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Tyrolean Accident Aliens Domain
10:48:50 AM
My squid had an accident on the Tyrolean going into Aliens Domain.
Wally the wombat might be very farmiliar with this scene??

details are:

it was like a scene out of cliffhanger on that Tyrolean man!

squiddy's harness buckle broke, and I watched, seemingly in slow motion as the nylon harness wipped through his attachment point.

squiddy started free falling off the tyrolean!!!....( he was screaming aaarrrrrrggghhhhhhhh F#$K!) Just as he started to collect speed, I grabed his lever with my left gloved hand!.

I was hanging onto the tyrolean with my backpack on and Mr. Snuggles in the pack, the other hand....JUST grabbed squiddys Lever....then my glove started to slip off....

Squiddy said: "hang onto me RED you fat F#$K...if you f......g let go of me I'm gunna be super f....n pissed"

I said: "Squiddy, I'n not going to let you die"

Squiddy said: "bullshit you faggott, your a soft f......g chossy excuse for a climber and when I die your going to piss on my grave aren't you!

mr snuggles said:"meeeoooooow!!"

Then: My glove slipped off and squiddy slipped from out of my grasp!. squiddy screaming on his endless plummet...."RED youuuuuu areee aaaa fuuuuuuuckkkwiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!."

I'm still pretty cut up about the whole thing and I dont think I'll ever be able to climb again

whats worse is that I think the boys blame me for squiddy's accident it was my way on the line that let him fall etc etc etc..........

11:01:22 AM
Geeze Reddy, I hope you are both ok now. Thanks for posting up so other people can learn from this.

11:04:39 AM
You better start taking your medication again Mr Redzone.

1:17:32 PM
I think there's something in that for everybody, don't you?
Don't wear gloves, or be like Michael and only on the left hand. I haven't had a better 113 minutes of entertainment in a decade.

Photo by Mr Snuggles

There's some similarity in those silhouettes, Mr Redzone Stallone.

Anybody know where I can score some HGH?

11:17:32 PM
well the sequel we've all been waiting for is in the making. due next year. check this awesome trailer

should get your pulses racing. pure rambo action. hehe

Chuck Norris
11:27:43 PM
thats sick a make me vomit sense of sick...

mr stallone should stop shooting up those roids and stick to good wholesome climbing movies like in the
good old days. have you seen the rocky remake...makes you sick in a apple pie kind of least
he's consistant (or maybe just got a habit to maintain)
10:59:32 AM

Mr Snuggles take a rad photo dude!

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