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Price of Climbing Videos

5:42:49 PM
I have started to import climbing videos from Slack Jaw, Big Up, Intrepid and various other production houses. I have purchased master copies and will be making copies in Australia. Going through the list of videos on this site most RRP's are around $60, this seems to be pretty pricy to me. What do people expect to pay for videos from their local climbing store/gym?????
Do people prefer to buy DVD's rather than videos, is the extra cost worth it???
The more feed back I cabn get the better.

Also were do people currently buy their videos/DVD's. From local stores or via the web???

6:11:17 PM
I wouldn't pay more than $40 for a DVD - and would not be interested in buying VHS.

6:21:11 PM
Were are you buying DVD's for $40?

7:22:07 PM
i agree with neil about hte price. Climbing DVD's are hard to come by so i would be extremelly interested if you started to produce them on dvd. i only know of a couple of places online in the states that you can get them from so an australian sourse would be great. videos are everwhere but the dvd medium would be great for climbing movies i reckon.

8:12:04 PM
Normal DVD's (movies) cost around the $20-$30 mark. I am willing to pay a small excess for limited burns of DVD's but am not willing to pay in excess of $40 for the privlage. I think VHS is a dead format, which deteraites over time. Most people have access to DVD players these days as they are under $250.

8:57:32 PM
I paid $40 for somereally good climbing movies. I dont think i would pay any more than that. I would deffinitly be interested in buying some of those, espesialy from bigup productions. Keep me posted.
9:02:43 PM
i agree with no more than 40 bucks, even that seems alot for a video of a sport that isnt really suited to spectating. id probably (if i had $40) want to spend it on gear. though id be interested in a dvd or two.
i can definately not see my self buying a collection of movies, maybe just one or two.


9:58:35 AM
You can buy a sony DVD burner for like $800 and I believe even cheaper ones exist, but your blank writable DVD is still pretty expensive, at least in comparison to other media like VHS and CDs. This will eat into your profit margin. Maybe you could offer both? A cheaper VHS copy, or the DVD at slightly greater cost?

I'd like a copy of Hard Grit, after hearing so many good things about it. I could see myself maybe buying one or two others if they got really good reviews. But I agree $60 is too much even for a quality DVD. $40 seems reasonable, but as I say, might not be feasible for you unless you're selling heaps of them.

Hey, now that you have all these movies, how about adding a review or two for Chockstone?

1:35:13 PM
I have the following films rights; Dosage, Rampage, Hard Grit, Stone Love, Blood Sweat and Bagels, Under The Sky, Stick It and Equilibrium.
To be economical; ie to make any profit, the videos have to be duplicated in lots of 100 then retailed for $39.95 with a standard retailers margin. No profit would be made until the last 15 copies are sold. If the films are duplicated in lots of 250 then the rrp would drop by $2.50.
DVD's, it costs $250 just to make a master copy. Then a blank disc to burn costs around $8 each. Unless I get them pressed in lots of 500 per title DVD's are going to retail between $50-$60. I just can't imagine there is the market out there to sustain that many dvd's to warrant a run of 500 copies.

Mike I am biased so I am not the right person to be doing the reviews. On the otherhand if you don't mind I'll do them anyway.

2:08:04 PM
> Mike I am biased so I am not the right person to be doing the reviews

Well everyone is biased to some degree. Indeed that's what reviews are: an airing of someones personal bias. So please go ahead and add the reviews. The more reviews the better the resource becomes. And if you want to include a price and contact or hyperlink, go ahead, it all adds to the value of the thing, so long as it's not just total spam. I mean you are a climber right? So write about the vids as a climber and all will be grand.

Here's some links to the Chockstone movie reviews in question:
Dosage, Rampage, Hard Grit, Stone Love, Blood Sweat and Bagels, Under The Sky, Stick It and Equilibrium.

Of course you can always send me a copy and I'll review them ;-)

3:03:41 PM
I will do some reviews and yes I would like to take the oppurtunity to include contact and sales details.If you feel that it is so called unexceptable spam just let me know.
I have climbed from the Dolomites to the Bugaboos and many pionts in between however it has been too many years since I climbed at Araps.

4:27:45 PM
If it came down to a choice between a video selling for $40 or a DVD for $60, id probably choose the DVD. But at those prices, its not like id be buying either on a monthly basis. Id definitly buy a copy of Hard Grit. Then I could show my mum what climbing is all about so she wouldn't worry about me ;-).

11:40:56 AM
I have chosen the video path for the moment. Thanks for all the input.
I have just produced 50 copies of Equilibrium, so if anyone wants one just let me know.
Also if there are any movies that you really love and think I should try and get let me the title and I will follow it up.
Thanks again

7:06:50 PM
I would be interested in copies of the dosage videos from big up productions.

6:15:03 PM
Hey simon, what is equilibrium? Whats is it, climbing, bouldering?? I may be intersetd.

3:09:39 PM
Hi Phil,
check out the link to the review of equilibrium through Chockstone, I have just recieved Rampage and Dosage so they will be available next week

7:18:08 PM
Simon thats sweet, let me know when they are available...

4:53:29 PM
after reading mikes review i think that painted spider would be a great one to get although its possibly to old(?).

9:28:50 PM
Painted SPider is really good. Well worth the cash.

10:50:26 AM

do bear in mind that if you do DVDs, (that's IF, i know you said that you were going for VHS), some players can't play burned DVDs. Ours is a really good player, but it won't play burned ones. Bummer.

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