with cheap fruit and veggies from funky pumpkin so we have plenty of ingredients for trips. Really dry apple chips are an awesome snack!
3:45:23 PM
Is freeze dried the same as dehydrated?
Cause I definitely saw dehydrated (back country I think) at supermarkets. 4 square was the chain. The closest one to mt cook had them.
Fish Boy
5:08:47 PM
One has been freeze dried or "snap frozen", the other dehydrated via temperature/air circulation.

I'll take a guess and say freeze dried retains all or most of the nutrients and dehydrating doesn't, but I just made that up.
6:38:14 PM
Your made up made sense to me

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