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Why climbing is safe.
10:13:22 PM
After damaging my finger tendon yet again (it was devastating hearing that pop pop pop sound from a finger that i thought had healed up) i have been riding the downhill/cross country tracks in my area to keep fit. So last w/end after riding for about 2+ hrs, i was going to head home but i thought i'd head down one more track that i haven't been down before. The first 2 jumps went well, then instead of going over a huge jump on the right i went over what looked like at the time just a small ramp on the left. So as i rolled over the ramp looking at the jump the right, i didn't realise that there was a hole/trench on the other next thing i know is i've headbutted the ground and am lying in a tangled mess with my bike on the ground. After moaning for about 10 minutes on the ground i managed to get back up and ride home (it was to painful to walk). So i got some x-rays done, and even though the report said everything was ok, my physio saw one break and got them to do another report. So now i have an L2 L3 L4 transverse process fracture in my vertebrae with a 10-12 week healing process.
So: Climbing Injuries: Ongoing tendon injuries in left middle finger.
Pushbike injuries: cut knee - 24 stitches. handle bar into upper inner leg (luckly not that high)- 14 stiches. and now 3 fractured vertebrae.

Conclusion: Climbing is much much safer than riding my pushie....well for me anyway.

But i'm interested if anybody else has had a transverse process fracture and how they have dealt with it, or have had any problems with it in climbing.

11:27:27 PM
That sounds crazy and happy to hear you're not banged up even worse. Mtn bikes are of the devil! No transverse fractures for me though I was blessed with the experience of compression fractures of L3-5 twice in a year. Each episode was quite uncomfortable for ~6 weeks, as lots of muscles were torn too, and it took me quite awhile (12 mths of physio & yoga) to regain flexibility and muscle strength.

Happy to report I've experienced no lasting issues, and climb happily, albeit very badly. Good luck with your rehab...

7:04:57 AM
I am sorry to hear of your pain, I hope it heals sooner then expected.

Every time I go for a ride I always worry of hurting myself. It seems the longer you ride then more chances you have of having a major crash. I have hurt myself a lot more riding then climbing.

7:51:46 AM
Mtn biking - compression fractures of T2-T5 (2 * 45% compression) leading to 3 weeks in hospital and 3 mths bed rest.
Climbing - stuffed my right middle finger.

time spent climbing:mtn biking = 10000:1. So I would say climbing has been pretty good to me.

Good luck with the heal. I still get a bit of a burn in the back after leaning over for too long 12 years on.
9:14:13 AM
I'm waiting for Eduardo's tally?
9:31:41 AM
I had a bike crash that pretty much put me out of most things but bike riding I can do fine... (oh the irony!)
Stupid bikes.

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:00:53 AM
On 8/02/2012 hero wrote:
> Eduardo's tally?

All the ribs on the left side broken, a couple of them twice in 12 months (not badly though - nothing poking out)
left A/C joint removed
plate and 8 screws in clavicle
Some wacky inner ear thing meaning I get dizzy every time I look at the ground to my right or roll over in bed
3rd degree gravel rash
12 stitches
Tip of my nose truncated

.... but I still have my health

1:25:40 PM
Yeah, my injuries from MtBiking were far worse than climbing. Excluding the dislocated shoulders of course.

Eduardo Slabofvic
2:10:31 PM
There are similarities between climbing and riding though.

For example I did not sustain any of my injuries riding my bike. I sustained them by stopping suddenly after impacting the ground.

Far less hot c0cking in riding though
9:18:14 PM
climbing safe? haha please.

sounds like an intense reality!

i just got back from the himalayas.

i came back with a story of surviving an avalanche.

i will write a big post on it soon - it is by far the most spectacular and scariest moments of my life which has left severe emotional scarring...

9:37:00 PM
You think biking is bad! You should try gardening it is MUCH worse: Once I was filling in time while waiting for my partner to finish work so we could drive to the Wolgan. Helping wife garden. As I was moving some plant i slipped on a mossy bit and slipped down a rocky bank on my back,. Result 4 cracked & minor breaks to those transverse processes. Didn't go to the Wolgan. It got better after a few weeks, though.

Biking i have fallen off and grazed a knee once; bent a finger some other time. Then again i don't generally do jumps.

Climbing: been cut in head by iceaxe, calf by crampon (I only did that once) ripped off fingertips in a fall (which only stopped by dragging Law's thumb & jumper thru the belay krab- thanks Mike), jarred knee, jarred foot in another fall fortunately all had easy recoveries ...So they're all about the same probably.

I found one of those donut type cushions was incredibly helpful with the back injury and really sped up the recovery.

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