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Off-topic: Climbers who believe in Jesus 5-Feb-2011 At 4:21:29 PM Brazened
On 5/02/2011 rodw wrote:
>I don't believe atheists in general push anything until something is pushed
>at them.(of course there are exceptions) Most Aetheists do not give religion
>a second thought until it starts to invade aspects that will affect there
>everyday life...Id hardly call that dogma...more a case of kicking an ants
>nest and being surprised things come out and bite.

In my experience I've had Atheism pushed down my throat since the early 80's while at a public high school in Victoria. Then again in workplaces when I lived in Sydney.

>Ive been asked what my religion is and when told Atheist, I often get
>a lecture or a lot of questioning as to why Im wrong...Ill rarely voluntarly
>supply in general conversation, as to me religion is not that important..what
>is important is that someone else trys to convince me it should be and
>I will fight for my rights to not believe.

I have had the same experience as a Christian. I've never been someone who has pushed religion onto others, but being told I'm a F#$%@ing D%$head by Atheist's
because I believe that there is a God, really make's me want to become an Atheist. (Heavy Sarcasm intended, but not pointed at you Rod.) Honestly I can understand your situation and how you feel.

>Science is evidence based...religion is not...however when science is
>proven wrong or without foundation (which can take some time I agree) generally
>the accepted belief is dropped and the proven one is accepted......from
>what ive seen, Religions will ignore fact and simply say its "gods/allahs/sphagheti
>monsters" way.... but if that makes you happy fine...just don't preach
>to me Im wrong because I really don't care.

I don't want to get into this side of the debate, except to say some religions ignore fact

>The breakup of religious beliefs in percentages is as follows...
>Roman Catholic = 25.8%
>Anglican = 18.7%
>Other Christian = 19.4%
>No religion = 18.7%
>Buddhism = 2.1%
>Islam = 1.7%
>Hinduism = 0.7%
>Judaism = 0.4%

Roman Catholic, Anglican and Other Christian can be seen as one group - Christian.
Yep they have their differences, but they still read the same book and worship the same God (well to some degree). 63.9%

>No religion is much higher proportion than some pretty high profile religions
>below it, but if a kid goes to school in this country and dosn't want to
>go to scripture they are currently put in a classroom and told to entertain
>themselves. Ethics classes are being proposed so they are not wasting the
>time and the biggest opponents of this are the "christian" organisations....that
>sound like religious dogma trying to be forced on others to me? Please
>show me were Aethism is currently being forced onto the christian or other
>religious communitys?

One question about ethics classes, who sets the criteria? Atheists or a combination of Atheists and Christians? This question is asked if Ethics classes take the place of Religious classes. Otherwise I can understand the idea of ethics classes, especially in this day and age. Being the odd kid out in school isn't a pleasant experience.

Then again, when I went to school (In the 80's) there was no religious education, it definitely had a more Atheistic lean. I suppose parents were expected to teach their own kids Ethics and Religion back then.

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