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Ashes to ashes , funk to funky...

7:06:36 PM
... we know y'all just '... web-site junkies , scawling on cyber-space...', etc,etc,etc

Well, b***** me !!! --- how things are evolving ! ; from camp-fire to computer , Baxter makes it all ,oh-so-clear !

So '... pull the curtains, dim the lights, take hold of your mouse , and step into the shady world of cyber-rock...' (Tempest 1998 )

So where to from here ? ...

1) Camp-fire convos are still as fun and existentially stimulating , as they ever were , no doubt ,even in the cave-(wo)man days...
2) Baxter's ' yeah-what-ever-we-can-handle-it-all ' refreshing editorial, suggests that the book technology is still one of the most enduring we have , now and into the future---support Rock everyone : it DOES ,generally, improve with each issue.
3) Cyber-rock ? --- ' The Hex ' can envisage ,a not too far off time , when there will be an inter-active climbing function on Chockstone , allowing for people to meet, climb/belay with each other, with-out actually etc,etc,etc

Obviously, cyber-climbing / chatting is here to stay---is that a good thing ?

If the likes of Chockstone , Qurank , RC , etc,etc,etc can provide reflections of / alternatives to / competition with / even inspiration for , the general climbing-culture , then that has to , surely , be a good thing...

Chockstone, Rock mag , Arapiles camp-fires--- defiantly room for them all ! ( to blend )...

Luv, HEX

phil box
7:36:54 AM
That`s very deep HEX, mate yer letting the side down here. Quite unlike you to ponder the deep imponderables of this world.

Actually you`ve nailed it mate, bring on more posts like this one I say.

11:25:59 AM
' The HEX ' has another bun-in-the-oven , will give birth soon ,stay tuned...

1:43:38 PM
Just a quick ditty/ Countdown memory while I work out how to un-ravell the um-bilical cord from around the baby's neck...

The indians send signals from the rocks above the pass,
Life out-side of cyber-space ,it really is a farce !
I wonder here , I wander there --- it has me reaching for the Bex,
But everyone keeps telling me, it's cool to be ' The HEX ' !
It's cool-for-coooooooooooooool for HEX...

To change the mood a little , I sometimes hang-out at the crags ,
It really is a challenge--- lots of wogs'n'pricks'n'dags !
I leed up many 5.12s , with spell-bound-grass-hopp-ers in tow ,

We all have such a grouse time --- things just flow'n'flow'n'flow,
And by the time we've finished , I've got sexy ,throbbing pex !
The sun is setting orange , and not a single word of vex...
It's cool-for-cooooooooooooooool for HEX...
It's really coooool to be ' The HEX ' ! --- oh I'm so perplexed !!!

Luv , HEX

5.12s ? ; cyber-space ? ; globalisation ? --- Philby --- it's time you dragged Qld out of its cultural-off-width !

phil box
8:26:17 AM
Good one Hex, keep em coming eh. One thing though "5.12s", really, I thought this was an Oz site and not a yank one.

3:11:10 PM

' This climber opened hundreds of rock climbs across Australia during the 1970s and 1980s that were visionary for their boldness and difficulty... it is Law's theatrical presence on the cliffs and his humorous guide-books that made him a legend in Australian climbing...' ( Greg Child, 1995 )

On 14/07/04 Mikl wrote : ' I'd like to be able to pretend that I have a fabulously stimulating mental topography and philosophy ... When you are low on motivation one takes the easy option and retreats to the familiar and bland '

Mikl--- no need to pretend , dude ! --- you already have the visions , topography, and philosophy --- be very careful not to retreat TOO far into the culturally ' familiar and bland ', McDonalds home-land...

Looking forward to your next REALLY ' fabulously stimulating ' contribution to Rock mag !

Luv,HEX ( and assorted admirers )
Get the accent right , eddy ! :

' They ge' a ganga villerns in a shair' ou' a' 'effrow ' !
5:10:47 PM
Edward, you have got it slightly wrong. There is no "t" in a', and you mispellt Heathrow. As in "shed up a' Eathrow".

