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UK Climbing thread
Dave C
6:56:19 PM

OK, so what's the story with this thread about Ben Lomond in Tasmania? I seem to recall somebody tried to start a similar thread on here a while back. Are we talking paranoid delusions or are their really hordes of boys with power drills ready to turn Frew's Flutes into the new Nowra? Yes I know, the last bit is a tad overstated but who cares!

7:44:24 PM
Sounds like a heap of crap to me.

Actually it sounds like it may have been penned by a more lucid incarnation of the same troll that posted the similar thread here.

Generation X climbers are all about my age now - about 40. I can't see a horde of drill toting 40 year olds grid bolting Frews. I'm not sure of this but I imagine you can count the number of power drills in Tasmania on 2 hands.

Also, what's with putting it down to trying to emulate the Huber brothers. From what I have read, they are hardly drill happy sport climbers. The things they have put up in the valley and in Europe are pretty bold, I am led to believe.

Maybe it's true but I wouldn't bet on it.
7:56:49 PM
It's a troll, courtesy of our old mate Hexy/Edward SIllypants etc. He's now posting on some overseas forums since he can't get a leg up on Chockers anymore. You might have seen his "Totem Pole has collapsed" thread which sucked some folk in on the weekend. Sure seems to have a lot of time on his hands.

8:45:09 PM
That was my guess.

11:48:37 PM
I feel a bit guilty that we have un-leashed him onto the rest of the worlds climbing forums after banning
him here. He now has active threads on pretty much every other forum in Oz, UK and USA. We are the
last bastians of a HEX free zone! (a bit like the last trad crag eh Hex?)
4:20:46 AM
Fortunately he hasn't bothered us here yet ...and yes you should feel guilty of unleashing the plague

8:07:43 AM
On 31/10/2007 cragrat wrote:
>Fortunately he hasn't bothered us here yet

You have a short memory ! ... or are you referring to a NZ website?

>...and yes you should feel guilty of unleashing the plague


He would be in good keeping on some UK and USA sites, as there are plenty of other trolls there to keep him company.

On another thread ... with apologies to rodw
~ who kind of* wrote:
~ (*but I have snip/edit/cut'n'paste/deliberately twisted meaning of) ...
>If you find worth in it Hex.....just post it and have fun...that's what it's all about, ... but if you are after universal acceptance of all the posts you put up, ... then internet climbing sites are probably not the game for you, .... as the punters in the stands can be pretty harsh sometimes.

Post edit:
It was a clever picture our mate hex (user ID Brett Banister on thesarvo), posted of the 'fallen' Tote; ... whilst imploring someone from that site to post it on this one, ... since he can't.

... I notice with interest that 'no such topic' exists on UKC (vide his link); so it is possible that they have moderated the troll off that site also?

Phil Box
9:25:02 AM
HEX is banned from and the mods are on the watch for any other incarnations of our friend.

10:21:02 AM
Hex is hanging around CragX in his XR riding IdratherbejamBing incarnation spouting shit and making personal attacks on me. Every one on the site seems to ignore him.

His totem pole thread on CragX got hijacked which I thought was pretty funny and very ironic.

I must admit, of all his persona, I find his pretend teenage IdratherbejamBing the most annoying. Even more annoying than Ghost.

Does anyone remember, years ago some troll was writing letters to Rock about chipping and drilling and bolting and Team Rocco. Aaron Barrich , I think he called himself.

Well I reckon that was a pre-internet Hex in action.

10:43:44 AM
On 31/10/2007 wallwombat wrote:
>Does anyone remember, years ago some troll was writing letters to Rock
>about chipping and drilling and bolting and Team Rocco. Aaron Barrich ,
>I think he called himself.
>Well I reckon that was a pre-internet Hex in action.

you're probably right.

10:51:06 AM
I just thought of it. I knew the angry, bad spelling, bad grammer, teen crap of IdratherBjambing reminded me of something and then the penny dropped.

11:12:28 AM
Brings to my mind the words of an old Slim Dusty song; ...

>"big frogs in little puddles laying down the law, too busy in their little worlds to know what hearts are for. Success and money they might have, but they'd better not forget. Their puddles may dry up one day and they'll deserve the scorn they get, ... deserve the scorn they get" ~

Hex is one sick frog.
... Kind of makes the world seem small when you can leap out of your local puddle and become an international troll in one splash!
9:17:55 AM
Back at it it seems
Dave C
6:40:53 PM

Here we go again! I wouldn't mind if this guy had any original and funny ideas to wind people up with.
8:17:35 PM
That thread din't last very long

10:12:12 PM
The supertopo link is definitely him. Interesting that he lables himself an ice climber from Natimuk ...

The UK climbing link does not work for me, as it just comes up with an empty header page.
~> ... maybe this is appropriate!

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