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Whats your New Years climbing resolution?

11:33:58 PM
Has the New Year sparked any passionate resolutions of a climbing nature? obvious one would be to climb at a higher grade or maybe your resolution has spawned out of some of the chockstone topics last year. Here's some possibilities:

to begin wearing a helmet
to work out your own 'tick' philosophy regardless of what anyone else thinks
to throw caution to the wind and seek out climbing partners on Chockstone
to ask new climbing partners to demonstrate their belay skills before climbing with them
to give up the wacky tobaccy
to stop using steriods
to post your opinions/ideas in more than one sentence without fear of the I-like-being-in -control troll police
to travel to great places, do great climbing, compete for Australia and post your trip reports without fear of the green-with-envy troll police
to stay at home and work on your knitting project
to marry, have children and end your climbing career
to buy your dream climbing car
to hand over your mouse and keyboard to a responsible friend before going out drinking

Mine's to climb more and have fun.
12:08:22 AM
definitely going to stay home & start knitting

1:10:16 AM
To stop climbing on really hot days and getting dehydrated and sunburnt
To get more guidebooks so that I donít have to drive around for an hour looking for a crag I donít know the access to because I was asleep when someone drove me there the first time
To get better guide books which actually explain the access/climbs/descent etc and donít have impressionist drawings in themÖ
Get a spare key cut next time I go & visit my parents so that I can go climbing and donít have to frantically bush bash around Tarana when I stupidly turn my mobile phone on and realise that my mumís been waiting in the backyard for 2 hours (on a 34 degree day) because she actually gave me her key (although it does serve her right for locking me out once when I was swimming, and going shopping - for 3 hours!)
To continue having epic adventures which suck whilst theyíre happening but I have fond memories of :)

2:38:01 AM
Place more pro ! (so I have a better chance to continue climbing...)

1:34:05 PM
To beat nmonteith in declaring to a newbie: "this has been discussed before, please use the forum search"


3:12:49 PM
adski: New Year's resolutions are supposed to have some chance of actually happening

anyway mine is to redpoint a grade 20 - and if i do that, to redpoint a grade 21. (yes i'm a bumbly). I've done a few climbs that hard but always on toprope or seconding. So it should happen if I make myself try ;)

6:45:28 PM
On 5/01/2006 gordoste wrote:
>adski: New Year's resolutions are supposed to have some chance of actually

hope it happens in the next few days then!
7:32:53 AM
To tick the Glen, ha ha, not likely, maybe to finish up all my current projects, boulders and routes and maybe actually onsight something, that would be challenging enough. NOt sure about that last one though, from previous years that seems pretty unlikely. Why do something first go when you can get on something way hard and get continuously spanked on it for months before finally tasting sweet success.

In the words of the Great S. Jonassen, "Dont get too addicted to ticking routes. Remember it,s all about working redicilously hard moves. Ticking is a manifestation of big ego, lack of spirit and easy routes. Ie people with no vision".
8:48:07 AM
1680 by 1050

2:47:21 PM
To have my wife belay for me ... just once...
Bob Saki
2:54:08 PM
to discover a new climbing potential at The Bluff or Mt Cobbler
5:20:25 PM
On 6/01/2006 Bob Saki wrote:
>to discover a new climbing potential at The Bluff or Mt Cobbler

I wish you luck! People have checked out while bushwalking and I believe someone actually took a rack in ONCE. I even think they did a route or two but nothing that they wanted their names attributed to.

8:24:17 PM
On 6/01/2006 BoaredOfTheRings wrote:
>1680 by 1050
do it.. you know you want to..

11:47:25 PM
On 5/01/2006 gordoste wrote:
>adski: New Year's resolutions are supposed to have some chance of actually

ok here's a more realistic one?!?: 25 x 25's

My friend Chris set a goal of climbing 30 x 24's last year and did really well, doing 28 before crushing his ankles in a drunken accident. Inspiring stuff.
10:04:31 PM
i've been involved in 2 accidents in the last 3 months that has turned me into a helmet natzi so my resolution is not to climb trad or multipitch with anyone who doesn't wear a helmet.

i broke the resolution within hours of making it :) but it is something i'm going to aspire to

10:10:20 PM
So how is everybody going with their resolutions one month in?

LeapFrog, are you wearing a helmet?
SNAFU, are you placing more gear?
DaCrux, have you found some good shady crags?
Gordoste, keep trying those 20's and you'll soon have one in the bag if not already!!

10:15:49 PM
On 24/01/2006 adski wrote:
>So how is everybody going with their resolutions one month in?
>LeapFrog, are you wearing a helmet?
>SNAFU, are you placing more gear?
>DaCrux, have you found some good shady crags?
I wish - it's been stinking hot here :P
was thinking about going to the Piles this weekend but might be a bit warm :(

10:21:56 PM
Just hit up King Rat / Pharos / Yesterday / Central Gullies and you'll be fine!!!

10:37:54 PM
hmmm yeah still thinking about it. Wouldn't mind going but might be a bit harder convincing my partner :P
11:04:07 PM
if its too hot to climb, you & your partner could toast some marshmellows on the fire

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