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Lucky Chance in serious accident
9:30:36 AM
Australian, Lucky Chance (formerly Toby Benham) has had a serious Base jumping accident in Europe. Unfortunately he is in a critical condition.

Not much news online yet - But sending heaps of positive vibes and best wishes to Lucky and his family and friends. We all want to see that cheeky grin again...

12:44:20 PM
Well I hope he comes good. He is an amazing talent.

4:15:49 PM
from Smitten Facebook page : Our bright and shining star, Lucky Chance has had an accident in Europe. He has sustained serious injuries and his family & partner are flying out to be with him. His family will issue a statement after they know more. We all send our prayers and wishes to Lucky, his family and partner.

4:49:09 PM
Can I preempt any speculation before the mainstream media pack finds out about this. Please don't discuss details of this accident on this forum until we know the facts officially - and the relatives and loved ones know the whole story first. Thanks in advance.
Fish Boy
5:33:04 PM
Shite. Best of wishes LC and family.

5:37:10 PM
Agreed Neil, best wishes to lucky and his family
White trash
8:43:34 PM
On 19/08/2011 useful wrote:
>Hoping all turns out well, and also that someone can convey to him the
>mountains of people behind him.

Mountains of people behind him?
I hope he gets well , as I acknowledge his adventurous spirit, but I reckon this bloke knew the risks he ran, and like that other bloke who died bungy jumping on climbing ropes in Yosemite, he took those risks knowingly.
After that fairly recent base jump whre his pilot chute caught between his legs and the main canopy opened just as his feet hit the earth I would figure he must have known his lucky chance was pretty much used up.
11:24:38 PM
Not a really useful post useful ...
9:50:05 AM
A fund has been set up for donations to help get Luckys' mum, sister and partner over to France to be with him in his time of need and to help out with the inevitable medical bills...

Please donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

Bring on the positive encouragement...
White Trash
11:54:16 AM
On 19/08/2011 useful wrote:
>Sorry White trash if my turn of phrase offended you. This is not the thread
>for banter about semantics, though I'm happy to take it up with you anywhere
>else. (mods please delete anything i've said thats inappropriate in this
>All I meant is that there are a lot of people out there hoping for the
>best, and that anyone near him should convey that to him in the one in
>a million chance that things like that help.
>I don't know lucky, but I am fortunate to be a good friend of a cinematographer living in moscow - he's filmed and lived
>on the frontline of every war in Russia/middle east for the past 20 years.
>When I last saw him he was a cat who knew that he'd used up a lot of lives
>and was thinking of how to get out.
>Long story short something happened with him recently in turkey and he's
>in a serious way. A lot (i.e. a mountain) of people who have been touched
>by his warmth, generosity and spirit of adventure are wishing him well.
>Right now neither he nor lucky need a lecture on risks. [Post moderated by Moderator- personal abuse deleted]

Im not lecturing on risk and I said I hope he gets well and agree with what someone said above , that he is an amazing talent.
Seems to me you are the offended poster here useless as you cant see the irony oof how he even calls himself lucky chance in doing what he does. It would be great if he fully recovers and goes back to what he loves. i really hope he does , but you aint gonna change my mind about the fact that he ran risks , and continued to do so despite at least one close call, and amlazing as that is, it doesnt make me have empathy with those decision.
Also think many general public and some of his associates would dismiss the whole thing as tragic and like me dont want to be sucked into a guilt trip over someone elses actions and decisions they dont agree with.
you like unlucky are free to make your own choices but dont expect me to googaa over you if it goes pear shaped as mly empathy is with his family and friends cause they can do without having to deal with incident like lthis to.
12:05:55 PM
Lucky runs a lot of risks in the pursuit of a fulfilling life, as do we all. I don't always agree with his decisions on particular jumps but they make him who he is & I/we love him for being exactly who he wants to be.. and none of that changes the simple fact that he is our friend and he is in need so lets stay focussed on that and leave the inevitable avalanche of opinions for another day.

7:46:53 AM

9:32:36 AM
Oh that's not good. Wishing him and his family all the best as this will be a long road to recovery.
7:53:01 AM

From yesterday's SMH

9:31:51 AM
"...landed him a starring role in a cult Australian extreme sports movie called Smitten."

Spare me.
11:09:03 AM
On 19/09/2011 tnd wrote:
>"...landed him a starring role in a cult Australian extreme sports movie
>called Smitten."
>Spare me.

Jesus. Neither the time nor the place.
11:54:49 AM
On 19/09/2011 tnd wrote:
>"...landed him a starring role in a cult Australian extreme sports movie
>called Smitten."
>Spare me.

That's some stunning free advertising.

Gotta wonder if it's simply try-hard journalism.

12:02:48 PM
try-hard or not, it is correct.
12:25:51 PM
I was referring to the "cult" descriptor.

If he'd applied an adjective consistent with the dominant view of Chockstoners there would be a whole lot less Sun Herald readers considering buying it.

12:48:17 PM
Can we keep this topic directly about Lucky's accident please. This is not the place to discuss the merits of a climbing film. There is a whole topic for that...

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