Continuing the thread .. they're countin' out the fiver's when the 'andcuffs lock again. In and ou' a' Wardsworth wiff the numbers on their names. It's funny 'ow the missus always looks the bleedin' same.."

6:19:27 PM
I fancy this I fancy tha' , I spend a li'le cash
Bu' all I ge' is bitta and a nasty li'le rash !
An' by the time I'm so-bar , Ive for-go'en why I'm vexed
An' ev-we-body tells me that it's cool t' be ' The HEX ' !

It's cool for--- cooooooooooooooool for HEX !!!

6:47:34 PM
>Careful, the clues to yr identity are adding up! :

yeh i think i may have it after all this pommy song'n th like- hex's identity may be revealed upon interrogation of one mr steve jones

>An' ev-we-body tells me that it's cool t' be ' The HEX ' !
it doesnt mean jack n'less ya know whether or not you agree with 'em

7:13:21 PM
" Actually, we're not into music ... we're into chaos !! " ( Steve Jones, 1976 ) ...

And the winners of the Chockstone air-guitar contest ? : Mickey & Eddy !!

7:36:31 PM
and the sweet notes of chaos resound from many a ratty tatty speaker...

we can pretend cant we hex?

10:56:31 PM
Is it a coincidence that Hex-Troll and BA are both up to 177 posts as @ 23/07/04?
11:52:40 AM
It's now the 24th and this must be post number 178. I just recently bought a double CD entitled "Gone but not forgotten", a collection of one hit wonders that just happened to have 'Cool for cats' on it and then Hexy starts rewriting the song for us to enjoy (is this another conincidence?).

One of the other songs on the CDs was 'Don't worry, be happy". Seems a good thought to leave you with as I desparately try and distance myself from the Hex-Meister.

6:39:35 PM
In every life you have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don't worry --- be happy !


Do youse remember an alpiniste
From such a long time ago
We heard a rumour at Ground Control
Oh no , don't say it's true...

'... I really believed I could now reach the summit fairly quickly , but in this I was again deceived. The ridge was quite difficult. It was already afternoon by the time I finally stood on the summit of Manaslu, stood on the pinnacle which juts up from the ridge. It is composed of two types of stone, and in it were two old, rusty pitons.
I only remained on top for a short time. The weather was changing and it was a long way back. A huge bank of cloud had begun rolling in from the south. Gusts of wind were sweeping the summit . I knocked out one of the pegs , [a 'Jap girl in synthesis' ?], put it in my pocket , and having climbed back over the sharp summit ridge, headed down towards the valley. The wind bearing the cloud-bank was growing stronger and had already reached me. Thick mist blanketed everything and the snow began to drift.
So far , I felt no alarm, no misgivings that anything untoward could happen...'


8:45:12 AM
On 24/07/2004 BA wrote:
>as I desparately try and distance myself from the Hex-Meister.>(is this another conincidence?).

You are not trying to CONincidence us are you? Freudian slip of the typing finger perhaps, ...
>Smoke & mirrors?
(said Hex).
12:22:28 PM
On 24/07/2004 BA wrote:
> I just recently bought
>a double CD entitled "Gone but not forgotten", a collection of one hit
>wonders that just happened to have 'Cool for cats' on it ..

Oi! UK Squeeze were more than one hit wonders, I have a whole CD of their Greatest Hits!
- Steve

10:45:15 AM
On 26/07/2004 Edward Frillypants wrote:
>Ronnie has got his finger on the button

A joke from that era (allegedly a true quote at the time):

"What is 120 X 80 miles wide and 6 inches high, that glows in the dark?"
"Leningrad after I push this button"

Ronald Reagan while President said (chuckling) over morning coffee to one of his Aids?

Nuclear deterant policy clarification submitted for the info of those
>running 'round in short trousers....
(at the time).
7:16:25 PM
this thread is growing a definite 'culture vulture' vibe with elvis costello quotes....

7:46:36 PM
' The HEX ' is just a soul whose intentions are good !
Oh lord , please don't let me be misunderstood...
9:46:39 PM
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't know what to do
I wouldn't change my clothes
And I would pick my nose
More often than I do

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